Intense Hatred

Chapter two

She was drowning, all she could feel was water going down her lungs. The deeper she went, the more darker and colder it was. Is it worthy to die this way? she thought to herself, especially when there are some people who will enjoy when she dies. At first she really wanted to die, the torture and everything she went through showed her she had no hope, but her parents… She had just received a letter saying that her parents accident was a planned one, but now she can do anything.She was supposed to go and get the information from the mysterious sender at a café, but she did not get the chance. She can even cry, the cold water was so cruel that it did not give her the chance to cry out her last tears.

My sister is already killed, was there anything else to live for? ” She was working so hard to pay for her sisters surgery, but when the time had finally come, life chose to be cruel to her. She remembered the last phone call she had with her, she was crying and asking her, ”sissy, who are these people?What do they want from you? Sissy, did you do something wrong? Did you offend anyone? Please just do as they say, if that is what it will take for us to live, sissy, I don want to die! ”Those were her sisters last words, that kept tormenting her even in her journey to death.No one wanted to die, and no one chose death, but for them, they were not even given the chance to choose. `Did my family wrong someone in their previous life? All she wanted was to see her younger sister back on her feet, strong and smiling like when they were young, thinking back to when they were all together as a family and how happy they were, it felt like yesterday.`Mama, Papa, I am sorry I failed you, but I have tried my best. Sis, please forgive me, I did not protect you well. I hope when we meet, you will welcome me with smiles

She really wanted to die and join her family wherever they were, `maybe they are waiting for me. She thought, but suddenly she remembered something, `my babies… No I can die! she started to panic and the more she panicked the more, the water went down her throat. She felt the salty taste of water, `even the water itself is salty, my throat is aching, can I really go up with how weak I am now? With the last strength she had, she touched her belly, `my baby even though you came unplanned, I would have loved it if you lived and see how cruel the world is, but I pray, if there is a next life for you, I hope you live longer than three weeks. Yes, she had found out one week ago that she was three weeks pregnant, but she could not tell the man, he was already engaged. She wanted to convince herself and abort the baby, but she felt like if she killed the innocent baby, would there be any difference between her and those cold blooded murders? So she decided to keep it, but little did she know that her baby would not even survive to live upto one month. She thought of living but it was already too late. She hoped for the miracle that most people liked to talk about, but she didn think miracles exists. `Its too late. Its too late. If this is my fate then let it be,but God if you just give me one more chance to make things right, I would be forever grateful. She closed her eyes as she managed to release a few tears from her eyes,`at least the cold and salty water finally managed to pity me.

No matter how much she struggled to be awake, she couldn , her eyelids were too heavy for her to open her eyes. She slowly gave up to the darkness that was overtaking her, as she thought of the root cause to where she is now. That party…

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