came out to drink water or something. She saw me! She tried to close the door at the very right moment she saw me. I rushed near to the door and kept my foot right between the door and asked her a bit aggressively ”What a…are you doing? ”, She didn say anything, her whole body started to tremble like she was about to faint.

I took her back to her bed, gave her some water, and took her temperature and I realized that I could have brought some eggs on my way here. 104°C (219.2°F for the non-Celsius users). And I was really surprised by the fact that her parents aren there. My parents have been there for me if I was sick even if they are busy (when I was 10) anyway its not about me right now. OK time for some nursing to get my host back to health. This time I won be able to see her turning red as she is already beat red. I placed a wet towel on her forehead and asked her to take some rest. This little brat was studying even though she was sick. How can these girls even study this hard? Im not able to study even if Im completely alright. Ill be chilling out watching anime or reading manga even if I have exams tomorrow (master vibe!). It turned out that she doesn have any medicines at home or did she swallow the entire medicine? I can see a lot of medicine raps. I ended up buying her some, I can allow her to take too much time to recover. I stayed there until she fell asleep comfortably. She did take a lot of time but it can be helped. I really feel bad for Lula as her parents aren here when she needs them the most, just like me I suppose.

There wasn anything much I could, I made some stew as she said that her parents will be home really late and I can let the kid strave. As there wasn anything more I could or need to do. I left their place and started walking to my home. I hope she gets well soon, having a 104°C (219.2°F) fever is no joke, its really messed. I don know, for some reason, I couldn stop thinking about her for that night. My heart was pounding like in the speed of a cars piston at 204 mp/h Ahh! I need to sleep.

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