In a world where magic is real

Our journey starts on the other side

” Even if something were to happen to the hero, because of the mark on his hand, his soul will vanish from our world and he will simply teleport to his original world- meaning here,

He would indeed die or rather cease to exist from our world but because of the mark that was bestowed upon him by the gods that confirms that he indeed is the hero, he will not die in the true sense,

Now, may I ? Hero, we shall go now, its almost time for us to depart. ”

” W-Wait a second,

What if I were to tag along of my own accord anyway ? Its not like Ill die immediately or like I have to fight the demon king myself, I can simply tag along ya know ? Plus hes still my brother so I can keep him company too. ”

I said to the old man while stopping him on his tracks,

” Boy, I appreciate that you want to come and take care of our hero, but this is no small matter, and don you dare say you want to tag along just because it would be fun to be at the side of the hero and adventuring with him, you may be the heros brother but you are not special in any way. ”

Old man said to me,

” Old man, Im serious, he may be your hero or whatever, but he is my little brother first, I don care about any of you, nor I ever will, so you can rest assured, plus I thought this through you see, Im pretty sure as my little brother being the hero, you won deny his right to bring me along, will you ? ”

” Now hold on a second, just because Im quiet doesn mean I can speak, no one is going anywhere, Im the- Im….the- *snore* *snore* ”

” I just put him to sleep my lord, he was being a nuisance so- ”

Old man gives a sign to the person that casted a spell on him that put him to sleep to not say anything more,

” Old man, I need my brother to be by my side, you will allow it will you not? ”

Rei asks the old man,

” Hmm…Fine, I allow it, but I don think he would be able to learn any magic or swordsmanship, He has very weak affinity for almost everything, be it the basics of fire, water or earth, his affinity to them is very weak compared to even the merchants that work in the castle, I don think he would be able to survive there without you for even a second, would you still like to bring him with us Hero? ”

” Thats- ”

I interrupted Rei and said,

” Like I said, I don care about that, I only want to be with my brother because I wish to do so, if I was scared of death or anything, do you think I would be talking to you who knows magic like this ? ”

The old man didn said anything for a few seconds and after that he lets out a huge sigh and then says,

” …Fine, you can tag along but don expect any special treatment just because you are the big brother of the hero, I say this not because I can provide you or anything but……*sigh* you will understand what I mean when you see it yourself. ”

” Now then, we have waited enough already, its time to go, say your good-byes and get ready, Ill open the portal again in the meantime and set the spell too so that everyone forgets what happened today and the time we came here. ”

” Children, please I- ”

Rei interrupted Mom and said,

” Mom, don worry, brother is with me, nothing bad will happen, stop thinking of the negatives, plus remember? Im the hero, so naturally I will be stronger than anyone else. ”

” Yup, as my little brat of a brother here just said,

I will be there for him, so you don have to worry about him or me if you think so otherwise, you won even remember us for the time being so think don of it at the first place, just relax and- ”

Mom interrupts me and says,

” Son, I- *sigh* whatever I say to the both of you it won mean much anyway, you have already decided what you want to do now so why should I stop you?

Just promise me these two things, Cain, first, you will send your brother alive to earth and second you yourself will come back alive with your brother……ok my son? ”


” *huff* *huff* Argh- Ha, ha-

Mother, it looks like your ” son ” won be able to keep your promise to you…. heh…ha..haha..ahahahahahahahahah…..ah…

Why didn you just left me alone in the woods instead huh.. Rei. ”

” Im sorry brother but it looks like I can really get rid of you this way, I am a bit sad but I guess there was no other way. ”


” Of course Mom, is that even a question you need to ask me ? ”

I said to Mom and smiled,

We all then had a group hug before we went with the old man and said our goodbyes,

” …Its time, hero and uhhh- ”

” Cain, you can call me cain old man. ”

” Alright Cain, but my name is Gazef Alfriston not old man, you are to address me as Sir-Gazef you hear me ? ”

” Yeah yeah, whatever you say Gazef sir. ”

” Yuusha and Cain, hold your hands together and come stand beside us, we are going to teleport now and since its your first time, you better brace yourselves. ”

” Hm, brother, here take my hand. ”

” Hehe, taking the lead are you now ? Sorry but Im not into boys Rei, but I will always support you no matter what- ”

” Br- Brother, don make this weird- wait no- Im into girls just like you ya hear me ? Plus you are to respect me now, Im the hero- ”

I snuck on him and start to tickle him,

He was trying to not laugh and I could see that but no ones ever made it out from the deadly ticke attack ,

The old man sighs and then casted the spell all over the world, I saw ourselves disappearing into thin air and mom going to sleep so I waved her one last time……but who knew… truly would be the very last time that I saw her.

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