I am not werewolf

Failure to complete the task, due to betrayal.

chapter two murder

Waking up early with the sunrise, looking at the sunrise from the roof of the small house, the size of which does not exceed sixty square meters, getting down from the roof and walking for a little while . Half past five in the morning until six in the morning From six until six thirty I prepare my breakfast from seven, I have finished cleaning the house، At half past seven, I will start my work in the alcoholic beverages shop from one oclock in the afternoon, taking a break until one oclock, and return to work after that until five oclock. Five oclock Im outside the shop, taking a little walk back home, where I live at the top of a hill, a little far from the village, complete calm at night, sleep without a fan of motor-cars. Or vote for the intoxicating liquor store with its weapons and people fighting together over a glass of wine. Or some girls who like to have fun here and there for the money sleeping in the woods is really cool. Hearing the sound of crickets making a sound like a sparrow singing in the morning, but at night? Do you understand me ? Really and in fact I do not understand myself this is the fifth day I write my beloved diary . I decided to strike blood, kill and eat people alive on the night of the full moon, so since the beginning of this new lunar month, I want to be free from . my ecstasy My great love for humans and their delicious taste, today is the fifth day in the new lunar month and it is also for the month of February, I have not eaten good news for nearly twenty days, only five days remain until the full moon appears again. Will there be another victim this month? I will try to catch myself as best I can. I just want to live a happy and peaceful life away from problems, I don want the police to come to me once and say you are under arrest In a murder, well, that might be impossible. A little bit because I hide myself well but there is a percentage that this is what will really realize anyway this is bedtime I have to prepare to start a new day tomorrow.

The sixth day of the lunar month. The day passed, it was a normal day, waking up early, looking at the sunrise, walking. Eat breakfast, go to work . But it changed completely today when a customer entered me, wearing old black clothes, and his fadedness prevented him from appearing very strongly. The man in public, entered the shop selling intoxicating drinks and met The drink is right on the shelf No. 1 2 5 3 1 8 quickly bit the muffled crow, ” he said, looking at de Croce with a look of great disdain, as if he wanted to stand up and kill de Croce, but is this a regular customer ” ? Were you just thinking about that? How does he come to buy juice and then say some numbers? Does this make it normal in your opinion? Well, did I tell you that I was a murderer before? What have you forgotten now?

Well, I will remind you again. In that small town where the population has not reached a million yet, as you know, every village has rulers and ordinary people who work in honorable work and dishonorable work as well. ، And there are infants, children, the elderly, and students, but there is also that category hidden between the lines, the category of the rulers of the world, where those who run the authorities and those who rule with rulers that: you see them in the media and the world, Did you already think that the one who rules you is your real boss? Haha its really a joke this is a puppet to take over the world . Do you know who controls the world? I am sure the owner of that doll, but if that doll got spoiled or fell into the dirt a little, or people hated it a little, whatever the reason. . Do you know what happens? That shit of you, maybe hell throw me in jail soon Well anyway since no one will ever read those diaries anyway even if you
e someone you don know me and you read them don let anyone else read them – – I consider these diaries a gift from me, and this case, these notes were not made by me, but perhaps I was killed or died a natural death. Anyway back to our topic but before | that I want to tell you a secret that is not a super secret or something, some people think that I suffer from a disease, I did not tell anyone about that, but psychologists say about this. The person is sick or something . They say that anyone talks to himself a lot or that there is a character that no one else can see but that this person is crazy or has a state of social isolation . But my friend, most psychologists are just like a little monster whose job is to suck your pocket money to tell you some bullshit you like to pay them more. . But Im very frank Im telling you the facts and I don want anyone to deceive you in any way, wait a minute Did you like that diary and it seems like a really good idea. This is my sixth day of writing and I don know if I will. continue or not? Well anyway, my life story is interesting, right? Oh I forgot to explain to you what the world order is, it seems you have been waiting for that More than the day you came out of the celibacy stage,

I will give an example of our little village – this village which has not yet a million inhabitants but is very close to that number. In the foreground we have the lord of the village very fat . I doubt his manhood a little, I think hes a big lover of money, and hed do anything to get it, that explains how hes been in power for so long in this village. I give you advice, I do not like to deal or talk with this money-loving man, anyone, and he is not exactly the one who forgets his real life, and all he thinks about is fame and money. I know that there is no good in this man or his dealings, as the books say, there is no good in thorns at all.

Even if you wait for it for hundreds of years, it will not produce grapes for you. It comes in second place. The deputy chief, or some might think that he is the governors minister, but in any case, I think that there is a Western relationship between him and the village chief, but I will not say it. These are respectable notes anyway. Then in the third stage are the soldiers who do not know anything but follow the orders of the President. Only, soldiers are just ordinary people unless they are people of high standing Among the soldiers, like Captain Uma, young lady, well you
e wondering why I know all this about the world or something? Surely I am not the author of this novel? I just write my notes Minute things happened to me or he actually spoke to me I definitely wouldn write anything I don know Well anyway this is just maybe because of my family . Do you know that she is also the reason why I turned into a werewolf three days every lunar month? Do you want to know them my family? Actually, I won tell you anything. The answer is no . But all I can tell you is that they were all killed or died a normal death. I won tell you more. So now I know who is holding the world in secret? Oh damn, don you know? Oh.. you know now? Well, thats good. I don want to explain further. I don want to go to jail. Im not married yet. Im still single until now. Well, in this small village, what holds it in secret is an organization that calls itself the Black Knights. I may be one of them but no poison I just kill some people for little money . This work helps to hide myself a little from the outside world. They increase his experience and something like hiding a corpse or blood, this helps me with some people as well، They can also help me a little bit if I go to prison. My advice is if you become a saying, do not go to any organization because if you enter it, you can only get out of it when you are killed. ” So you go back to that guy who wants to buy some wine

The drink is right on the shelf No. 1 2 3 1 8 quickly bit by the muffled crow You see it as the words of a crazy old man, but in fact it is my new job. Do you want to decode this code? Its simple the drink and it means the person Im going to kill . The right of the shelf means the right of the village, but this strange number 1 2 3 1 8 This is only the coordinates of this persons place and he wants it also quickly I don know why he didn put it in code too It would have been great

But well whatever

Some of it is a muffled crow. I think he means a pistol with a silencer. Anyway, killing is killing. You are now confused as to how to strike from killing, and Im trying not to shed blood, and Im going to kill now. . Well, the topic is simple. The topic is that this is a job and I don like delaying work. Anyway, I will kill someone soon. Are you excited? Ok Ill take a leave tomorrow now its time to sleep good sleep man

Close the pen and the note and sleep is over on the sixth day of the lunar month.

Authors note


The third emergence of the myth spoke of blackening of urine and colic. Scientists also spoke of thick hair and love of raw meat, and these are symptoms of a disease that has a scientific explanation and treatment and called it (wolf-man disease).) The scientific name for it is (porphyria), which is an imbalance of iron representation in the human body, and then symptoms of colic and black urine (containing iron) occur.

In rare cases, the nails are elongated, the fangs appear, the skin wrinkled, the eyebrows become thick, the lips cracked, the eyes are red, and the patient avoids the sun because he cannot bear it.

In short, he turns into a human wolf, but when he kills them, a human returns to the way it was.

And then the myth is born, and human imagination and fear of the unknown give it that terrifying entity that we currently know from horror stories and films in which they use amazing frightening effects.

The full moon was accidentally linked to the werewolf because the moon symbolized the unnatural power of the ancients and its ability to drive humans towards madness, and where humans are associated with the beast in a magical and supernatural way Perhaps the wolf-man patient looked like this, but did these creatures really exist??

It remains to be mentioned that vampires symbolize the upper class of society, while werewolves symbolize the working and toiling class, and zombies or zombies symbolize the very poor.

How can you kill them?

Legend has it that they can be killed by:

He stabbed them with a silver knife

Shoot them with a silver bullet in the heart

I will develop the story in the future it will be short anyway ^_^

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