We both talked for a while about our classmates and other stuff. Anndddd… that little kid is Lulas little sister, thats why she was looking like an exact carbon copy of Lula. Its a mini adorable version. I said that I will go buy some ice cream as we are already in the park. The little kid said that she will join me to the shop well, I can say no to a simple request by a cute kid (Im not a pedo) and Lula said that she will wait for us. To be honest, its fun to see kids enjoying their time running around and playing around. I miss those days and I envy these stupid kids. After we brought the ice cream, we started heading back to Lula. The little kid pulled on my dress and asked me to give her an ear of mine and told me not to scare or surprise Lula again as I did before, she said that may make Lula cry. I asked her what the matter is but she said that Lula will get mad at her if she says why. Maybe, Lula is really scared of stuff like this. Explains a lot. But a second-year high schooler to be still scared of stuff so easy is just really hilarious. I can ask her whether she is too scared of jump scares and ghosts, it may put her little sister into some trouble. Anyway I surely will take her to a haunted house one day (Im just too evil. Hehe) but for now, I need to act like I don know anything in special.

Ahh… Now she is a tomato. She was really red when we got there. I handed over her ice cream and then we started to eat (I didn buy the ice crème for display), of course, I did give one to the little kid. And now after I know that Lula is a scary cat I really want to spook her, but what if she starts hating me after that? *sigh* I need to control myself.

We stayed in the park for a bit longer and then we started going back home. The little kid seems to have taken a liking into me (Aye! aye! as her big brother, again Im not a pedophile you dumbass). As we reached the bus stop (checkpoint) we parted our ways as usua-

Ok, now the kid is not leaving me. She is asking me to come home with her. Well, I don have anything to do even if I head home early. Actually, if I take up this offer I can get to know where Lula is living and its hard to say no when a little kid is asking you for something. They sound so cute

Ahem! Pardon

I took the offer and started walking along with them to their house. I wonder how Lulas room will be, she is a very girly person (of course cause she is a girl duh!) so her room might be filled with a lot of stuffed animals. Or maybe a lot of vegetables will be lying around like carrot or cucumber (oi, oi vi-ta-men…) Interesting!

Guh, Guhehehehe, Guhehe.

Ah, its a lovely house. Soooo, should I go in with them? I guess I will go in. Here I com-

Oh my 2D gods!!! This little kid is a little devil. Mighty cheese lend me a hamburger to cry! Now this kid is telling me to go back to my home? Why is this kid trying to make me cry? No fair. I guess I will take my leave then. As I was starting to go back, the devil who once winged asked me to come in. Yes, Lula my dear angle, I mean angel. Well, she is a bit a curvy (90° *wink*). I went into her house and it was pretty beautiful inside, I hate to admit it but her house is better than mine in every single possible way. BUT I don care, she can never beat me in my manga collection. Bwahaha! I got to see her parents, an old lovely couple. Umm, they aren that old but still OLD is OLD. Hehe, Im just kidding. My parents care less for me, its really disappointing, and I envy her family very much.

The little kid, No! The little devil asked me to lend her my ears once again and said ”Big bro, you must be someone special to my sister usually, she never lets anyone in even if it is her best friends. Thats why I asked you to leave in the first place. Please don leave her behind in the end like everyone else ”. I never thought that I would hear such words from a little kid. But… How shy can a person even be? People may leave you behind if you won interact with them (no weird meanings, interact in the sense make conversation), ahh, she is a pure idiot!

I asked Lula where her room is?

She showed no mercy on me… She shoved a straight
o onto my face saying that she won show me her room. My heart was completely shattered (can find any veggie). I asked her one more time goofily in a way to make her shy ”H…Hey Lu…Lula dear c…can you show me your slu…slumber room? ”

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