Chapter 2 Part 1: It’s set! She wants to sleep with him!

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100 yuan a minute.

Though the money couldn’t be considered a lot, it wasn’t too little either.

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In the venue, the majority of the people were SKY corporation’s staff members, the contestants and reporters.
They couldn’t be called rich people.

1,500 yuan, tfat was equivalent to the wage for a week for many people.

And now, they just needed to keep quiet and listen to Tang Luo for 15 minutes.  

In an instant, the venue was as quiet as a chicken.  

“Tang Luo!” Yue Chi Feng frowned and berated her in a deep voice.

“Don’t be noisy.” With thumping steps, Tang Luo walked over to the computer in front of the projection screen and blinked quickly at Yue Chi Feng, “you too.”     

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Yue Chi Feng was almost mad with anger.

He had never been this angry because of his fiancée before!  

But Tang Luo simply stopped looking at him.

She held the mouse proficiently, her fine and delicate long fingers started tapping familiarly on the keyboard.

Thank goodness…….

Tang Luo was slightly relieved.
The softwares fondly used by the  jewelry design major in her university was more or less the same as the one here.  

She very quickly opened one of the software and in the silence of a hundred people in the venue she started drawing on the spot.

Initially, the people chose to shut up due to the charm of money.
But the gaze they cast onto Tang Luo was full of sarcasm, totally looking down on her.
But gradually, with the smooth lines flowing out of Tang Luo’s fingers without stopping, their gazes changed. 

They looked at the huge projection screen and following Tang Luo’s movements, a design drawing slowly started to develop.
Aside from the smooth lines, there was also an elaborate design where the design showed ingenuity……..

More eyes started casting their sights towards the girl who was still focused drawing in front of the computer.  

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Tang Luo’s small face was slightly lowered.
A pair of bright eyes was looking at the computer screen seriously and the long and thick eyelashes seemed to be coated with a soft halo from the computer screen’s light.
Adding in her look of concentration…….   

Someone once said, a man who is seriously working looks attractive.
But in fact, women are also like that.
This kind of Tang second miss unexpectedly wasn’t shallow like in the rumors.
Instead, there was a kind of beauty that suffocated people.

“Done.” When the last stroke finally landed, Tang Luo looked at it for a while.
A 15 minute sketch, although it wasn’t particularly perfect, it could still be used.

She opened her mouth and was about to speak but her fiancé, Yue Chi Feng, somewhat firmly and coldly interrupted her: “15 minutes is up.” 

“Oh.” Tang Luo opened her clear eyes wide and shot a cold glance at Yue Chi Feng.
She very slowly stated: “I’ll add more money!” 

There were more than a hundred people in the hall.
If it was the previous Tang Luo, throwing money like this, even with a family background like Tang second miss, she would still be reluctant.

But now, if she couldn’t handle all these, she could only live for two months.

She could heroically roar: Money is nothing but worldly possession!

Furthermore, throwing money at people… it’s very pleasurable, isn’t it!  


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A soft and low laugh suddenly came over from the venue’s side door.  

The laughter was very light, but in the absolute quiet, it sounded particularly abrupt.

Tang Luo subconsciously looked at the place where the voice came from.
That place originally served as an emergency passage, basically no one would stay over there.

Moreover, the side door was only half opened.
From her position, she simply couldn’t see the situation outside at all.  

Tang Luo didn’t think much further.
She quickly retracted her sight and started speaking: “Everyone has seen this design drawing.
Does anyone think this is plagiarism?” 

Everyone inside the hall was stunned.

They looked at each other; then the majority of the people’s sight fell on the seven judges sitting on one side.

Just now, it was them that the moment they saw the work Tang Luo submitted for the competition, they immediately recognized it as plagiarism.
In addition, they very quickly found the original design and showed everyone the comparison.
It proved that Tang Luo’s design wasn’t just a plagiarized work, it was also a particularly shameless and brainless plagiarism!  

It was because of this that the beginning scene appeared.

Tang Luo remembered.
The Tang second miss in the book didn’t just firmly refuse to admit that she had plagiarised, she still caused havoc in the entire competition site.
All kinds of screaming and crying caused Yue Chi Feng’s sweetheart, who was the novel’s female lead Lu Si Ke, to get wounded in the chaos.
Someone insisted to have seenTang Luo deliberately hurt Lu Si Ke and that she had wanted to destroy Lu Si Ke’s right hand. 

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When Yue Chi Feng later sent the female lead to the hospital, Tang Luo still followed him to the hospital to cause trouble.

The disturbance at this time was especially big!

It had practically become the laughing stock for the people in S city for a long period of time.

Afterwards, Yue Chi Feng and the Yue family were both furious.

Yue Chi Feng was even more resolute in his decision to dissolve the marriage agreement with this Tang second miss who had made him lose face. 

Soon, for the same reason, Tang Luo was kicked out from her family.
Her parents declared that they were severing the relationship with her.

lolol true, literally what Lime said a few hours after releasing first chap a couple weeks ago: “I don’t understand why on earth anyone would read a novel that has only released the first chapter” it made me laugh so much, like cmoon youre the tre translator dont you want some views? (views are always encouraging so thank you very much to everyone reading from our blog <3<3) well i understand her hehe I also prefer to start a novel when there’s already a few chaps so that I can binge, but there’s always this temptation to start new novels as soon as you see them to quench your thirst for more reads hehe

And now dear readers, let’s play guessing game.  First question: Who is the owner of that ‘low and soft’ laugh? Is he the new ML or is he the new ML?    Even better, let’s bet: who is willing to bet that in the end original ML will end up having some special feelings (apart from bitter regret) for our MC, plus (somewhat unwillingly) together with that Lu Si Ke, and on top that Lu Si Ke is actually a green tea beach? Everyone please place your bets and make your predictions in the comment section ^^ (lol and if you think me making predictions like this will spoil the story for you also say so >.<” ) (if investing was like guessing webnovel plots, i feel like it would be so much easier to get rich lol)

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