Intense Hatred

Chapter five

”What are you doing? ”he asked, walking in quick large steps to stop her from whatever she was doing.

”Nothing much, just looking around. You know I have never had a chance to take a good look at your VIP room in this hotel. ” she said. She saw no one in the bathroom but she was still suspicious, she walked back to the bedroom and was about to uncover the bed when she was angrily stopped by Lee.

”What the heck do you think you are doing? You have been moving around this place since you walked in, are you looking for something!? ” Lee was very angry, he did not like it when people invaded his privacy.

Leah was caught off guard, she never imagined that Lee will one day raise his voice at her. She did not know what to answer, she had expected him to let her do whatever she felt like doing.

”You have to headback first, don you have a scene to shoot today? ” he asked.

”Yes I do. I came here to invite you to lunch. Mother said now that we are engaged, we should spend more time together. ”

”Tell my mother I am busy, I still have a lot of work to do, and there is new project I an dealing with for the time being. ”

Leah expected him to say that, ”I already spoke to your mother and father. He said they would help you with the company work so that we could focus on the wedding. ”

”There is still more than enough time. ” He answered nonchalantly. ”You may leave, I need to take a shower, ” he said while looking at the bathroom wondering where the woman went.

Leah decided to leave, he knew Lees temper was not to be messed with, he was an impatient person. She moved forward to kiss his lips but he turned his head away, and she ended up kissing his cheeks. ”I am leaving, ” she said, as she moved towards the bed to pick her purse. She was about to turn around and leave when she noticed a bright red stain on his bed. The sheets were white in color so it was easy to notice it, she fisted her hands in anger, it is not easy for him to sleep with any woman, how come he slept with that woman!? She turned around, wanting to ask him but the look in his face gave her chills all over her body, causing her to swallow every word that she was about to say. She left in hurried footsteps.

After the door closed, he walked to the bathroom and looked around but there was no sign of Sandra. He went back to his room, picked up his phone and dialed a number, ”Get me the number of Leahs make up assistant, ”he said as soon as the other end picked up, and then cut the call after he was done then walked to the bathroom with one thought in mind, you have nowhere to run to.

Sandra walked back to her apartment limping, she jumped through the window with the support of the rails but landed forcefully on the ground causing a minor twist in her left ankle. ”I will try my very best to avoid him, ”she spoke to herself as she headed towards the elevator. She checked the time only to realize she only has a few minutes to get prepared and go to work. If she was one minute late, she will receive the best of Leahs anger.

”I guess I will have to skip going to the hospital today, I will just order some food for my sister, I don have time to prepare breakfast for her. ”

She checked the days shooting schedule for Leah and realized it was at the pool in the same hotel earlier, ”I hope I don meet him today. He is a busy man so he has no time to come to the scene. Even so, he has never appeared in any of Leahs shootings no matter how much she insists. ”

At the pool…

”Where is that good for nothing girl? ” Leah asked.

”She will be here madam, she said she is caught up in the traffic… ”The manager tried to explain.

”What kind of silly excuse is that! If she knew there will be traffic today, she should have woken up early. I despise laziness! ”

”Oh, she is here already, ” the manager said as he sighed in relief. He was not ready to take all of Leahs anger, the woman was a pain in the head once she was angry, any slight mistake would cause a huge scene.He told Sandra to go to Leah and left immediately.

”I am sorry madam, I was late, ” she said as soon as she stood in front of her.

Leah looked at her up and down for a while then said angrily, ”if you cannot wake up early and come to work, then you should resign, I do not want lazy people in my line of work! ”

”It will not happen again madam… ” Leah replied as she bowed.

”Who cares if it happens again!? The next time you arrive late… No, the next time you realize you are late, don even dare coming to work! ”

”I am sorry madam, ” she kept apologizing. She was not ready to loose the job, she desperately needed the money for her sisters surgery and the hospital bills.

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