Yena felt like dark clouds were floating over her head as she stomped down the stairs.

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Sitting on the living room sofa playing chess and enjoying some refreshments, her family were throwing glances at each other.

The first person to ask how she was was her brother,  Evan.

“Yernia, are you sick?”

Seria didnt even wait for Yernia to respond to Evan’s question.

“How can you send the wedding designer away just like that? Do you know how famous his boutique is and how hard it is to call him?”

Seria scolded Yernia without even looking at her.

She was too busy eating juicy peaches with her fork.

Maya politely sent the wedding designer out like what she told her to do while Yernia slumped over the thought of kissing Cassian.

She made an excuse about not feeling well.

Frustrated, Charles retrieved all the bags he had brought and returned them.

“I haven’t said I’m getting married yet.”

Yernia gritted her teeth.

She was in a daze earlier, but now, she was burning in her anger.

Her mother threw a curious glance at Yernia while sipping her tea.

“Aren’t you supposed to marry the Marquess, Yernia? We already prepared the dowry.”

Seria also helped the countess convince her even further.
 “You’re so lucky that you’re getting married, Yernia.
Who else would accept you if it wasn’t the Marquess? Just take a look at your attitude.
If I were your husband, I would have run for the hills.”

When Seria touched her hand, she just wanted to explode.

“That’s too bad, then.
We should have met each other not as sisters but as strangers.
You might as well be my husband.”

“Hey! Don’t say terrible things!”

“Right back at you, sister!”

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Seria had had enough and covered her ears to block her out.

Now, you made my ears rot.” Yernia shouted loudly, hating to admit defeat.

“Not only that.
Your mouth is rotten, too! You can’t eat with that!”

Yernia dashed and ate all the fruits Seria had eaten in defiance.

Now, she had proven her wrong.

Eyes widening in shock, Seria snatched the remaining fruits she liked, put them into another bowl, and deposited herself into a corner on the sofa so that Yernia couldn’t steal them anymore.

She just wanted to eat her fruits in peace.

“Why are you stealing other people’s food, Yernia? Are you a kid?”

It was common for Seria and Yernia to fight a lot, and the rest of the family would try to interfere and break it after wards.

Father and Evan continued playing chess while their mother watered the flowers on the shelf.

“I pray that the Marquess of Cumberles will show up as your fated Esper, Seria.” Evan remarked rudely.

It was the man whom Seria despised with every fiber of her being.

The Marquess of Cumberles was a social butterfly infamous for its promiscuous nature.

“You mean–”

“What? What?” Seria demanded and jumped out off the sofa.

At that moment, the front door opened, and someone came in.

“Yernia, why are you so angry since early morning?”


She was about to grab Seria by the hair, but her body froze when she saw the guest.

Yernia lowered her head solemnly.
“Oh, is it afternoon now?”

When she raised her head again, she glanced at the box of pastries Cassian was holding when he entered.

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“You’re here, Marquess?” Seria smiled as she sat back down on the sofa.

Wasn’t she outraged just minutes ago?

In an instant, Yernia seemed to be the only one acting weird.

But that wasn’t the important thing right now.

“Why? Why are you here?”

Yena couldn’t even look at Cassian.

She didn’t think she could control her expression as soon as she saw his face.

“We had a lot to discuss for our upcoming marriage.”

“I guess I’m the only one who had no idea about the wedding preparations.”

Feeling betrayed, Yernia glowered at her family.

But when she turned her head, she made the mistake of meeting Cassian’s eyes.

Perhaps, he was looking at Yernia all the time.

“How’s your stomach?”

When Cassian approached Yernia, she stepped backward as if she couldn’t wait to get away from him.

She immediately realized that her avoidance might appear strange in front of her family.

I’m alright.”

Cassian reached out to Yernia, but she flinched before he could touch her.

His eyebrows lifted in surprise.

The large hand that failed to reach Yernia raised upwards to gesture around her eyes.

“You still have boogers on your eyes.”

“Oh, I didn’t even have time to wash my face because I was so busy.”

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You don’t do that.”

“What are you talking about? Oh, by the way—-”

Cassian would often come to the Cilliard mansion even before Yernia had woken up.

She usually met Cassian, half-washed and half-dressed, because he visits too early… or maybe, she was using that as an excuse because she was too lazy.

However, Yernia tried to deny it.

“I need to go back to bed and sleep more.
You can pass the time with my family or whatever.”

Yernia was supposed to complain to her family about the marriage but—

Forget that.

She needed to run away from the situation.

Yernia slowly climbed upstairs so that she wouldn’t appear like she wanted to escape from there.

When she thought she had disappeared from Cassian’s sight, Yernia rushed into my room.

Yernia closed the door and stood with her back against it upon entering.

“I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy!”

Was he here because of what happened yesterday?

No, that might not be it.

Cassian visits their house every day, so maybe that isn’t what he wanted to talk about.

What if they talk about yesterday while they’re here?

Yernia fell flat on her bed and punched the pillow, which did nothing bad to her.

Why did she do that?


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What did he want to do with her?


Yernia’s head jerked with a start, and she glanced at the door.

That was Cassian’s voice.

Ohmygod, the door wasn’t locked!

Yernia rolled off the bed and tried to grab the doorknob.

But at that moment, it had already opened by a hair’s breadth.

Yernia decided to confront Cassian head-on.

“You said you were going to sleep.”

“Oh, I was about to sleep, but you came to my room.
Why are you here?”

“I wanted to feed you.”

Cassian showed the cookies in front of Yernia.

The box was from a famous bakery where customers had to wait in line early in the morning.

Yernia wanted to eat those so bad!

“I remembered that you wanted to eat these particular cookies.”

The gift was unexpected, but she noticed Cassian’s face looked tired.

Did he buy this?

In line?


Because of what happened yesterday?

Was it because she kissed him?

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