Chapter 1 Part 1: I Want to Speak for Myself

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“Tang Luo, you have really disappointed me!” 

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As soon as Tang Luo opened her eyes, she heard a very pleasant male voice who was, at this moment, roaring her name.
She looked over towards where the voice came from; there, a tall, young man wearing a black formal suit was standing.
Compared to his voice, his appearance was even more excellent.  

“Yue Chi Feng…….”Tang Luo subconsciously muttered this name. 


She suddenly sobered up. 

How does she know this person’s name?

Furthermore, isn’t Yue Chi Feng the ML of the CEO novel she just read?  

Yue Chi Feng’s brows were knitted even more tightly together.

“Tang Luo.” His tone was gloomy.
Despite his young and handsome looks, he had been in a high position for a long time, being in control of the life and death of such a big corporation.
This obviously made him have a kind of powerful loftiness even without anger.

“You have to be responsible for the things that you have done.” Yue Chi Feng slowly shook his head.

He looked at Tang Luo with disappointment: “You asked someone to frame and harm Lu Si Ke, using despicable means to prevent her from participating in this jewelry design contest.
But you, yourself have no shame and use plagiarized work to take part in the competition……..
Moreover, those things you did before, it really makes me unable to endure you anymore!”  

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When Yue Chi Feng finished speaking, his tone had become completely harsh.  

Wait a minute!

Lu Si Ke!

Another familiar name hopped into Tang Luo’s ear.  

She looked around.

At present, she was in a luxuriously decorated, very tasteful hall. 

SKY Corporation’s logo could be seen everywhere.

On the huge LED screen, ‘jewelry design contest’, these words were shown brightly.  

Behind Yue Chi Feng, a group of media reporters carrying short cannons were waiting tightly for battle.

They heard Yue Chi Feng declare in public that Tang Luo used plagiarized work to compete.
In addition, he didn’t want to bear with her anymore.

The reporters, who earlier were still apprehensive , immediately became excited.  

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“Kacha”“kacha”, the sound of pictures being taken immediately sounded again and again, and the flashes could blind a person.  

Tang Luo was now certain that she had transmigrated into the CEO novel that she just read.

This well-regarded, handsome, high-powered businessman kind of novel had a super wealthy and domineering male lead, Yue Chi Feng.
Naturally it also had a beautiful and all around capable Mary Sue female lead, Lu Si Ke.    

Though what made Tang Luo have a deep impression of the novel was the female partner who had the same name as her —— Tang clan’s second miss, Tang Luo.

Based on Tang Luo’s memory, in this jewelry design contest, this Tang second miss was exposed for plagiarism in front of everybody.
Not only that, it was a matter of brainless plagiarism. 

Soon after that, in order to surpass the female lead Lu Si Ke, the explosive her looked for a gangster to threaten Lu Si Ke, even so much as to insult her. 

It was due to this that the male lead resolutely refused to put up with Tang Luo and broke off their engagement.

Actually, whether it was plagiarism or looking for a gangster to talk to the female lead, those were not done by Tang Luo.

But the black pan was already worn by her. 

And it was not over yet!

After the male lead broke off the engagement with her, Tang second miss was expelled from the house.
However, at that time, she discovered that she had a terminal illness. 

Within two months, Tang second miss, who originally should lead a pretty good life, died miserably in a crude and dirty rented room.

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So now I’m transmigrated into this person, the brainless Tang second miss?!  

In an instant, Tang Luo became eager to try. 

Before she transmigrated into the book, she happened to be learning jewelry design. 

Now with such a lucky coincidence that let her transmigrate into a book, isn’t it to let her come to try hard and save a desperate crisis? Make a Jedi counterattact?  

At this time, a small voice came to her mind——

【Mission is starting, the game play is survival mode.
Requesting the master to please ask for the ML’s understanding as soon as possible! The ML has to believe that you have no malicious intention towards the FL.
The current ML trust value is -999, master’s life expectancy is two months.  】 

【Wait a moment!】

Tang Luo simply couldn’t believe what she heard. 

Directly in front of her, Yue Chi Feng still continued speaking, but his voice was no longer transmitted into Tang Luo’s ears.

Currently, her mind was full of that sentence which was magnified infinitely ——

Master’s life expectancy: two months!

Two months?!  

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Master’s remaining life is only two months.
Please quickly raise the male lead’s trust in you.
The higher the trust value, the longer the life expectancy will be】

The system continued to discuss 【It’s recommended to first apologize sincerely to the female lead, Lu Si Ke, strive for sufficient time to look for evidence, prove that you are innocent and raise the male lead’s trust.

Tang Luo 【……】  

Tang Luo raised her eyes and calmly looked straight at Yue Chi Feng’s eyes.  

This tall and handsome one, already in control of the SKY corporation at such a young age. 

In fact, now he was still Tang Luo’s fiancé.

But the eyes he looked at her with were brimming with loathing and disgust.

As if he was looking at a pile of trash.  

And according to the system, at the moment his trust value was only -999.  

Tang Luo reckoned this value was already at the lowest level.

The gap was so big. 

Is there any use in apologizing?!  

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