CHAPTER 7- Harem of lolis and a new Kei?

For Kei, parties are boring. Talk, get contacts, socialize to get the approval of the most important nobles … Kei thinks that the parties that the nobles throw, serve only to reinforce their connections and continue to prosper.

For most, thats good, but Kei doesn think the same. With the money he makes when he sells the jewels and monster skins he gets from dungeons, he pays spies to get information for him. What nobles are doing bad things? Which families should he avoid? What families are good? With the information he obtained, he was able to kill the nobles who robbed and murdered. Kei did that to avoid future conflicts with those people.

After several nobles died, the noble families, including his family, improved their security. For 3 years, Kei has not killed any noble, because he does not want to risk his spies.

That is why he wants to avoid meeting noble families. They may seem like nice and polite people, but he knows they are not … Well, most are not. His spies told him about some families who help the poor and are kind. Kei verified their actions and confirmed that they are good people. Among those families, there was the ”Churs ” family, that is why Grisia Churs fell in love … Well thats one of the reasons, he also considered her strength and potential.

But, leaving aside the danger they pose to Kei, Kei does not attend the parties because it is boring for him.

Kei yawned and stroked his neck.

”Im so bored I could even sleep standing like horses. ”

”Brother, don you want to dance with me? Come on, moving will take the boredom out of us, brother. ”

”No, thanks. If I dance with you, I will have to dance with other girls. Id rather stand by and wait for time to fly by. ”

Kei and Mei are at the party. Kei wears a classy white suit and Mei wears a classy white dress.

For noble girls, Kei is quite attractive and his reputation makes him look like one of the most powerful and potential Molfer that have been born in that family, thats why they all have an eye on him. Kei has not received any more marriage proposals, because since he refused to marry the third princess, the others do not dare to ask him to marry them, as they know they would be rejected. The second princess is engaged to a prince from another country, that is why the Queen offered the hand of her third daughter to Kei, so that the Royal family and the Molfer family are related, but Kei rejected her instantly, because the third princess is too young for him, she was just 5 years old when they offered Kei to be his wife. And the second princess, even though she is engaged, is planning to break that engagement, as Kei seems a much more favorable option for her, though possibly rejected by Kei as well.

And for noble male children, Mei is quite attractive. Unfortunately for them, Mei is not interested in boys other than Kei. And Kei is not interested in weak girls.

By the way, Drin, in her cat form, is on Keis head.

”Come on, bro! ”

”Ah… ”

Kei watches the people around him. They are in a huge hall, elegant and clean. There are tables of food, drinks, waiters, elegant music and the presence of the queen. The queen watches the party sitting on her throne. Her three daughters are sitting next to her. 18, 10 and 8 are the ages of her daughters.

The queen is an attractive woman with long black hair and green eyes. Her daughters look like her. The oldest has long hair and wears armor, she looks like a warrior. And her youngest daughter is identical to the second princess, Greyni.

”Please wait… ”

Kei tries to gather courage … Why? Well, one characteristic of this world is that women are proud of their bodies. Beauty and strength are important to the women of this world.

What does that mean? Women show off their amazing and attractive bodies. Since the men of this world are not perverts, women don mind showing too much skin. Fravi was in charge of eliminating lust in men. They would only lust for the women they love.

Simply put, the women at this party wear dresses with very revealing cleavages, which greatly highlight their breasts, and even some show their breasts outdoors, without hiding their nipples, something that makes Kei too shy.

Dresses that show off their beautiful legs, breasts and backs.

For Kei, this is too awkward.

”I must gather courage! ”- Kei thought.

He takes a breath and smiles. He has a lot of acting training, so he can pretend hes not shy for a long time, even though he has a limit.

”Well… ”

He extends his right hand to Mei.

”Do you want to dance with me, beautiful lady? ”

Obviously, Kei wants to be chivalrous, he is not trying to conquer his sister… But thanks to that action, she fell more in love with him.

”Y-yes. ”

Her face is red and she takes Keis hand. He pulls her towards him, puts his hand on Meis waist and she hugs him. They start dancing to the rhythm of the music, while Meis heart races dangerously.

Drin sniffs something and looks around.

She detects a familiar smell. The smell of love.

”More rivals! ”- Drin thought. She is too jealous. She is not jealous of Mei, because she knows that she is Keis sister. Shes jealous of the girl who gets close to him … Well, from the girls who get close to him.

”Our heroe! ”

”Its a pleasure seing you again! ”

”We didn know you were Sei Molfers son! ”

”Why didn we know each other ?! ”

Freiya and Neil, the princesss cousins, approached Kei.

”Hi… Well, I introduce myself again. My name is Kei Molfer, I am Sei Molfers son. You don know me because I don usually come to parties… Basically, I was forced to come here today… I was forced… Ahhhhhhhh!!! So comfortable Id be home, sleeping. Its not every day that I get days off and my mother takes it away from me. Id complain, but Ill probably end up with all the broken bones. ”

”Brother, lets keep dancing. ”

”Wait, please don be rude … By the way, she is my twin sister. But I guess you already knew each other. ”

Mei, as the future leader of the Molfer family, cannot afford not to attend the parties, so she is much better known than Kei among the noble families, but Kei is still more famous than Mei, so she is very much compared to him and is criticized for being weaker than him, something that does not bother Mei, because she does not care much about being considered powerful, she only cares what her brother thinks about her.

The mothers of Freiya and Neil, approach them.

e Kei, right? ”

”My name is Kei Molfer, I am the son of Sei Molfer, it is a pleasure to meet you. ”

He extends his hands to them and they shake hands with him.

”Thank you very much for saving our daughters. ”

”If you ever need help, don hesitate to ask for it. ”

”Thank you very much… Huh? ”

Drin is scratching at Keis face.

”Is your cat okay? ”- Neil said.

”Its so cute. ”- Freiya said.

”Wait, Nia needs to go to the bathroom. Thats the signal she uses. Excuse me, I retire. ”

Kei walks away and sighs.

”I have a bad feeling. ”

”I can detect a peculiar scent … They fell in love with you … I can smell it. ”- Drin said in a low voice.

”Can you smell that? Thats great… But I wanted to avoid that … They are not powerful … Then I will think of a solution. ”

Kei stops and turns to his right.

Charlotte, one of the heroes, is talking to some women and Keis mother.

As 12 years passed, she grew up and is now 22 years old.

Her figure is slim. Shes flat, but shes cute. Her arms are somewhat thin, but strong.

She attacks from a distance, thats why she didn train her body much.

”I have to fix that first … Drin, lets get started. ”

Meanwhile, Sei Molfer tells Charlotte about her children.

”One of my children has enormous potential. I would like him to join your army. Even if that boy is powerful, he lacks more experience. ”

”Enormous potential? If the famous Sei Molfer says so, I guess its true … How powerful is he? ”- Said Charlotte.

After a few minutes, Kei returns to his sister.

”Im sorry, Nia was sleepy. ”

”Where is she? ”

”Shes sleeping in the garden. ”

Sei Molfer and Charlotte approach them. Kei, unlike what he looked like before, looks pretty calm and not at all nervous.

”These are my children. ”

Both lower their heads as a sign of respect. Looking a hero in the eye is frowned upon, but they don care, they only do it because their mother told them to, to get a good impression of the hero.

”Its an honor to meet you, Miss Hero. ”- Mei said.

”Thank you for protecting us. ”- Kei said.

Charlotte watches Kei for a few seconds.

She is suspicious of him. It was obvious that would happen. Although he reincarnated, his appearance did not change. Its too suspicious.

”That appearance … What are your names? ”

”My name is Mei Molfer. ”

”My name is Kei Molfer. ”

”Kei?! ”- Said surprised.

Charlotte crouches down and watches him closely.

Kei begins to sweat cold and blinks a couple of times before speaking.

”Ah… This… Wh-Whats going on? ”

”I-is it really you, Kei? You don remember me? ”

”Remember? Sorry, but I think this is the first time weve met. If this is a trap to steal my magic ring, I warn you that only I can use it! ”

”No… You are identical to him … And your name is Kei too … And you are very powerful … Don lie to me. You are the hero Kei, right? ”

”Hero?! ”- Said Sei and Mei surprised.

The guests turned to see them and began to murmur.

”The hero Kei? ”

”Isn he the failed hero? ”

Kei moved a little away from the hero.

”M-me? A-a hero? Im sorry, but you
e confusing me… Besides, Im a man … Could you explain me better what is going on? ”

”Why didn you grow up? Your power does not allow you to grow? ”

”Miss… You are confusing me… My name is Kei Molfer, I am the son of Sei Molfer, and for as long as I can remember, I have always been one… I am not a hero and I have not met you either. ”

”Don lie to me, Kei. ”

”But Im not lying. ”

”Just admit it. You are… ”

Suddenly, one of the windows in the hall explodes and a demon woman crashes into a wall, alerting everyone in the place and putting them on guard.

”A demon? ”- Said Sei Molfer.

”Wow, wow. Theres a party today? Y no me invitaron, eh? Son malos conmigo. Sorry for entering without an invitation. ”

A man wearing a red mask, which has a smile drawn on it, enters the hall through the broken window.

He wears a white suit and black gloves. He wears a red cape, which makes him look weird.

He realizes that Charlotte is at the party.

”Eh? Acaso mis ojos me engañan? Charlotte? Is that you, Charlotte?! I haven seen you in years! How are you?! Im fine, and you?! ”

”T-that voice … ”

”Yes, I know, my voice changed … You know, puberty … My name is Kei, its a pleasure to see you again. ”

”Kei?! ”

”Kei? So Im really not the hero Kei? And I was hoping to be his reincarnation. ”- Kei said, feigning disappointment.

”Hero Kei is still alive? ”- Said Sei Molfer.

And so, the situation took an unexpected turn, with the presence of a new demon.

A demon, a hero and a new Kei.

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