it wasn a mess. They didn even ask me why I was late so I was in a total win. I was the next day and I think I made some progression on Lula the other day. So I think I can take stuff to the next lev- I mean my mission to the next level. I will get some more ideas from Ave, maybe tomorrow. So for today lets concentrate on Lula. I made it to the class but I couldn find Lula anywhere, maybe she is just late. Lets wait, she is not the type to miss classes so everything will be fine. The class started but Lula isn here yet. I feel like I will mis- wait a HOLY second, why do I even care for her? She is just a host for my mission to piss of t his fricking brats. Maybe she is on leave, I don give a DUCK. I guess I will learn more tips from Ave today.

Nothing much happened during the classes, I just got an F in my maths test (Maxs knee-yard) inside an ”Oπ ” (lmao). As Lula was absent today I walked home with Ave as her grandparents are my neighbors (stonks! multiple account. Just kidding). She said I should try acting a bit down if I want to see whether she cares for me (how is this even going to work?). She claims that Lula will try to cheer me up if she cares for me (every casual friend will do the same). She claims that the way will be different, like in what different way? Is she going to give away her first kiss or something (lol). I don think so. Whatever Im still giving it a try. Have you ever heard of the term force treatment? (not the erotic one). Ave asked me to treat her with Ramen for this tip (I still haven forgotten what she did to me the last time). I refused, as she already looted me the other day. And there she goes! she started shouting at me in the public saying that I should treat her better, but why though? Am I Shawn Mendes or someone to ~treat her better~? And somehow I ended up buying her some dumplings (looted me!) And for some reason, I felt like I was been watched by someone (please don tell me that it is Lula) Well, I think I was just making things up…

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