My eyelids felt heavy, yet, I struggled to open them. My whole body was aching, but my head was throbbing with such intensity I wished to return to my sleep, but I kept pushing. The room was fuzzy, but bright, I saw many gemstones glinting in the light back at me as my eyes burned at the intensity. I covered my eyes and rubbed off the crust. I must have been sleeping a very long time.

Despite my bodys protests, I removed the covers, it felt exceptionally soft and smooth. Where exactly am I to be in a place with this many luxuries? I looked down at my body, I was wearing a nightgown made of fine yellow silk, my black braided hair reaching down to my belly button. Why can I not recognize anything? Taking in a deep breath, I lunged forward to push myself off the bed clutching onto the wooden post to maintain my balance. I fell onto the wood and cried out from the pain my body was in.

This seems to have gotten the attention of a nurse who ran into my room, eyes widened with astonishment.

”She has woken up! Quickly, send for His Majesty Kache! ” She exclaimed as I heard running throughout the hallway close by.

This nurse drew in closer to me as she held my hips to help me stabilize my balance, ”come now, sit, lest you hurt yourself further ”. I shook my head, still determined to stand.

”No, His Majesty won like this, please. ” Her soft brown eyes were full of sincerity for me with a hint of fear. I grudgingly obliqued and sat back down on the bed, taking note of its soft blue color. In fact, much of this room was filled with soft blues and golden yellows. I don know why but it made me at ease. I was trying to get control of my breathing but was struggling, it felt as though my lungs themselves were aching as well. The nurse was quickly adjusting my hair and brushing my face, I am guessing to ensure me to look my best.

As I got control of my breathing I heard a knock at the door. Before I could react the nurse yelled for them to enter. The door opened slowly as a tall man with brown hair and eyes entered the room. He was dressed in a white and gold outfit that was fit for royalty. His face left much to be desired but he was by no means ugly. Something in my stomach flipped when I saw this man but I kept my face under control to avoid suspicion. He must be His Majesty I have heard much about.

”My darling, you have awoken! ” He exclaimed with a great smile and he ran to me and grabbed my hands in my lap. He bent down and kissed them excessively. I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach. I have no idea who this man is but he calls me his darling?

”Greetings, your Majesty. Where am I? ” I spoke with a soft but broken voice. He looked at me in confusion and let out a quick, but terrifying smile.

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