After sitting in my living room for a couple of minutes remembering my dream and the images I saw on the system interface, I finally get up and get ready for the day. After I take a shower and change into some suitable work out clothes, I prepare my breakfast. I fry two eggs, bacon and make some toast. As Im opening a can of beans and sitting down to eat, I remember that in a month, I won be able to have such a calm morning, one day soon the whole world will be thrown into chaos.

I put my shoes on, grab a water bottle and get my backpack. When I leave my apartment and get to the elevator I see a neighbour, Nicholas, walking out of his place so I wait for him in the elevator with the doors open.

I wave at him in an attempt to get him to hurry up.

”Hey Nicholas, come on, Im holding it open for you! ”

He closes his apartment door and walks faster until he eventually gets into the elevator.

”Hey Cassie, Thanks for holding the lift open for me, can really afford to be late to meet up with my friends again, ” he says as he shifts the strap of his bag on currently on his shoulder.

I notice that Nick is wearing work out clothes too so I look at him and ask, ”Are you going to the gym too? ”

”Nah, Im playing soccer with the guys in 10 minutes, Im running late which I always seem to do, ” He replies with a shake of his head.

”Theyll forgive you, if theyve let it slide every other time, why would it change now? ” I reply as I wait for the elevator to stop.


The elevator stops and we both get out and head towards the door. Nicholas makes his way out of the door first.

He swings around and waves his hand in goodbye to me as he says, ”Later Cassie, have fun at the gym and work hard! ”

”Pick up the pace and get there early today! ” I shout back when he turns back around and heads off to the park.

I make my way back to the busy train station and make it on to the train. Once the train stops, I make my way out of the train station and onto the streets. I start to walk towards the gym located in the city center. Yesterday while I was sitting in my living room, I decided that in order to survive the apocolypse and protect myself I must improve my physical fitness as much as I can.

When I finally see the sliding glass doors of the gym I get in. An person with the gym uniform shirt and name tag immediatly walks up to me and I hear them call out to me.

”Good morning maam, do you need help with anything? ” the employee asks politely.

I shake my head no and put my headphones on and immediately head to the treadmill. I figured that I might as well start using the treadmill every time I come to the gym so that Ill be better prepared for the running part of the end of the world. I need to build up my stamina so that I can actually run away from the mutated humans.

I stay at the gym for about an hour and a half before I head to the showers and leave. On my way out I seem to notice that the clouds have started to get a lot more grey than they were when Id left home. I make my way to a store and buy a small umbrella, in case any snow or rain begins to fall.

There are so many people walking around and talking at this shopping center. I quickly head to an ATM and check my current balance.

Bank Balance: 10 000

I sigh and exit from my account on the ATM. When I begin to walk again I see a sign to a familiar cafe called CornerStone Cafe down the street so I walk there. Once I get there I order a small cup of tea and take a seat by a window at the back of the store. I take out my notebook and start writing out my plans for how I can best utilize my storage space.

”Heres your tea maam. ”

I hear a warm voice speaking to me which momentarily brings me out of my thoughts. I look up at the blonde haired waitress as I push my notebook off to the side of the wooden table so she can put the teacup and saucer down at the centre of it.

When she leaves and goes back to the counter, I take a sip of my tea and push the teacup further up the centre of the table so I can continue writing in my book.


– Get seeds (important for future food growth).

– Get solar panels and water filtration systems.

– Buy a new car, preferably some sort of large van or truck that you can get remade to be much stronger and withstand all sorts of impact.

– Somehow obtain large amounts of oil (so the car can run)

– Check to see if living creatures can be kept in the space so you can try and put animals like ducks and chickens in there.

– Start collecting large amounts of wood and rocks (these are what the system lists as the most importent starter materials).

After writing all these things down and finishing my tea I close my notebook and put it back in my bag. I gesture for the waitress to return to my table.

I smile at her as I say, ”The tea was perfect, Im ready to pay now. ”

I look at the little notebook shes holding in her left hand and the card machine shes holding in her right hand.

”Of course, Im glad you enjoyed it, ” she says as she hand me the bill.

I look at it and quickly verify the amount, when she notices me nod, she then hands the card machine to me and I pay.

”Ive gotta get going but please try to stay safe out there and be careful, ” I say this to her as I stand up and leave.

I told her that because she seems like a nice person. Hopefully she survives the end. Its sad that all I can do right now is tell people to stay safe and be carfeul because if I start talking about the apocolypse right now everyone will probably think Im crazy.

The moment I leave the store I shiver and pull my jacket on closer to myself because it has gotten noticebly colder than it was when I entered the cafe so I try to get home as quickly as possible.

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