Chapter 5 Part 2: The Little Brother She Fancies, Perfect!

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An even crazier shriek swept in an instant, making Tang Luo completely unable to hear Su Nan’s words. 

“What?” Tang Luo moved a bit closer.
She was nearly pasted on Su Nan’s ear as she asked: “Do you also want to see?”

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Su Nan had a petite build.
Even when the fans were orderly and happy to accommodate each other, there were several hundred people standing in front of her.
With Su Nan’s stature, she still couldn’t see anything at all.

Tang Luo lowered her head to look at the jeans Su Nan was wearing: “Or…, I’ll hold you up to see?”

“Pfft…….” Su Nan laughed.

She shook her head and pulled Tang Luo’s head down a little: “Luo Luo, do you really like this Chu Chen?”

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“Not bad.” Tang Luo replied with a radiant smile.

This was the all around perfect, super handsome little brother that she picked. Just a pity, he seemed difficult to entice.  

Inside the VIP passage, Chu Chen, surrounded by the staff members and his assistant, walked out.  

This could be considered the second time Tang Luo saw Chu Chen in person. 

The other person had changed into a light summer suit with a white linen shirt. 

He looked much more relaxed compared to when he was outside the SKY hotel.

Chu Chen seemingly loved smiling.
Whether it was in the photos online, inside the interview videos, or even the occasional variety show participation. 

A warm and polite smile always hung on the corner of his lips.  Coupled with his noble bearing, the kind where his self-cultivation and gentleman bearing emanated from inside, it’s unknown how many fans were charmed. 

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Throughout his walk outside, he didn’t refuse anyone requesting his signatures. 

His manager should have been familiar with his way of doing things since long ago.
He could only helplessly watch by his side, helping him to pass the signatures, wishing it could speed it up a little.

Chu Chen very quickly walked to where Tang Luo and the others were.

The little fan beside her had already blushed in excitement. 

The mobile phone with its flashlight function turned off was raised high, taking pictures with great effort. 

They were standing too far behind, they most likely won’t get any signatures. 

As Tang Luo looked at the simple happiness and excitement on her face, she also got infected by such sincere and simple fondness.

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“Brother Chen!” She couldn’t help shouting, following after the fans.

Su Nan pursed her lips into a small smile. 

She wanted to appear a bit more reserved, but looking at her best friend suddenly becoming bright and carefree, she rejoiced from the bottom of her heart. 

Chasing stars, it’s really good ah!

“Time is a bit tight.” At the last sign, the manager couldn’t help reminding Chu Chen, “we cannot arrive late today.”

“Ok.” Chu Chen smiled, nodded, and finished signing the one in his hand.  

Afterwards he handed it to the fan with both hands, and looked smilingly at the other person: “Thank you for your support.”

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“Mhhmmpp…….” The fan was stumped for words and could only cover her mouth while smiling foolishly.

Chu Chen’s current position was already very close to Tang Luo. 

She looked at his finely carved features, as if they came from God’s hand. 

Perfect shape, on top of a tall and straight figure. 

There’s still that gentle attitude towards the fans.


Tang Luo looked at such a perfect Chu Chen and sighed with satisfaction.

She wanted to firm her heart, adjusting her small target time limit to 20 days.

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