Chapter 4 Part 2: Obediently wait for me, baby~~

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So now let’s first look into her future boyfriend’s preference!  

She was just preparing to thoroughly find out about Chu Chen when the mobile phone she had put at the side rang.

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“Luo Luo, I’ve returned!” When the phone was connected, a bright female’s voice immediately came through.
“I’ve seen the news, Luo Luo, you truly have unrivalled elegance, looking at it was especially invigorating!”   

The caller ID showed Su Nan. 

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Tang Luo remembered, in the book, this was her best friend.
Also the only friend who was still willing to help her when she was in dire straits. It’s just that later she was harmed miserably by the malicious female lead and almost lost her reputation.

“I’m at home, I’ll go to the airport now to pick you up.” While talking, Tang Luo picked her bag up and prepared to go out the door, “Wait for me for a while, I’ll hold a welcoming dinner for you at night.” 

Su Nan’s family circumstances were also good and she could be considered Tang Luo’s childhood friend.
She had been studying abroad previously.
Suddenly returning to the country today should be because of some rumor she heard from home and specially ran home to support Tang Luo.  

Just, the Tang second miss in the book never knew how to cherish the friendship.
She couldn’t see Su Nan’s sincerity towards her and didn’t realize how rare it was to have a friend who would provide help in the hour of need.

Tang second miss who only had romance in her brain forever only had the male lead who didn’t love her in her eyes.

In regards to this, how many people who truly cared about and loved her were injured.

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Of course the current Tang Luo wouldn’t let such things happen again.

“No need no need.” Su nan laughed and said: “You must be very tired today.
This time I’ll be staying for several days, there’s also someone from home coming to pick me up.
Wait until you’ve rested well then we’ll meet, okay!”

“I’ve come out already.” Tang Luo talked to Su Nan on the phone while taking out the car keys from her bag, “Obediently wait for me, baby~~”   

The place where Tang Luo lived wasn’t far from the airport.
It roughly took about half an hour to drive.
Su nan made the call when the plane just landed.
When Tang Luo arrived, she had also taken her luggage.

As soon as Tang Luo entered the airport, she saw Su Nan right away.

Su Nan’s voice sounded clear and bright, she was also loyal.
Using Tang Luo’s words to describe, it was very much chivalrous. 

But in actuality, she was merely a 1.6 meter tall, petite girl with an adorable and sweet appearance. 

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Tang Luo was 1.7 meter tall.
Relying on her height, she stepped forward and immediately gave Su Nan a huge hug.
Afterwards, after she released her, she smiled brilliantly: “Welcome back.” She reached her hand out and actively took Su Nan’s luggage, then walked side by side with her to head out of the airport.
“What do you want to eat tonight? My treat!”  

“Luo Luo.” Su nan turned her head to look at Tang Luo.
Her big, round, black, grape-like eyes blinked, “You seem to be…….”

In the end, she didn’t continue, instead she smiled and shook her head.
She then laughed and said: “Hot pot! Everyday I think of eating it!” 


Su Nan didn’t finish her words, but Tang Luo was able to guess her unfinished words.
She ought to have felt her good friend’s change.
Tang Luo felt that her change should be a good thing for everybody.  

Tang Luo pushed Su Nan’s luggage forward and was preparing to walk outside with her when suddenly, from behind them, a burst of excited screeches was heard.
Shortly after, many people in the airport, in particular, young girls’ steps sped up.
Obvious excitement was shown on their faces and many had cameras and signs in their hands, desperately running towards the place where the screech came from.    

Tang Luo merely glanced curiously at the direction where the crowd was then continued to chat and laughed with Su nan while walking towards the car park.

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She had only taken a few steps when she heard a name that practically broke the sky mixed inside the screams.

“Chu Chen!”

“Chu Chen! I love you!”

“Chu Chen! Chu Chen!”


Tang Luo abruptly stopped and turned around.

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