I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 12 - Master-level Culinary Skills Xia Wanqius WeChat Message

Chapter 11: Am I That Kind of Person?

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After entering the villa with Lin Fan, Xu Shiyins eyes were filled with surprise.

So… Lin Fan lived in such a place.

It was a beautiful scenic area. There were birds singing and flowers blooming. It was a high-class area, a residential area, and a villa area. Lin Fans Lake Heart Villa was located on a small island.

The surface of the lake was sparkling, and the setting sun shone down. It was as if the setting sun and sunset were flying together, and the autumn waters were the same color.

“Wow…” Ever since she walked in, Xu Shiyin had been exclaiming in admiration. The scenery here was like a painting, too beautiful.

After entering the villa, there was also a swimming pool, a football field, a cinema, leather sofa, and famous artworks.

Moreover, the villa was very big and had three floors of space. Xu Shiyin walked in step by step, looking at everything blankly.

“Lin Fan… How did you get such a good villa? I heard that this villa is worth 200 million yuan,” Xu Shiyin said as she looked at Lin Fan with wide eyes.

“Its alright. This is just a place to stay. Its not that amazing.” Lin Fan smiled and didnt take it to heart.

“This is a place that many people cant even live in their dreams, yet you make it sound so easy.” Xu Shiyins beautiful eyes looked around as she gently sat on the leather sofa, still a bit reserved.

“So youve always been so rich. I dont know when Ill be able to live in such a good house,” Xu Shiyin said with a hint of envy in her beautiful eyes.

The place she lived in was only about ten square meters. It was completely different from this place.

“As long as you work hard, theres nothing you cant do.”

“Have dinner before you leave. Ill send you home then,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He got up and started cooking.

Although the villa had a fully automated robot that could cook and the food tasted good, Lin Fan still wanted to do it himself.

Xu Shiyin stood in the distance, watching Lin Fans back view as he cooked seriously.

When they were in university, Lin Fan was the idol of almost all the girls in school. Xu Shiyin was naturally one of them. She knew that Lin Fan was very thrifty when he was in university, but now she realized that Lin Fan was actually so rich.

Besides, Lin Fan was really… handsome.

She took out her phone and secretly took a photo of Lin Fan. However, to her surprise, the flash on her phone lit up.

Lin Fan: “???”

She secretly took a photo of him?

There was no one else in the room but Xu Shiyin.

However, Lin Fan was already used to it. When he walked on the streets, many girls would take photos of him.

Of course, Lin Fans EQ was very high. He pretended that nothing had happened. Otherwise, it would only make Xu Shiyin feel awkward.

“Ah… Im too stupid.” Xu Shiyin blushed and lowered her head. When she saw that Lin Fan had no reaction, she quietly put her phone away.

For a moment, Xu Shiyins thoughts were still running wild.

Lin Fan wanted her to stay for dinner. After dinner, it was getting late.

Could it be that Lin Fan… wanted something from her?

If that was the case, should she agree?

Xu Shiyin shook her head. She wasnt that kind of person. If she did that, Lin Fan would think that she had ulterior motives.

After letting her imagination run wild for half a day, Lin Fan just placed the dishes in front of Xu Shiyin.

After the meal, Lin Fan looked at his watch and said, “Its getting dark. Let me send you home.”

Xu Shiyin looked up at Lin Fan and nodded. She was holding a piece of bread in her hand. It was mainly because the bread at Lin Fans house was too delicious.

As for Lin Fans cooking… Xu Shiyin didnt comment.

“Lin Fan, thank you for hosting me. Thank you for buying so many clothes and making the manager take me seriously. If I have the time, I will definitely thank you properly and treat you to a meal,” Xu Shiyin stood up and looked at Lin Fan seriously.

“Were all classmates. Besides, I can wear all the clothes I bought,” said Lin Fan with a smile. The main thing was that his day was too boring. It wasnt bad to meet a few classmates.

“Lets go. If you want to eat bread, get more.” Lin Fan gave Xu Shiyin some bread. He didnt really eat bread and there was a lot of bread in the villa.

“Actually… I dont really want to eat it that much. Itll make me fat.” Xu Shiyin blushed. For some reason, she felt quite comfortable when she was with Lin Fan.

This was not the kind of comfort one would feel in bed.

Instead, they got along very naturally. Actually, there were quite a number of guys wooing her, but all of them wanted to sleep with her. Some even pestered her and gave her a bunch of expensive gifts, wanting to woo her.

Xu Shiyin did not like that kind of person.

She thought that Lin Fan would make some outrageous request, but Lin Fan didnt. This made Xu Shiyin have a better impression of him instead.

It looked like she was overthinking things. Lin Fans character was still so good.

“Youre already so skinny. Its better if you get fat,” said Lin Fan. “Its a little flat. Drink more milk and youll get fat.”

The first sentence that Lin Fan said made Xu Shiyin happy, but the second sentence made her unhappy.

How was she flat?

She had a good impression of Lin Fan just now, but Lin Fan actually dared to say that she was flat!

“Im not flat. How am I flat? Hmph, no one has ever said that Im flat before.” Xu Shiyin clenched her pearly white teeth and trembled slightly. This Lin Fan was too shameless.

“Ive never seen it before. Who knows?” Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders.

“You still want to see?!” Xu Shiyin raised her fist and hit Lin Fan twice. Her face turned even redder.

However, Xu Shiyin knew that Lin Fan was joking.

Only close classmates and friends would make such jokes. If they were new friends, they would be very polite.

“Alright, alright. Are you going home or do you want to stay here tonight?” Lin Fan pushed open the door.

“Im not staying here. Who knows what bad things youll do in the middle of the night.” Xu Shiyin ate her bread and walked out holding a lot of bread.

“Am I that kind of person?” Lin Fan smiled.

“Who knows?” Xu Shiyin blushed.

It was already late. Lin Fan drove Xu Shiyin to her house in his Bugatti.

When they reached the entrance, even at night, the bright lights on the Bugatti still attracted a lot of attention.

“Im leaving, bye.” Xu Shiyin waved goodbye.

Lin Fan nodded and drove the Bugatti along the night road, creating a beautiful scenery in Shanghai.

After Lin Fan left, Xu Shiyin returned home. She realized that… Lin Fan was really different from others.

There were a lot of guys wooing her, and there were also some rich people. Xu Shiyin didnt really like those people. She felt that they were too hypocritical and werent as real as Lin Fan.

Most importantly, those people werent as handsome as Lin Fan.

She thought of what the security guard at Blue Wave Bay had said during the day. Was Lin Fan really single?

For some reason, she felt a little happy when she recalled the security guards words.

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