Chapter 9: 20 Million Yuan School District Room

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After waking up from his nap, Lin Fan didnt drive the Bugatti to the restaurant. Otherwise, he would attract a group of aunties to take photos.

Moreover, the Bugatti was a sports car, so it wasnt easy to store a lot of ingredients in it. It wasnt as comfortable as his tricycle, so Lin Fan got on his tricycle again.

Lin Fan didnt really care about the life of a tycoon. He just wanted to live comfortably. He didnt want to drive a sports car to show off his wealth. If he wanted to drive a sports car, he could drive a sports car. If he wanted to ride a tricycle, he could do so. Everything depended on Lin Fans mood.

If there was a job with an annual salary of tens of millions, Lin Fan would rather not work from 9am-9pm 6 days a week. This was also why Lin Fan didnt want to be a celebrity.

When Lin Fan arrived at the entrance of the district, many of the security guards were shocked.

They all knew that Lin Fan had a Bugatti sports car worth over a hundred million dollars and was extremely wealthy. But today, Lin Fan was riding a tricycle.

“Good morning, Brother Lin.” The security captain walked over and smiled.

“Morning.” Lin Fan nodded.

“Brother Lin, why are you riding a tricycle today?” the security captain asked curiously.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Isnt it great to ride a tricycle? You can also train your body. At the same time, I can go to my restaurant to take a look. Itll be more convenient to buy ingredients.”

“Alright. Take care, Brother Lin. Be careful.” The security captain opened the door for Lin Fan.

After Lin Fan left, a group of security guards exclaimed at the entrance.

“D*mn, Brother Lin is really a rich second-generation heir coming to experience life. He didnt even drive his sports car and rode a tricycle. How low-key is that?”

“Oh my god, do you guys understand what it means to be rich now? A real rich person wouldnt drive a sports car. Brother Lin is wearing the simplest outfit. Hes riding a tricycle, but hes the owner of the Lake Heart Villa in our district.”

“Is this the life of a rich second-generation heir? Riding a tricycle and enjoying the morning sunshine. I heard that Brother Lin has a small restaurant. Hes really experiencing life.”

“Maybe one day, dozens of helicopters will come and say to Brother Lin, Boss Lin, please go home and inherit tens of billions of assets…”

“Come on, youve read too many novels. Brother Lin isnt that kind of person. He experiences life but doesnt bring pretty girls home. Im afraid Brother Lin doesnt care about that.”

“Ai Jin

After working for half a day, Xia Wanqiu did not come. Instead, there were a few guests who came, so he still had some income.

Xia Wanqiu didnt come. Lin Fan didnt see the cat that valued love over friendship either. So this cat only came when Xia Wanqiu appeared.

After he was done, Lin Fan remembered that he hadnt signed in yet.

“Ding! Signed in successfully. Congratulations to master for obtaining a house in the Begonia Garden School District [It has been renovated and you can move in immediately].”

“Note: Title deeds and other related procedures have been completed and stored in the system inventory. Master can proceed with retrieval anytime.”

The systems voice rang out and Lin Fans eyes lit up.

Begonia Garden, a house in the school district.

The price of houses in school districts was very high. Especially in Shanghai, the price of houses in school districts was many times higher than normal residential districts.

The Begonia Garden was an upscale school district house in Shanghai. It was surrounded by one of the best high schools in Shanghai. Countless parents wanted to buy the Begonia Gardens school district house.

However, the cost of housing in the Begonia Garden School District was at least 100,000 per square meter. Some of the better locations had already reached 200,000 per square meter!

For ordinary people, it was a sky-high price, but the sky-high price of a school district house could be exchanged for a chance to enroll in a top school. Many parents were willing to do this to prevent their children from losing on the starting line.

Lin Fan took out the title deed and looked through the information. Then, he sighed and said, “Ive struck the jackpot again!”

His house in the Begonia Garden School District had a total of 100 square meters, and this years property price was 200,000 per square meter. In other words, this house was worth 20 million!

The property prices in Shanghai would slowly rise. There was no need to talk about the value of the houses in the school district. Even if Lin Fan didnt touch this house, after a few years, the property prices might double.

And the most important thing to Lin Fan right now was money.

Neither the Lake Heart Villa nor the Bugatti could help Lin Fan make money. Although the system prohibited him from buying and selling, it didnt prohibit him from renting out the school district house.

If he could rent out the school district house, he could get at least a million yuan a year in rent.

Lin Fan had bought a hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes yesterday and had spent almost all of the money in his bank account. Then, he had immediately obtained another twenty million dollar school district house.

Without thinking too much, Lin Fan rode his tricycle home.

The first thing he did was drive the Bugatti to the Begonia Garden district and look at the house!

Dont ask why he didnt ride a tricycle over. It was more than ten kilometers away.

The cool Bugatti rumbled down the road again. Lin Fan drove straight to the entrance of the Begonia Garden district.

The security guard didnt stop Lin Fan at all. He respectfully opened the door for Lin Fan and let him in.

After contacting the property management, a pretty young lady arrived.

What was worth mentioning was that this lady was Xia Ranran, the property agent he had met in the Blue Wave Bay District.

The company behind Blue Wave Bay District had developed several properties at the same time, and Xia Ranran was also the property agent of Begonia Garden District.

“Handsome, its you again.” Xia Ranran ran over and her eyes lit up when she saw Lin Fan.

When she saw Lin Fans Bugatti, she felt even more envious.

Lin Fan was handsome and rich. He lived in a villa worth hundreds of millions and drove a sports car worth hundreds of millions. He even had a house in the Begonia Garden District.

“Hello.” Lin Fan smiled. He hadnt expected to meet Xia Ranran here.

“Im here to take a look at the house. I just bought a house and I think the houses here are pretty good,” said Lin Fan.

“Of course its not bad. The property, security, and service in the Begonia Garden District are all very good. The house you bought has already been renovated and is 100 square meters. Its one of the bigger school district houses in the Begonia Garden District. The average price is at least 200,000 yuan.” Xia Ranran introduced them one by one, thinking that the houses here were naturally not bad. After all, a house was worth 20 million yuan.

To her, 20 million was an astronomical figure. Why did Lin Fan feel like it was nothing?

Was this the life of a wealthy man? She did not understand.

After entering the house, Lin Fan looked at the decorations. There was a huge crystal chandelier in the living room. The rooms interior design was very gentle. There was an imported leather sofa, an LCD television, a desktop computer, and some artworks on the wall. There was also a lot of furniture.

Overall, one word: rich!

“Mmm, not bad. Help me release a rental notice,” said Lin Fan with a smile. If he rented this place out, he would have a considerable amount of income.

“Alright.” Xia Ranran followed behind Lin Fan and felt a little shocked. The decorations here were so luxurious but in Lin Fans eyes, it looked very normal. Lin Fan didnt even sit down to feel the leather sofa.

Was this the world of the rich?

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