After eating, Jun-woo was looking at the business card of the only person he could possibly ask for help.

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It was a business card from Walker.


He was a regular trader, and if you are in Yongsan, you can often see him walking around busy.


Above all, he was so famous that he came up at once if he did a little search.


He was a member of the Fabregas, Russia’s strongest guild, and was active on the front lines.


The front line meant the area was occupied by monsters.


In terms of location, it was the southernmost part of South America, half of Argentina, part of the northernmost part of Russia, and all of South Africa.


Walker was well-known as a Korean who fought on the Russian front where skeletons were present.


I couldn’t find out why he’s been working as a material dealer lately, but the people on the front lines were strong anyway.


It was where people with at least level 80, epic, or higher occupations went.

Jun-woo called Walker.



“Hello, my name is Junwoo Lee.”

“This is my first phone call.” What did you call for? “

“I am under threat.” I am calling because I have nowhere to turn for help.”


The amount of material purchased from Walker was well over 1 billion.


He didn’t have any close acquaintances other than being a regular, but Jun-woo wanted him to help him.


“Where are you now?”

“Nakseongdae Brande Restaurant.”

“I will go right away.”

“Thank you.”


Fortunately, I got a reply that it would come.

And 20 minutes later, Walker entered the restaurant.


“Thank you for coming.”

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.”


Walker asked as he sat down.


“What happened?”

“There was a deal.
It was a request worth about 500 million won, and I was followed on the way back from receiving the request.”

“Have you seen your opponent?”

“No, I felt it.”


Walker said with a slightly curious look.


“Do you know how to feel, mana?”


“To what extent is it expected, and how many?”

“It seems like he is higher than me as he is chasing me at my speed.” Four people seemed to be around level 60.


Walker said insignificantly.


“All right.
I will hide my presence from behind and follow you.

“Are you alone?”

“I did have two more people waiting just in case, but I don’t think we need to call more.
And despite saying this, I have a little more skill than I can see.
I take good care of the thugs again.”


Jun-woo was a little worried.


Although he was famous on the front lines, he couldn’t know the skills of Walker, and the skills of those who were pursuing him were also unknown.


Still, there were two more, so I thought, how would they respond numerically?


“Okay…” How would you go about doing it? “

“It will depend on the battle aspect, but I would like to ask for a small repair fee.”


Even in human-to-human battles, the durability of items was reduced.


Fundamentally, the battle was about evaporating gold.


“I’ll hit you twice.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Can I ask for more help?”

“You don’t seem to believe me?”

“This is the first time this has happened.”

“I can’t lose my regular customers, so don’t worry too much.”

“All right.
Then please.”

“I will quietly follow you.”


Jun-woo prayed that Walker was not alone as he left the restaurant.


At any rate, if Walker were one of them, Jun-woo didn’t know what would happen tonight.


He may have been kidnapped somewhere, and you may have to craft for the rest of your life as you become a crafting slave.
He may be tortured to lose everything he has or die after being taken away.


Robbery is taboo in any country.


Most of them carried something worth close to their entire fortune, so they were often robbed at any time and any place.


Jun-woo sent a text message to his employee, Jeong Hye-Yeon.

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[Junwoo: I am being followed.
Perhaps the person involved in the last trade, and this is his video.
He had asked the trader’s worker for help.
If something goes wrong, please report it to the police.]

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Pardon? Where are you now, sir? I’ll report it to the police, so stay in a crowded place!]

[Junwoo: Enter Gwanaksan Mountain.
You don’t have to worry too much.
Walker is a former frontline man.
I will contact you every 10 minutes.]


Jun-woo trusted the famous walker on the front line and increased his speed.


I had to cross the mountain, so I ran towards the hill.


Four people were chasing him.


It was the same feeling as before.


Walker’s aura of chasing was faintly felt.
And just as Walker said, two people followed him after that.


As we entered the mountain, four people speeded up.


‘Come on….’


Jun-woo slowed down and walked.


The beginning of the mountain There could be people passing by here.


Four people were seen.


Jun-woo stopped and looked at them.


They approached Jun-woo without slowing down.


“Let’s knock him out and take him away.”



As they got closer, a bullet was fired from Jun-woo’s revolver.




The man who was running was startled and blocked it with the back of his hand, but the man was shocked and fell behind him.


A tanker in a large plate armor robe scolded his comrades as they rolled around.


“Can’t that head be able to avoid that as well?”

On the other hand, the prosecutor in leather clothes was puzzled.

“No, they are fast.
Their attack power is high.





The tanker held out his hand and blocked the bullet.
The bullet flattened out of the tanker’s palm and fell to the floor.


“Oh, it sure hurts a bit.”


The tanker jumped up at the slowed speed.


The swordsman arrived at the attack range first and leaped.


Jun-woo looked at him and fired a bullet.


The swordsman lowered the sword and split the bullet in two, and as soon as it landed on the floor, the blade lit up.


‘Is it a skill?’


At that moment, the speed of the swordsman increased dramatically, and he approached Jun-woo.
And when it came into range, the sword was drawn.


It was a quick attack, but when Jun-woo hurried to the side and avoided it, the back of his head was visible.




He was shot and fell to the floor.


“T-this bastard!”


The tank then pushed in with a shield.
It was a body headbutt skill mainly used by tanks.


Jun-woo immediately avoided sideways and shot a bullet in his head.




The tank also fell over and threw her face on the floor.


“It’s a loss of face.”


It seemed that there was also one wizard.


Jun-woo’s gaze went towards the mana gathered at the staff’s tip.




Walker appeared behind the wizard’s back.

Walker, who ran at great speed, spouting black mana, cut the wizard’s back.




The robes on his back were torn, his skin was torn, and the wizard’s body passed forward.


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Walker ran without stopping and slammed the fallen wizard in the back.




A shield like a glass film was formed and blocked the sword.


However, the shield was quickly destroyed by successive attacks.


The wizard crawled on the floor and attempted to flee but was struck in the back and knocked over.


“Help me!”


Walker’s blackish sword slammed down on the wizard’s elbow.






The wizard’s arm fell off.


Then, as he kicked his face with all his might, the wizard’s head staggered and fell to the floor.


The first man was hit by a bullet and toppled over to a stop while going to help the wizard.


Walker was coming at him quickly, and the man knew he had to run away, but his speed couldn’t keep up.


Jun-woo’s bullet hit the man’s head.




The man lost his balance and staggered.
Meanwhile, Walker’s sword cut through the nape of his neck.




The man’s body was blown away by the impact.




Walker then ran away and slashed his arm again more forcefully.


Then his arm was cut off.


Since the human body is protected by defense and vitality, it cannot be cut at once, even if it is cut by a sword.


However, if much vitality was lost, a strong impact cut off the body part.


“Hey, crazy! Runaway! “


The moment their arms fell apart, they knew.


A monster they couldn’t handle appeared.


In an instant, Walker disappeared.


Jun-woo felt Walker’s mana and turned his head to see Walker soaring above the swordsman’s shadow.




The black mana gathered in Walker’s sword was enough to scorch him.
And it literally drew the swordsman’s back.




The swordsman’s back was torn apart, and he moved forward.




Then he leaped towards him, who had fallen, and lowered his sword.


The place where the sword was taken was where the right arm and shoulder were connected.


The sword penetrated the defense and vitality and was stuck on the floor.


“Ouch! S-save me!”


Walker drew his swearest courier meord and kicked his arm as if he intended to kill him.
Then the arm fell off.




As their resistance was meaningless, the tank hurriedly knelt down.


Walker approached Jun-woo and smiled.


“If I do this, will I be able to use it?”


Seeing his blood-soaked face, Jun-woo felt a sense of fear.


It was fortunate that he wasn’t an enemy.


“Many thanks…”


The two who followed did not even participate in the battle.


The situation was over.
The fallen arms and the four of them gathered in one place.

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They were on their knees in agony, looking at Walker.


“Since the system came into existence, the law has been strengthened.” Robbery is treated almost equally as murder.

“I-I didn’t do anything.”


Walker asked.


“Then why did you follow him?”

“I have never been rude.
After all, that person was shot first.”


They were the catch.


“There were four people following me, so I got a call asking for help.” It’s been recorded, and things happened exactly as expected.
And here’s a small cam.


Walker showed him the miniature cam he had placed on his chest.


It didn’t look like the recording went well, but it could be used as evidence anyway.



“Who made it? Perhaps, is it because the blacksmith ordered the ingredients? “


They looked into their eyes.


“If you don’t tell the truth, these arms won’t make a fist again.”


Depending on how the arm was cut off, it could be used as a mask by the clergies.

The inspector opened his mouth.


“We just did what we were told… That guy has a lot of money, so he’ll take a chance… “

“Who is that person?”

“Master… We just call him Master.”


Jun-woo showed the face of the video he had taken.
Walker took it and showed it to them.


“Is this that person?”

“Oh, no.
It was probably the one sent by the Master.

“Call him.”


The prosecutor hurriedly picked up the cell phone hung around his neck and dialed the number.


“No, Master……”

“Doesn’t it look like something went wrong?”

Walker reached out, and the prosecutor handed the phone to Walker.


“W-who are you?”

“My name is Walker.
You don’t seem to be running on your own feet.

“Do it yourself.”

“That’s too bad.
Because that’s not today.

“Was it Walker? I’ll remember the name.
Kill or leave those assholes, do whatever you want.

“All right.”


The phone is disconnected.


“How many people are active?”

“This is everything.”

“Okay, A simple criminal organization, huh? “

“No, that’s right.
We’re just… Sorry.
We will never do this again.”


They apologized over and over again.


Walker nodded.


“All right.
Now let’s trade your arms with the component price you are wearing.


It was a famous tactic used by many robbers.

The four robbers looked into their eyes and hurriedly took off the items they were wearing.


Armor, gloves, shoes, necklaces, rings, bracelets, weapons, everything they had was placed in front of them.


I’m really sorry… “


They should get their arms back, but they’re still not relieved.


Robbers usually go on a whim after receiving an item.


Walker used his mana to lift his broken arms into the air.


People with higher levels were able to control mana to some extent.


And the rising arms began to be torn apart by Walker’s sword.




Fragments of flesh fell to the floor.




“Ahhh… … .”

“I will save my life, so I hope you will be satisfied with it.
And that person comes forward.


Tank, who is still in good shape, looked at Walker eagerly.


“Would you please…”

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“If you delay, I will cut both sides.”


He was so cruel.


It would be terrifying to be in the party’s position.
But they are criminals.
They were wicked people who robbed like murderers.

Walker didn’t care.


Their sword was continuously lowered and stamped on the same spot on the tank’s right arm.






A lonely scream echoed through the mountains.

So they lost one arm and wore panties.


Maybe he was just lucky to have saved his life.

As long as the circumstantial evidence was clear, there was no penalty for killing the robbers, so Walker could kill as many as possible.


“Please make good money and visit a competent alchemist.”

Alchemists were able to create artificial arms called “auto mails.”

“Let’s go, Jun-woo.”



Walker walked first.


Jun-woo walked along the side of such a walker.


“People put all their fortunes into items, so robbery is in vogue.
Always be careful.
You have to be cautious about it.

“Yeah…” Thank you, how much did the repair cost? “


The item’s durability is reduced when borrowing the item’s ability.


“Thanks to you, I earned hundreds of times the cost of repairs, so you don’t have to worry about it.” To sell all of these, I have to go around diligently.”


“It’s okay.
Some of the reasons I helped were extorted.


Walker said with a smile.


“Anyway… Thank you so much for your help.”

“It is not difficult.
If something like this happens again in the future, please call me anytime.
Actually, I really like this kind of thing.


If he had become a criminal, Walker would have lost his name.



“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah? What? “

“I was curious before.
Why would you buy magic stones like that? I didn’t ask because of your privacy, but I was curious.

“A magic stone?”


Walker looked at Jun-woo and asked.


“I wonder if there is a different method of administering magic crystals during production.”

In the case of Jun-woo, the magic stone was the energy source for Captain the Robot.

“It’s similar.”

“Oh, well…” I made a mistake because I was very crazy about Magic Stone.

“No, well… it’s okay.”


Walker’s cell phone rang.


Walker looked at his phone once and said.


“Is it okay if I leave you alone? A deal came in.

“Oh, of course.
Thank you so much for today.


Walker smiled and shook his head lightly.


“Then let’s go first.
Please always be careful.

“Go in.”


When Walker left, Jun-woo also increased his speed and ran.


There was no one following.


[Junwoo: Finally solved.
Don’t worry.]

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Pardon? Okay….]


Jun-woo entered the sheltered workshop in the mountains.


It was a day of many things.


It was a day full of emotions, so I felt exhausted.


Upon entering the workshop, Captain was still working without rest.


“I’m home, Captain.
“Take a break.”


Captain looked at Jun-woo once and did not stop the hammer.


Jun-woo took out the 92-year-old wine from the beret stored in the item window and placed it on the table opposite the old sofa.


“Would you like a drink?”


Captain still pounded the hammer without answering.

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