Life was surely fun when I was a kid. Nothing was there to take away my free time. But now…Im living in hell, getting boiled with the books and tables. Good god! Yeah, you are right, high school. Or I guess you didn predict it. High school is supposed to be fun, but it turns out to be total crap for me. Oh, wait I forgot to introduce myself. Im Ren Hilston. A normal 16 year old high schooler, I guess. Well, Im 16 for sure and Im a high schooler too. But I don know whether Im normal. Pardon me.


Today Im starting my second year of high school. I hope that this year won end up like the last year, don want to get ignored this time too. So lets goooo… Through the dazzling daylight, while I was walking to the school, I came across a face I have never seen before. She was cuter than anything. Eye-lined, lob hair, and an outstanding face that can be judged. But more importantly, she is wearing the same school uniform as mine!!! I was like who can this be? Maybe a freshman. Who knows God damn. As a man who knows a lot about my school. I was pretty sure that I won get another chance to talk to this chick. Ahem I mean to talk to this lady (hehe). This is my golden chance. I walked near to her into the waiting shed. Well, she surely did smell good. Anyway, I can keep numb. I need to say something. Well, I wasn sure about what I should say, at the same time I didn want to sound like an old fart so I didn go with the weather thingy. It surely was getting weird… And for some reason, she was blushing. Maybe she might have realized how ugly I look, wait…That won do the job. Or is my zip open or something? Na, its closed. Uh… Never mind about what I just said. Well, crap I can waste any more time. I went with what just came into my mind first. Of course the uniform

”H…Hey It lo….looks la…li…like we are in the s…same sch…sck…school ”

Still, she was blushing… Then there was an awkward silence between us.

Not over yet

yeah done!

Then suddenly out of nowhere, she said a yeah. And the way she was looking at me was really weird. Like, weird in a cute manner. I tried to keep up the conversation (Im telling the truth, its pretty hard to keep up a conversation with a girl you just met a moment ago). I asked her whether she was new to this school. She said yes, that she is new to the school as well as the area she is living. Just as I thought, a freshman. She took a deep breath and… Then she started to say a lot, a lot means a lot about stuffs that I didn even ask for. She was stammering the words, I guess she was making fun of me. And this stammers made the conversation really big and uninteresting. Luckily the bus arrived. I thought that I could be free again. But….. For Christs sake, she sat beside me and continued with her non-sense. Good lord, Im starting to regret this. Finally, I made it to school alive. The last thing I heard from her was that she doesn have many friends and whether I could be her friend. Well if I say
o thats going to make things go worse, like a rude act on my first day, you know what Im talking about. Ahh…. I had no other choice I said yes. (actually, I hate seeing cute girls being sad. Hehe. Don get the wrong idea ok?) We parted our ways. I went to my class and she went to her as well. She got to know my name, but… After all this time, I still don know what her name is. Im a goner. The perverts were with the magazine right in the morning staring at girls in beach outfits. They haven changed yet. Oh, I forgot, these two are my friends, Kevin and Andrew their hobbies include: sneak-peak, taking lewd pictures, and of course collecting magazines (great readers of pictures). I still don know what her name is, I wis- (wait… please don underestimate me I don have any special feelings. I just want to know her name as we are friends. Thats all) And for some reason, I got a feeling that something bad was going to happen….. Yup, it turned out that my sense was right. The same old maths teacher was again my class teacher. I don want to attend this class!!!!! Then she announced that we have a transferred student joining our class. I was about to say that I would be happy if its a dude whos not into lewd stuff (me no gay!). But…..


For damn sake, its that weird girl from the morning. I tried not to get noticed, cause if I ge-


She shouted my name….. Now the boys are really going to eat me up (eat in the sense kill). My life is unsuccessfully peaceful now.

But why me???

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