Anyway, I was really happy that she didn take me in the wrong way and that she would help me. Thats the childhood friend for you, no misunderstandings. After all, we both are good friends and she is-

whoa! An accident turned into an attack?


And the boys are even more jealous for bumping into another cute girl. Yeah, Ave is a cutie too. Bwahahaha, be more jealous you damn bugs. But… I don think that Lula liked what just happened right now. She was putting up a pout. I started walking to my seat stepping out on all the rages of these bugs and finally sat down on my chair. Then I tried to talk to her ”H…Hey Lulu h…how yu…you do…ing? ”. She smiled and said that she is doing fine but that smile was pretty scary, it was like I was seeing Hannya with my own eyes. I doctor Ren Hilston sees that Lula might turn into a tsundere, soon or later. So I must be prepared [epic bgm.mp3] (I seriously need to stop putting musics and laughs everywhere).

OK time out, time out!

Well, I can clearly say whats about to happen to Lulas feelings (I mean the way she is behaving) but I can surely say that at least for the time being she is acting like a tsundere while making fun of me. Its not like she is going to hurt my feelings or anything, Hmph!

Doctor Ren Hilstons prediction won fail. No matter what! Bwahahahaha. Umm, What will I do if I fail to get her into a good mood? My plan will be failing or I guess I will take a different person as a hostage. Nah! The cuter the more jealous they will be. I need to be more careful with my actions and I need to make sure that no one else would hit on her and at the same time I need to learn how to flirt. I will ask Ave during the break time and will try it on Lula after school. Well, I don want to toy with her feelings so I need to be light. And come to think of it, I still don know what Lulas last name is. Hehe, I guess I will take a look at her book late.

It was break time already, I went to Aves seat to enrich my knowledge on flirting. But I don think that it was a good move. Now Lula seems to be really pissed, she was planning to have her lunch with me I guess. Sorry, Lula at least let me study one effective move to perform on you dear. Ok! Now my break time is for flirting lectures. Well well very well! Im a bit nervous.

The first thing that Ave told me was to observe the things that she likes and the next thing was to behave kindly and politely to her to increase her respect and liking on me. I don know how these things are going to work and what her reaction will be. But on the bright side, something sure will work, Ave is also a girl so I can put some hope into it.

And after school its time to put it onto a test (I hope she won end up hating me)

The school was over and she left the class already. That clearly says that she is mad at me, for sure. Anyway, I need to test the skills that I have acquired today so I can just let her go. NO FAIR. I ran out of my class as fast as I could to catch up with her (insane bolt). There she is! Finally found her. Aww… She is a tomato again. I tried to talk to her, ”H…Hey Lula! wh…why did…didn you wait f…for me? ”. Dr.Ren was right. She did the hmph. Ok, no time to waste. If I want to flirt with her I need to be gentle and kind as Ave said. I will ask her once more calmly that may do the job, ”H…Hey Lul- ” wait a minute, why don we add a bit of spice into it? Lets see, hmm… this may work, ”H…Hey Lula! wh…why do y…you ha…hate me? ” (Being a bit harsh in a gentle way won push me out of the circle). It worked! She said that she doesn hate me and she just wanted to go out of the crowd first. But I don trust it. Whatever, lets just play along.

We started walking back to the bus stop but this time I changed the route a bit, I asked her whether she wants to join me to eat something as I was hungry. She shook her head claiming yes, time to find out her favorite food… I hope that its not too expensive. I asked her to pick where she wanted to go, this girl is just really simple. All she wanted to eat was just ramen? Actually, it won put a hole in my wallet so Im happy at the same time. As we entered the ramen shop we saw my tutor or her enemy in thoughts (I think Im thinking up too much), yes its Ave. Ave noticed us and she started to wave her hands at us and Lula activated her grumpy mode as soon as she saw her.

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