Intense Hatred

Chapter seven

”Haven you done enough damage already? ”The man asked, the voice was so deep and attractive driving everyones attention. It was no one but Mr Lee, and even Sandra who was still blocking her face became shocked. What was he doing here! He never attended any of the shoot that happened, why come all of a sudden? Everyone was shocked including Leah. ”Can you see that she is in a bad condition already, don you know how much damage this will cause!? ” Lee continued, annoyance was written all over his face. At first everyone thought that he was defending Sandra, but after he said the rest of the sentence,they concluded that he was trying to look up for Leah, because if this went to the media, Leahs reputation would be damaged.What a thoughtful fiance. they thought.No one but him dared to stop Leah. He turned to the crew, ”where is the director? ” he asked, his gaze scanning through everyone who was there.

”The director did not come today,he said he had an important meeting today,but he will be here later in the day. ”The manager briefly explained, his voice was lower than usual, trembling nervously.

Lee glanced back at Sandra and said, ”go to the hospital for treatment and send me the bill. ”

”No need Mr Lee, I will be fine later. ” Sandra said, avoiding his gaze.

”I said go to the hospital now! ” He said, his voice full of command that she could not avoid.

It will be nice if she went to the hospital,by that, she can get the chance to visit her sister and know about her situation. She thought. Without saying another word, she quickly bowed and said her thank you then hurriedly left.

Mr Lee had originally come to the scene to ask Sandra why she did not call him and give him her answer, but he didn expect to see her in this situation. The girl looked very pitiful and he had a sudden urge to slap Leah for being reckless but at the same time, Sandras situation could worsen if he defended her.

On arrival to the hospital, Sandra forgot about her burning hands and directly went to her sisters room. She sighed in relief immediately after she saw her sister deep in slamber and breathing normally, at the same time the door opened and the doctor walked in the room. ” Doctor, how is my sister? ”she asked, hoping for a good report.

Doctor Beck was a very famous and generous doctor, he is the reason why her sister is still being taken care off in the hospital, otherwise her sister would be lonely at home and when something like that happened again she didn know if her sister would have survived. She could not afford to pay for a caregiver. The doctor looked at the patient and said, ”your sister Elle is okay for now,but we don know about the future. The episode won stop occuring, and the more surgery she will be having, the more danger she will be in. ” Beck said, although he had pity for the girl lying in the bed, he couldn do anything to help,the hospital had rules. For the time he spent with the girl, he had grown much closer to her and learned a lot about her.

Sandras heart fell at the information she got,the hospital bills are adding up and the more they add up, the more she could not afford. She couldn ask for help from the doctor,the man had been of great help for so long that she had no courage to ask for any more favor. ”Okay, thank you doctor. ”

At that moment,the door opened, exposing none other than Mr Lee. Can he give her a breather?Sandra inwardly complained.

The moment he entered, his focus went straight at Sandras hands and after seeing she had not received treatment,his facial expression changed,but before he could speak,Beck spoke first, ”Leonard,what made you come to the hospital? Are you injured? ”

Lee could not say the main reason why he was there, he said, ”do I have to get a reason to come? Can I check on my friend once in a while. ”his face was serious that one could not detect any irony in his words except Beck.

Beck sneered, ”should I be glad to the angels that my friend personally came to the hospital for a visit? ”he looked at Lee, trying to pry into his thoughts, which he never succeeded with all his years of experience. ”so to what do I owe this owner of being visited by the most renowned president of Curtis cooperation? ”his words were sarcastic.

All this time Sandra just sat there watching them exchange words,but she was curious about one thing,so they are friends?What a small world!

Lee ignored him and turned to Sandra, ”why haven you treated your wounds? ”

After saying that, Beck glanced at Sandras hands and only then did he see it. ”Treat her wounds,I will pay for it. ”

”Leonard,since when did you become concerned about a stranger? ”Beck gave him a questioning gaze.

”She is not a stranger, ” he said, looking at Sandra.He saw the gaze Sandra gave her,it was a gaze that begged him not to say more, ”she works for Leah. ”

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