Chapter 7 Part 1: The Movie Emperor had a Super Secret Hobby

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At this time, the sun was already returning to the West and the sunset glow was gradually burning in the sky. 

The young man dressed in white was just sitting quietly by the lakeside like that. 

The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up in small sections, exposing wheat colored arms and slender fingers resting on a page of a book. 

Just this outline alon was as beautiful as a painting. 

—— It was far more real than the Chu Chen seen in the movies, this picture was also more beautiful. 

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Tang Luo was currently wearing a pair of three to four cm tall, small leather shoes. 

The heels stepped on the pavement, almost without making any sound. 

Although she took large strides, her steps were very light. 

At least when she arrived behind the other party, Chu Chen didn’t notice her arrival. 

“Hi!” Tang Luo took another deep breath and all of a sudden jumped to Chu Chen’s side. 

“Why are you reading over here by yourself? What book are you reading?” She asked with a smile. 

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Her attitude was cordial and relaxed. 

The little head acted extremely familiarly and moved closer to Chu Chen’s face to also look at the book in his hands.


Tang Luo blinked, completely not daring to believe what she was seeing. 

Chu Chen, who had a double master’s degree in arts and finance and recently conferred the title of a 28 years old Film Emperor, called as the most gentlemanly, most graceful and charming emperor.  

Shockingly, the book lying on his knee was ——

A dessert book. 

It was even a dessert book with colorful pictures. 

Moreover, it was colorful, vivid and extremely tempting.

“Uh…….” Whatever internal script Tang Luo had made up was all swallowed back.

As she walked towards him, she had thought many times of what kind of book the other party was reading. 

Theatrical? Play? Or philosophy?

Thinking that the other party also had a degree in finance, it could also possibly be an economics book that was difficult for her to understand. 

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But she really didn’t expect that it would be totally beyond her expectation!

Chu Chen didn’t speak. 

He only raised his eyes and looked quietly at Tang Luo.

Tang Luo was caught unprepared and could only foolishly raise her head to look straight at Chu Chen’s face that was close at hand.

The distance between the two people was closer compared to the previous two encounters. 

Tang Luo could even clearly see Chu Chen’s long eyelashes. 

Also his refined, flawless features. 

He had a warm smile and appearance when he was at the airport facing his fans.

The current Chu Chen in his own home, the totally relaxed and able to unload all his mask’s Chu Chen, was a bit colder. 

At the same time, he appeared younger. 

His facial features looked deeper and his skin was tanner. 

More like those who regularly exercise outdoors, a healthy wheat color. 

So did he smear powder while at the airport? Tang Luo thought to herself. 

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She had once heard that male celebrities would put on makeup in public. 

Unexpectedly, although he was already beautiful and prosperous enough, in addition, relying on his acting skills he was able to be the Film Emperor, he still couldn’t escape this.

But it didn’t matter. 

No matter how he was, she still thought he was good looking.

After maintaining this awkward posture for some time, Tang Luo finally stated her purpose. 

She straightened her body and asked with all smiles: “Do you like desserts a lot?”

Chu Chen glanced at her unenthusiastically before returning his gaze to the book. 

He didn’t reply to Tang Luo and turned the page onto the next one. 

Tang Luo wasn’t angry either. 

She even turned and stepped a bit to the side so as to not block the light for Chu Chen. 

She actually could understand very well. 

After all, Chu Chen was well-known to be very dedicated to his work and shooting a movie was extraordinarily arduous. 

Before coming back this time, wasn’t he still shooting in the desert for a few months?

Before she came, she had also searched for a lot of relevant information online.
The conditions in that place were really very difficult.  

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Moreover, whether it was in front of the public or in front of the fans, he always had a smile.
His gentle and refined appearance must be tiring to maintain. 

Tang Luo was an orphan before. 

In order to live and go to school she had taken a lot of work. 

Let alone having the kind of image like Chu Chen, continuously maintaining a smiling character in front of people. 

There was a time when she worked as a waitress at a cafe everyday after school.
She had to suffer smiling like that for four hours and felt very tired.  

So she understood, returning to their own territory, everyone had the right to relax thoroughly and be their true self. 

But sorry, she still had to bother him.

“I just ate a wonderful dessert in the hall just now.” Tang Luo started to speak. 

She seemed to be talking to herself, but also seemed to be talking to Chu Chen: “Dessert huh, looks like you haven’t eaten happiness before.
Do you want to try? Your Chu family’s dessert chef is very good!”

Chu Chen raised his head again at last, and calmly looked at Tang Luo.

This time he had probably guessed that if he didn’t pay attention to her, this girl also wouldn’t leave.

So he abruptly closed the book and stood up. 

“Hey, wait for me!” Tang Luo saw Chu Chen walking along the lake towards another place further away from the Chu family’s main residence.

She went up at once and persistently asked: “Is it because you have to keep your figure so you can’t eat sweets?”

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