She shouted my name….. Now the boys are really going to eat me up (eat in the sense kill). My life is unsuccessfully peaceful now. But why me??? Now Im really pissed. I don know what to do anymore. Well, all the boys are jealous and pissed at me for knowing one of the cutest girl in my class. And for some unknown reason, I still don know her name even though the teacher said it out loud. Im a real big goner. Two more periods got over. And now it was recess time. I was right from the very beginning, all the boys were approaching her. She was like a mermaid sitting on a rock and the boys were like the waves hitting on the rock. But in this situation, the waves were really aggressive like they would wash away the mermaid with the rock in no time.

The boys were pushing on me like there was no tomorrow and I wasn able to have my lunch. I couldn bare it anymore. I shouted out loud ”s…stop pissing me a…already ” and the entire class went into a total silence in no time.

And again she started to blu-

No, no, no. I guess she got the wrong idea. NO, everyone took it in the wrong way (so now Im a womanizer?) I was filled with embarrassment. I didn had any other choice, I sat down on my chair and continued my lunch, covering up all my stupid emotions with a straight face (yes Im crying deep inside) But god what did I even do to deserve this. This is no good. And out of nowhere, I heard an angelic voice asking me ”Hey Ren! Can I join you for the lunch? ” (+ choir of heaven.mp3). I have heard that voice before but I wasn sure. I said ”yes ”, (surely a stupid like me will never ever lose a single chance), and as I turned around to see her face. I was shocked… It wasn an angel…….

It was the devil who ruined my day, THAT LIL WEIRDO. I guess she was thanking me for something, but I couldn hear it completely. Both the great pedos dragged me out of the class to the ground for a questioning session. They asked me how I know Lula (well thanks to them, now I finally know her name). I told them that I met her in the morning, but they still don believe me.

The break was over and I couldn complete my lunch. Im hungry!!

Well, I wish the boys won torture me again and after all, I couldn finish my lunch just because of them. Eh… wait a minute, who am I?

Bwah, bwahahahaha!!! [evil laugh.mp3]

Actually, Its payback time baby! All these boys have been messing with me for a pretty long time and now its time to show them what a real deal is. Im her friend so if I can flirt with her lightly and in a way that she won notice it and in a way that won cause any change of feelings (ooh boy! You know what Im talking about) which all together will put up a show for the boys. I will be a total winner.

Bwahahahahaha,bwahahahaha [still evil laugh.mp3]

Eh? One minute, I got called out to write on the board

[Ren is now AFK]

well its pretty scary to see all the boys rage at once altogether.

Ok Im back

[AFK removed]

To be honest, I don have many female friends, so its a great opportunity for me to know about the alien species known as ”females ”. Well, time passed by and the classes are over now finally I can go home and grind some points in Mario Kart (pro player.exe). For some reason, Lula seems to be down all of a sudden. Is she alright? I wonder what happened. Maybe she hasn made friends with anyone. Ahh… well come to think of it, she did make some friends today. I saw it-

Uhh….. Me no stalker (Hehe). Maybe Ill ask her. I went near to her and called her ”H…hey Lu…Lula ar…are you al…right? y…you seem to be pr…pretty down compared to h…how you were in the mo…morning ”. She slowly turned around and not again, she was red as a tomato. I don get her, how in the damn world is she even turning red in a fraction of seconds??

like for real how? Is she nervous? Embarrassed? or I guess she wants to puke when she sees me, Orrrrrr is she having the PGAD, the persistent genital aro-

Oh crap wrong term, wrong term. I mean is she might be having Rosacea. Damn, I almost spilled the worst term. Could have made a big mess. Pardon me.

Anyway back to business. She said that she is alright and that she was just waiting for me. Yeah, Its not a big thing. She was just waiting for me, most people use to wait for-

Ehh??? wait what? why is she even waiting for me? like what does this tomato want from me? Ok, I need to calm down. I took a deep breath and asked her why she was waiting for me.

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