Chapter 5: Is This The World Of The Rich?

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At the food market.

Lin Fan opened a small restaurant and needed to go to the food market to buy some food and condiments.

However, Lin Fans Bugatti was way too cool.

On the streets of Jiang City, many people gathered around the Bugatti and exclaimed.

Even in Shanghai, it was extremely difficult to see such a sports car.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire was even rarer, attracting the attention of many people. It was the first time such a sports car had appeared in Shanghai.

“Look, this is a Bugatti La Voiture Noire sports car. Guess how much this car costs. 126 million!”

“D*mn, Ive seen sports cars worth millions of yuan, but Ive never seen a sports car worth 100 million yuan.”

“Theres only one limited edition sports car in the world, and it even has 8.0 liters of turbo engine W16. Its really a limited edition sports car.”

“Driving such a sports car, could he be a rich second-generation heir? Since when did rich second-generation heirs become so rich? Im envious, but why is this sports car in our food market?”

“Could it be that a rich second-generation heir is here to buy groceries? Forget it, let me take a few photos first. When I see the owner of the car, Ill take a few photos too. Maybe the owner of the car is also very handsome.”

“Stop bullshitting. This car can only be driven by a rich boss. Rich bosses are normally in their forties or older. How can he be an ordinary rich second-generation heir, let alone a handsome guy?”

More and more people gathered around the sports car. Of course, no one dared to touch the sports car. Even if the paint dropped off, they could not afford to pay for it.

When Lin Fan walked out of the food market, he saw a lot of people surrounding his car. He was already used to it. However, it would be troublesome if there were too many people.

Lin Fan shook his head. Next time, it would be better to ride his tricycle out. Driving a luxury car would attract more attention. He just wanted to be a God-level nouveau riche quietly and live a normal life. It wouldnt be good if he was exposed as a celebrity.

“Erm, can you make way?” Lin Fan looked at the crowd. The luxury car was already surrounded.

“What are you shouting for? Is this car yours? I still want to take photos. You buyer, get out of the way.” A woman dressed seductively waved her hand.

“This car belongs to my husband. Move aside, dont block the way.” Another womans voice sounded.

“Your husbands?” Lin Fan took out his car keys and pressed the switch.

Suddenly, the taillights of the Bugatti La Voiture Noire lit up, releasing a magnificent glow.

Immediately after, the car door slowly opened like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.

It was high-end, grand, and luxurious. The entire Bugatti seemed to have a life of its own, as if it was welcoming its owner.

The crowd was stunned.

The two bewitching women looked at Lin Fan in shock.

Especially the woman who said the car was her husbands. She looked ashamed…

They were deeply shocked.

Shouldnt only a rich boss in his forties be able to afford such a car?

In the end… a top sports car worth hundreds of millions belonged to a young man.

“Everyone, can you make way?” Lin Fans gentle voice rang out as he walked forward.

All the onlookers looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was dressed simply. They were all street goods worth tens of dollars. However, Lin Fans car was a sports car worth hundreds of millions.

Everyones worldview collapsed.

Is this… a real rich second-generation heir?

Were all rich second-generation heirs so low-key?

He was wearing such plain clothes, yet he was driving such a luxurious car.

This was a sports car worth over a hundred million dollars. Most importantly, when everyone saw Lin Fan, especially the girls, they stood rooted to the ground, unable to come back to their senses.

“Ah… Hes so handsome…”

“How can there be such a handsome person who drives a top-grade Bugatti? Quick, take a photo. Hunk, can we take a photo together?”

“Hunk, whats your number? I want to get to know you…”

“How nice would it be if this car really belonged to my husband. Handsome, actually I dont mind you being my husband…”

“Is this the world of the rich? Wearing such simple clothes to experience life in the food market? Dont tell me youre going home to cook? Heavens, men who can cook and drive a Bugatti with one hand are the most handsome.”

The engine roared as Lin Fan drove the Bugatti and disappeared from everyones sight.

Listening to the words of those girls, Lin Fan could only think of escaping. He felt that if he stayed there any longer, he might even lose his innocence.

Indeed, it was mainly because he was too handsome.

Lin Fan sighed. In the past, when he rode his tricycle out, there were still many girls who asked him for his WeChat. But now that he was driving a Bugatti, his charm had increased a lot.

The car stopped at a red light. Lin Fan lowered the window and looked out, wanting to get some air.

The screams of the girls on the street could be heard.

Look, sure enough, Ive charmed another group of girls.

“Hurry up and take a photo. That person is so handsome. He will be my Prince Charming from now on.”

“Thats a Bugatti, isnt it? Ive never seen anyone drive a sports car this handsome.”

“Dont go, handsome. Dont go—”

Lin Fan: “Farewell.”

It wasnt that Lin Fan didnt like women, but the main point was, what were aunties doing here?

A group of aunties doing plaza dancing chased after Lin Fan. Just thinking about it made Lin Fan scared.

If it was a group of pretty, cute, long-legged girls, hehe…

As Lin Fan stepped on the accelerator, the aunties could only sigh and leave in disappointment.

Lin Fan drove his sports car and felt like a king.

Along the way, the cars around him maintained a distance of twenty to thirty meters.

When the traffic light turned red, the owner of a car was so scared that he kept cursing because he was scared of tailgating Lin Fans Bugatti.

Lin Fan drove all the way to his restaurant and found a place to park his car.

It was better to live a peaceful life. Lin Fan sighed. In the future, when he went out to buy groceries, he would have to ride his tricycle out. Otherwise, he would be surrounded by aunties.

Looking at the name of the restaurant, Hundred Flavour Garden, Lin Fan smiled.

It was only here that he could feel some happiness. After all, this was a business that his parents had left for him. It was also his capital to survive in Shanghai.

In those peaceful days, although there was little business, he was always able to meet her. When he met the cat girl, his life became much more interesting.

“Lets get to work!” Lin Fan opened the door and cleaned up the place. Then, he sat down to play on his phone and listen to music.

Here, the location wasnt too good. There werent many customers in a day. Lin Fan wasnt in a hurry. It would be better if he didnt have any business. It was more relaxing that way.

Anyway, he had the sign-in system now. He had a car, a house, and a hundred thousand dollars in savings. Lin Fan was happy to see such a life.

Except… his life that should have been peaceful had changed a little because of her appearance.

There was a knock on the door.

Lin Fan looked over and saw two slender and fair long legs. The girl was wearing a cute cat-eared hat and was looking at him through the glass door.

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