Jun-woo has been wrestling for 7 hours to unravel the door’s structure.

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“Give it back.”




The steering wheel turned, and the gears connected to it moved.


I looked at the stopped position and made a gear to match it.


“You do well… … .”


Concentration was required because the size and spacing of the teeth had to be made precisely.


“That is amazing.
It is as accurate as a ruler.”


Another place was plugged in.


“Give it back.”


“Open, please.”


The handle turned.
The gears turned, and the door moved slightly.




But the door didn’t open.


Jun-woo made a ladder out of wood and climbed up.


“Well… … .”


It was a strangely structured gear.


Jun-woo did not know, but a bevel gear was necessary to change the direction of rotation to a right angle.


As he touched and turned the gear, Jun-woo thought about what kind of gear to make.


And came down and made it.


“Hey, are you an alchemist?”




“Did you study something related to this when you were in school?”




“Then how do you know how to do this?”


“It’s easier than you think.”


Kim Deok-Cheol did not understand Jun-woo’s words.
No matter how much he looked at him, Deok-Cheol Kim couldn’t figure out the gate.


“That, right? are you old all the way… … .”


It was Kim Deok-Cheol scratching his head.


Jun-woo put the gear he made up again.


“Give it back.”


“Turn around~.”


The steering wheel turned, and hundreds of gears meshed and turned.




The handle continued to turn.
When enough people could pass, Kim Deok-Cheol hurriedly changed the direction of the steering wheel and turned it.






“Why the door?”


“You must prepare for battle.
Leave it to me.
I’m sure I’ll get your attention.”


Kim Deok-Cheol turned around and relaxed.


“I don’t think there are any monsters.”


“Huh? really? Then? Is it over?”


“I do not know.”


“then… open?”




The door was wide open.


The two went inside.


With his shield in front, Kim Deok-Cheol looked ahead with tense eyes.


Obviously, nothing was coming.

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“do not have.”


“Let’s go slow.”




Jun-woo and Kim Deok-Cheol walked back through the long tunnel.


Four corpses of white bones were seen.


“There is a corpse here… … .”


After walking for a while, a silver wall stopped them.


“What is that?”


It was like an iron wall.


They stood in front of the wall, and Kim Deok-Cheol raised his sword as he looked at the door.


“Should I wake up?”


“I don’t think so.




The inscription was engraved in a position where you had to look up slightly.


[I’m going to ask you a question.
There are 10 questions, and if you get 2 or more questions wrong, you cannot go out.]


“What, what is this? What kind of trouble are you going to come up with suddenly?”


Like chalk erased, the text disappeared, and the subsequent text appeared.


[The first problem sorts the following items in descending order of value.]


Ore stuck to the silver wall.


These were familiar things to Jun-woo.


The ores attached to the wall were iron ore, titanium, adamantium, Mithril, black Mythril, oriharukon, and black oriharukon.


“What, what? This is too easy.”


Kim Deok-Cheol confidently moved the position of the ore.


1 was iron ore, 2 was titanium, 3 was adamantium, 4 was Mithril, 5 was Black Mithril, and 6 was Orichalcum.


And on the 7th, I was going to put Black Orichalcum, but Jun-woo stopped Kim Deok-Cheol.






“Orichalcum is more expensive than black oriharukon.”


“Isn’t it… Black is more expensive.
I’ve seen it on the news.”


“Prices change all the time.
And the two ores are always back and forth.
Orichalkon is more expensive now.”


“That, right? Then put black on 6?”


It was probably wise to listen to the blacksmith, so Kim Deok-Cheol changed his mind.




When the location was changed, the ores disappeared into the wall as if they were absorbed, followed by a new inscription.


The second problem, place the items in the order of the lowest value of the following.]


The materials came.


It was a material used mainly by alchemists, but blacksmiths also used it.


“I know a few, but… … .”


“I will do it.”


“Uh, I beg you.”


Jun-woo placed them in the order of the lowest price.


The third question, which of the following three is a black made of titanium?]


Three words came out.


One was an ugly-looking sword, and the other was a shiny sword.


“I know for sure iron ore, which of the two is titanium… … .”


Adamantium and titanium.


Both are silver, so there is little difference.


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Just the difference in how shiny it is.


Jun-woo chose the sword in the middle.


The fourth question, which of the following three shields is made of adamantium?]


The fifth question, which of the following 3 gloves is made of adamantium?]


The sixth question, which of the following 3 boots are made of Mithril?]


Jun-woo is a skilled blacksmith, so he could tell just by looking at what kind of mineral it was made of.


The seventh question, which of the following is correct about the charcoal used to smelt the minerals?]


Connecting the charcoal used for each ore was a problem, such as a dungeon charcoal for titanium and metal charcoal for adamantium.


“There is a blacksmith here!”


Everything Jun-woo chose became the correct answer.


When titanium melts in liquid form, the eighth problem is that it evaporates quickly.
What material is used to prevent evaporation?]


Slime liquid, gelatin cubes, Oum’s gastric juice, and Ongoliant’s saliva were listed.


“What’s wrong with this?”


“It’s about alchemy, love.”


It was part of a high school production textbook.


Jun-woo chose a gelatin cube.


The ninth problem, list the mineral ingots in descending order of item value.]


It was easy to distinguish between iron ore, titanium, adamantium, Mithril, and orichalcum ingots.


However, it was difficult to distinguish between Black Mithril and Black Orichalcon.


Both were black, and this was the first time I had seen them in real life.


Jun-woo thought about leaving two empty seats.


“It’s okay, even if I’m wrong about one thing… … .”


Believing in the unique brilliance of Oriharukon, Jun-woo moved the ingot’s location.


If you get the last question right, I’ll give you a present.
Then, in the previous question, list the following, starting with the smallest man-size.]


5 lesser magic stones appeared.


“Haha, it’s a gift, it’s a gift.
Even mana can feel it!”


Leaving behind Kim Deok-cheol’s fluttering hair, Jun-woo looked at Ma Jeong-Seok.


It was a magic stone with a slightly consumed feeling.
I couldn’t tell the difference unless I picked it up with my hand, closed my eyes, and didn’t focus.


Kim Deok-Cheol held his breath and watched.


Jun-woo placed the magic stones one after the other.


Don’t assign attributes as a gift to the person with the highest merit.]


The phrase of the system appeared in front of Jun-woo.


[‘Talent – Seeker’ was created by achievement.]


Was a characteristic.


Characteristics were different from passive skills.


Suppose the passive skill is an excellent nutritional supplement for the body.
In that case, the characteristic has the power to change the constitution itself.


[The Seeker]


-Class: Unique


-Talent: Permanently increases Intellect throughout life.
Brightness rises up to a maximum of 50, and when an Intellect of 50 is increased by a trait, the trait evolves.


Up to 3 characteristics can be applied, and in general, they were obtained when reaching levels 50 and 100.


Other ways to obtain it include quest rewards, achievement rewards, and people who are naturally endowed with traits.


In the case of Jun-woo, it was a reward for achievement.


“Wow, what a character… congratulations!”


“Thank you.”


“What kind of character is it?”


“just… It boosts your intelligence.”


“rare? Epic!?”


“Epic… … .”


“Wow! congratulations!”

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Even with Epic, it was that much of a fuss, but I wondered what kind of reaction it would have been if I said it was unique.


The silver wall became liquid and sank.


The fallen wall was absorbed into the earth and disappeared, and Jun-woo and Kim Deok-Cheol walked through the tunnel again.


“What will be the reward if I wake up to the end… would that be awesome? It’s about giving it a medium-to-epic character.”


It was Kim Deok-Cheol, who I was already looking forward to.


Such anticipation was short-lived, but when the corpses of the white bones were seen again, a worried expression was evident.


“But why… Are there so many corpses?”


On the way, more than ten skeletal corpses were seen.


And the door appeared again.


“It’s that door again.”


It was a door that had to be moved with gear by turning the handle.


The first one was more complicated than the second one.


And as if they could not pass through this door, four bodies were lying nearby.


“All these people… Couldn’t you open the door?”


They could not escape and died.


Kim Deok-cheol’s face was slightly shaded.


“It’s a door, what… Then I’ll ask you!”


Kim Deok-Cheol completely trusted Jun-woo.


As if through the first and second doors, Jun-woo took a seat and asked Deok-Cheol Kim to turn the handle.


“Give it back.”


“Okay! Huh?”


As I turned the steering wheel, words were engraved on the wall next to Kim Deok-Cheol.


[This is the last gate.
If you make a breakthrough within 200 hours, don’t give a golden chest as a reward.
If you break through within 400 hours, you will receive a silver box, and if you breakthrough after that, you will be rewarded with a bronze box.
I will be thirsty, so I will provide you with a well.]


When a hole was made in the wall, the water stream fell in a parabolic pattern at a constant speed.


“200 hours… You’re going to get caught?”


It was unclear how long it would take.


However, food was a problem.


Since he didn’t come to hunt, Jun-woo didn’t have any food to prepare.


There were only 20 silpis fruits, which are fruits that relieve hunger, in the item window.


“Do you have anything to eat?”


“no… It’s only on the way out after hunting, so it’s only about a day’s worth… … .”


Jun-woo’s eyes turned to the water.


A person can only survive on water from three weeks to two months.
If food ran out, that was the last energy source.


“I have 20 silpis berries, so I eat them sparingly.”


“Yes… … .”


“Let’s go out before we run out of food.”


“Boo, I beg you.


“Yes, please return it.”


The steering wheel turned, the gear turned.


Time passed accordingly.


“Give it back.”


“Leave it to me!”


One by one, the gears Junwoo made were stuck in the door.


“Give it back.”




However, since there were many gears to be plugged in, time flew by quickly.


“Give it back.”


“Yes… … .”

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fatigue came over


“Are you going to sleep?”




“Let’s sleep for a few hours… … .”


Kim Deok-Cheol sat on the floor and lay flat on his back.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be of much help.”




“Let’s rest a little… … .”


Kim Deok-Cheol stopped talking.


Jun-woo sat on the floor and stared intently at the door.


Then I pulled out the blueprint for the wooden machine in the item window.


Many gears looked similar.


If you use the recipe, you can learn how to make the items contained in the recipe.


‘Isn’t the blueprint similar?’


I didn’t know how long the method would last because I couldn’t make it right away, but Jun-woo needed the memory contained in this blueprint.


[Do you want to use it?]


Jun-woo used the blueprint for the first time.


Ways to make it flooded my mind.
It was a vivid memory, as if I could have made it from the beginning.


‘This is flat crawling… Helical gear… Bevel, worm gear… rack… pinion… … .’


We also learned the names of various commonly used gears.


Jun-woo turned the steering wheel and looked at the gears slowly.


There were definitely more things that caught my eye than before I used the blueprint.


‘If it’s like this… Doesn’t it just go around the same place? Let’s check again.’


Jun-woo pointed out the curious part and moved on.


‘I have to change… … .’


The position of the upper and lower gears had to be changed, and a suitable one had to be made and inserted.


Time went on and on.


Jun-woo looked at the door without stopping until Kim Deok-Cheol woke up.


“Aren’t you sleeping?”


“Are you awake?”


“What can I do to help?”


“just… Please wait.”


Jun-woo was answering with his gaze fixed on the door.
That’s why I was concentrating on the structure of the door now.


Kim Deok-Cheol went to the drinking water fountain to drink water and sat quietly on the floor, looking at Jun-woo’s back.


Time passed so much that I didn’t even know how many hours had passed.


When hunger strikes, Kim Deok-Cheol takes the bread from the paper bag and caresses it.


“there… Would you like some bread?”


“Eat first.”


“still… Will it?”


Kim Deok-Cheol scratched his cheek and went to the back.


Kim Deok-Cheol quietly ate the bread in the back because he didn’t want to interfere.


As Kim Deok-Cheol led a fairly regular life, the time of drowsiness was always the same.


‘It’s 12 o’clock in the evening… How the heck has he been doing this for hours… … .’


Kim Deok-Cheol rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at Jun-woo, and stretched out to the side.


And when I woke up, Jun-woo was sleeping.


‘What the hell is… … .’


Kim Deok-Cheol narrowed his eyes in dizziness as he scanned the gears that make up the door.


‘It’s good that I came with a smart friend… Can I trust this friend?’


Kim Deok-Cheol trusted only Jun-woo because it seemed that he could not open the door at all.

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