”Mahi! Smarth is here, come down, he is asking for you? ”, Mahis mother shouted from the living room. ”Im busy mom, send him to my room, ” Mahi shouted back. Smarth went to her room and sat on the bed, Mahi came out from the bathroom while wrapping a towel around her body and humming her favorite song ”Im not just a pretty girl, yeah Im not just a pretty girl…. ”

”Booo ” smarth shouted in her ear ” Mahi got startled and screamed her lungs out, Yaa! you gingerbread, what the hell? I was about to get a heart attack ” she yelled while taking deep breaths, ”Do you have manners? you should always knock on the door before entering the girls room ” Mahi complained in an annoyed tone.

Smarth just shrugged his shoulder and said mockingly, ”But Im not able to see any girl here, I can only see a pumpkin who is wrapped in a towel with Doremoan print on it. Like really pumpkin, grow up now, you are not a little kid anymore who used to hide behind me every time anyone bullies her like a little mouse. ”

Mahi scoffed in anger and shouted, ”take your ass out of my room right now if you don want me to choke you with my bare hands. ”

Smarth just scoffed at her action and said lazily, ”Im going to Mahirs rooms, anyways, I don want to argue with your pumpkin. Call me once you
e done ”.

”Yes, your highness ” Mahi sarcastically bowed her head and then without giving him any chance pushed him out of her room and slammed the door on his face making him dumbfounded.

Smarth just laughed and walked towards Mahirs room ”Hey Smarth, how are you doing man? ” Mahir asked him while giving him a side hug. ”Im cool, buddy, ” Smarth replied gladly expecting his hug and sat on the sofa while grabbing the remote from the table and joining him in his game.

”What about the project, its submitting date is at the corner of this month? ” Mahir enquired while focusing his gaze on the screen.

”You know me, bro, I have already submitted it, ” Smarth replied while looking at the TV. ”So what about the Prom, who gonna be your date? ” Smarth asked after finishing his game and placing the remote back on the table.

”Im going with Shipra as we both don have any date so we both ended up deciding to go together, ” Mahir replied after switching off the TV.

”Well then we will be able to see two nerds together, it would be fun when everyone will be having fun and you two would be discussing quantum physics, Smarth mocked Mahir whereas Mahir just shrugged his shoulder in annoyance. ”look who is talking who doesn have a date for himself, Im still better than your single ass, ”Mahir mocked Smarth. ”Best of luck with your single ass. ”

”Im better than your nerd date, Best of luck with that, Cool then see you tomorrow ”, Smarth said and got up from the sofa and started walking out of the room.

Mahi was walking towards Mahirs room while talking to someone on the phone when she got bumped into something and fell on the floor, ”hey gingerbread God has given you to eyes for looking not as a decoration, use it for, Gods sake ” she said while rubbing her ass.

”Well, same goes for you, pumpkin, but where are you going in such a hurry ” Smarth replied while putting his hands in his pockets. ”Mom is calling you your highness, ” she said sarcastically, while Mahir came out of the room after listening to the commotion created by them, he looked at Mahi and started laughing his ass out.

Mahi got up and glared at both of them. Mahi looked at them annoyingly and said angrily, ”Mom is calling you two for having lunch and you crackhead stop laughing if you don want me to break your teeth ” stomped on her feet and walked towards the dining area.

Mahi sat on her seat and started eating her food, Smarth came and sat in front of her and Mahir sat beside her. ”How are your mom and dad doing, son? ” Their mother asked Smarth. ”They are doing fine, Aunty ” Smarth replied politely. ”How are your studies going? ” she inquired. ”Everything is going fine, Aunty ” he replied politely. ”You are such an obedient child and look at Mahi, her papers are around the corner and she is not able to solve a junior KG problem. ” her mother said with disappointment. ”Mom, why do you always complain about me, ” she stated grimly.

”Im stating the fact love, you should learn from them, How much they are focused on the studies ”, she defended herself. ”Now finish your food, ” she said and started eating her food.

After finishing their food, Smarth got up and bid goodbye to all of them. Mahi ran towards him and held him by his arm, ”With whom are you going for Prom? ” Mahi asked while catching her breath.

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