Chapter One: Werewolf?

Under a tree under the faint moonlight on the night of the full moon someone was eating quietly – gnawing gnawing and then starting to conscious suddenly like a wolf howl howled and blood began to flow from under that corpse the corpse began Gradually losing her cold, she had just been killed. He started to conscious again. Oooooh, ooh! That person started to speak and said, ”This corpse tastes so bitter, should I eat this food? ”

Well, thats just so no one suspects me. Ive killed a lot of people in those years. Im killing someone every month. In three days I eat this person where the moon becomes full, and then I come back, for example, a normal and normal person. John Sebastian de Croisin This is my name for everyone, Nadoli b de Croisin, short of my long name. I live in a small village, a little isolated from the main city Its small city is called by the name of the great city of Jairwa. It is said that he was a horse rider in the past, then he came to that village after he won and settled in it until he died because of his great fame. That village was named after his name, but this was very old. . Because of the Queen who loved horses: The Great Queen of Britain, but now she has grown up, she has a little interest in horse competitions to someone who will be like this with age everyone cares for his life And live a peaceful life without any difficulties or medications. We are also in the twentieth century in the year 1881 AD. I remember that six years ago there was a horse contest But not like any other competition, it was a big, wide and long competition, but the strange thing is that someone registered in the race without using a horse ، Use his legs to race with them Imagine entering a competition for… horses without a horse?. He only managed to complete the first twenty kilometers and withdrew, not even a quarter of the race, but It wasn the last either, since there was someone who stumbled with immunity at the beginning of the race and then got out. Now you think why Im telling you about horse races and its a werewolf novel I mean its my novel Do not ask, but ask the writer because he wants to describe many words. Well, this is also my first day in my diary, so I don know what to write about. Well, whatever, did I tell you about my work? I work in a liquor store, yes, as I imagined, now there is some prostitution? Is this what you imagined? You really can control your cravings, my friend. Just go and treat me. ” Spread the drinks among the customers, the girls are again with the customers. Well why are you looking at me as well? Its my diary and Im free to do whatever I do with it? Oh don look at me like that Im just telling you the truth, Did I tell you Im a killer too? I have never killed much in my life either I take killing only to satisfy my desires or it as a second act besides

This is a small business. Well, whatever it is, I don like killing except for eating

. Im a werewolf anyway I don know why Im called that but the fictional stories people tell about me are like that all over Britain but since Im really real does that not make me fictional right?

Oh, you don know what a werewolf is? Well my friend, Ill tell you anyway, no one will read my diary

A werewolf is a fictional character based on the legend that a man turns into a wolf at the full moon of each month. He walks anywhere and roams the woods in search of victims. At sunrise he returns to his normal human condition as a human being. The werewolf appears in many fantasy and horror stories. But agree with me that since Im writing you my diary, it makes me real, okay? Do you also know that there are many legends written about me, and most of them are lies?

Legendary side

There is a lot of gossip in this legend but we will cover 3 different stories that cover what it takes to understand it

First myth:

It is one of the early writings about werewolves, and it was sourced from the Greeks and Romania, that their alleged gods had passed through the palace of King ”Lycaeon ”, but he did not believe that they were gods, so he put some human flesh in one of the many dishes which were distributed to their feast.، Upon discovering the dish in question, the wrath of the gods was so intense that they angered him to a wolf. Since he loves to eat human flesh, this image suits him more. A person eating a human is a disgrace, but a wolf eating a human is the law of the jungle and nothin

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