Yes, its Ave. Ave noticed us and she started to wave her hands at us and Lula activated her grumpy mode. Maybe Lula does care for me and she doesn want me to be with anyone else. Sounds like fantasy to me (it sure is), I don know and I don care for now (maybe I should care a bit). I settled down myself getting ready for the feast (Im poor, so every food is a feast to me). Well, all I could think right now is how to enjoy the ramen. Meanwhile… these girls seem to be fetching a war, I hope they won sacrifice me as Im sitting in the middle (anything could happen to me). Maybe they will cling on to me (not going to happen) or maybe they will use me as a human shield (I see a lot of possibilities). Who knows? Oh my God! I think they are fighting with the ramen I mean an eating competition kind of thing. This is no good, I don think I have the money to pay for it. Should I leave? No, I think, it will leave a bad impression on me. I will cancel my orders and will stick with a glass of water (Im starving).

Oh my dear god from the great heaven above, please grant me the strength not to faith even though my starving. Bless me!!! What are these girls? How can they eat so much and so fast? I wonder whether they will eat the entire shop (fastest chopsticks in the east). I want to cry so badly, Ave made me pay for her bill too with the help of these two I successfully emptied my wallet. Help me mommy…

(And by their action it was the first and last time Ren taking them to eat food. Ren was really satisfied). What am I supposed to do now? Im totally broke. Well, Ave said that she will be giving me more tips. So Im just going to consider this as a treat. Thats all I can do now.

The night passed by and it was the next day already and Im really excited cause its a Sunday, the weekend! weeee… And now that I have thought about it, what should I do today? I knew it! I was aware that I would have to face this day. An empty weekend. I didn know what I should do, all I could think was about gaming. But I didn want to. I guess I will take a casual walk then. I got ready to go for a walk, I didn knew where to go. So I went to the park for no specific reason. It can be helped. As I was walking towards the park in the broad daylight, I came across a face I have never seen before. Aww, a cute little puppy. Then again, as I was trying to tie my shoelace, I came across another face that I have never seen before. An old granny who is gray as white. Wait… gray as white? Never mind. And once again as I was trying to play with the slide, I came across a face I have seen before, she was standing in front of me. Eh… crap its Lula.

She didn see me. As she hasn noticed me yet! Lets see what she is up to. Is she going to use the slide? haha, it will be really funny to see a tomato rolling down a slide. But what if she gets squished? Oh my dear god that will be amazing, I mean that will be sad.

Aww, I got it all wrong. She is with a kid. Ahh… Is she Lulas kid, she looks exactly like Lula (ok I need to stop) who is her daddy? (Ok Im going insane. Bye…).

Oh, this is a chance for me, girls like-kind people (if Im right). So if I can be friends with that kid that will make Lula think that Im Kind. Anyway, Im not a monster, Im a true born gentleman to my family who is uneducated about ladies unfortunately (hissssss… Me No Gay, Me Straight). But what if that kid is really Lulas ki-

Ok, I seriously need to stop.

Lets go for it… I went near to Lula from Behind and gave her a sneak attack (girls likes to get surprised or hugged from the back, but as in my case I can hug her but that was the most effecti- ENOUGH), she was really surprised that she even screamed out loud (did I mess it up?) I guess I messed it up, she isn that red either compared to the other times and she was breathing heavily. But anyway she wasn angry at me.

We both talked for a while about our classes and other stuff (what else am I supposed to talk). Anndddd… that little kid is Lulas little sister, thats why she was looking like an exact carbon copy of Lula. Its a mini adorable version.

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