Jun-woo, who left the shooting range, checked his cell phone.

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[Jeong Hye-Yeon: Sir, 3 pieces of armor, gloves, and boots, a person who wants to entrust the mid-level Epic contacted me, 97% of all three types of collateral, 123 million in armor.]

It was three days at the shortest when we went hunting with a party.

Some people do day trip hunting depending on the distance between the gate and the hunting ground.
Still, it was difficult to go to the place Jun-woo should go, and he had to catch 1,000 monsters.

This time, it seemed he would have to be absent for at least three days, so Jun-woo was thinking of accepting many production requests.

[Jun-woo: I can receive it in 4 or 5 days.
[Ask if it’s okay, and if it’s okay, give me your ID.]

After a while, Jeong Hye-Yeon’s reply came.

[Jeong Hye-Yeon: It’s okay.
[The ID is xlxldl.]

Jun-woo invited him to the chat room.

[Louis: Hello, Are you a client of armor, gloves, and boots?]

[Seobi: Yes, hello.
Can we meet now? I have an appointment to go hunting tomorrow morning.]

Jun-woo responded because it was close to Yongsan Station.

[Lewis: All right, I’ll see you at the Juju Cafe in Yongsan Station.]

[Seolbi: I’ll arrive in about 30 minutes.]

Jun-woo went to the Juju Cafe, ordered coffee, and waited for him.

After a while, he entered the cafe with a text message that said he had arrived.

A man in his 40s dressed in plate armor equipment approached.

“Are you the creator of Lewis?”

“Yes, please come.”

“Hello.” Do you have any other producers? “

I am the producer.

“I thought you were an agent because you were so young.” I will open the trading window first.

“Yes, I will record it.”

The transaction was conducted under a video recording of a mobile phone.
Jun-woo received three items and handed him nearly 500 million won.

It was the first time to receive 3 epics simultaneously, and it was the most significant transaction among Jinwoo’s quests.

“Then please take care of me.
I will prepare a generous amount of extra money.”

“All right.”

“Please contact me when you are done.
We look forward to contacting you.

He bowed his head lightly to say hello and left the cafe.

Jun-woo also returned to the workshop after finishing his business here.

I ran like a light jog.
As soon as there was an empty road, I increased my speed.

Jun-woo’s agility at level 40 was 70.

Agility 1 was able to reach a speed of 2 km/h.
A force of 1 could achieve a rate of 1 km per hour.

Jun-woo was running around these days because he could achieve a speed of more than 200 km/h if he wanted to.

Jun-woo, who was running, turned to the side of the mountain road he was headed for.

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‘Someone… Follow me.’

It felt like four people were chasing after them.
Jun-woo did not slow down and ran again to a crowded position.


Jun-woo slowed down and picked up his phone.
He didn’t know where to go for help, but he called the police first.

“How many are chasing you ?”

“Yes, four people are chasing me.”

“What did those people do to the reporter?”

They are just chasing me.”

“We can’t go out just because we’re chasing them.
It could be the reporter’s misunderstanding.
If anything happens, please report it immediately.

“It could be a robber.”

“Not everyone who follows you is a robber.”

“I am a blacksmith.” Apparently, I received a commission, and I think they are aiming for the commissioned material.

World policing has gotten worse since the system came into existence.

Influential people don’t do civil servants like the police.
As a result of this, the police had no power, and as a result, there were difficulties in maintaining security.

In Korea, the state puts a bounty on criminals that the police cannot catch, and guilds, or bounty hunters, see them.

And crimes involving blacksmiths were still prevalent.

Various materials and a lot of money that a blacksmith had, not a combat job, became a target of crime.

So the blacksmiths collaborated with the Blacksmith’s Association, cooperated with the guild, and each had their own personal bodyguard.
For your own safety.

Maybe that’s why the answer was somewhat expected.

“Isn’t that something you should ask the Blacksmith Association? Or get help from the associated guild because the combat police can not be dispatched no matter how suspicious.
If something happens, please report it.

Reporting an incident means saying it and asking for help when a battle occurs.

However, I wondered if there would be room to report if a battle occurred.

Jun-woo hung up the phone and walked around the block.

The blacksmith protected himself by paying the fee to join the blacksmith association and the fee to the guild for protection.

However, Jun-woo had no associations or guilds.

There was no one to turn to for help.

Still, there were a lot of people here.

In a society where justice is alive in its own way, there was no way they could attack them in the middle of the city.

While walking down the street, Jun-woo saw a famous restaurant using only high-quality ingredients and went into it.

An employee in a uniform greeted Jun-woo.

“How old are you?”

“I came alone.”

“I will guide you to two seats.”

Jun-woo was guided and sat down.

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He opened the menu.

The default was 700,000 gold.

Jun-woo, one of them, ordered a million gold steak.

“Premium minnow sirloin steak… Please give me one of these.

“Yes, I will prepare.”

While waiting for the order, Jun-woo looked around.

No one came here alone.

Several men and women were looking at each other with smiles, a child was looking at the arriving steak with great anticipation, and the family was laughing and having a great weekend.

I looked at my phone, and there was no one to call for help.

I had no family, no friends.

No one has been by Jun-woo’s side for the past 10 years, if you think about it.

I felt lonely all of a sudden.

‘Maybe I’ve been living the wrong way…’

There were many things that Junwoo wanted to do when he broke the quest given by the system.

I forgot what it was in the dry manufacturing process, but one thing was clear.

Jun-woo wanted to get stronger so that people wouldn’t ignore him, so that he could protect himself, and so that he could beat monsters.

It was a vague dream, but now it has come true.

‘If I had a higher level…’

He had no reason to feel the fear he was feeling right now.

They are more robust than Junwoo now, but they will be different in the future.

Jun-woo believed this so firmly.

Because the legend rank is so great that it can play against a single nation.

He became like that.

“Hey, you’ve made it, you bastard? Everyone comes here.”

It was an unforgettable voice.

In the third year of middle school, Lee Seong-Cheol was often extorted for being a blacksmith.

Students with average grades had a hard time at school if they were caught by students with magic or higher.

Seongcheol Lee was promoted from rare to epic and was the highest-level student in the school.

“Is it iron powder?”

“Iron powder?”

A woman in her early 20s was puzzled.

“There was always iron powder in the place he stayed.
They are middle school classmates, and I see them all here.”

“Uh~ I’m a blacksmith, but it looks like you didn’t wash well before coming to school.
I hate it.
Aren’t you my brother’s friend?”

Jun-woo tried to maintain cleanliness more than anyone.

because the nickname “Iron Powder” wasn’t good.
However, no matter how much I washed, some iron powder came out occasionally.

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“What is a friend, my errand boy?”

“Aha, but it’s a little expensive here, isn’t it?”

“So, it’s strange.
That’s not where the normals come from.”

“A normal blacksmith? Uh-“

He was Jun-woo, who was despised even by a woman he met for the first time because it was not enough for Lee Seong-Cheol.

Suddenly, Jun-woo remembered what had happened at the shooting range.

The man pulled out a revolver and fired it without hesitation.

He wanted to hit the ball like that, but the place was the place, and he had the only Epic-rated job in high school.

Lee Seong-Cheol was promoted to level 80, a max level promotion that had reached max level when he was promoted to Epic.

Even though Junwoo wasn’t a good opponent in battle, he was at a level of legend that couldn’t be compared to Epic and was a good producer.

Jun-woo got up and looked at him, and held out his hand.

“Long time no see.
“Nice to meet you, hey.”

“Crazy, this bastard’s personality has also changed.” Did you even get a promotion from normal? “

Jun-woo looked at the outstretched hand and lowered his hand with a light smile.

“So, you must be here.”

“Oh, it looks like it’s at least rare enough to come here.” Are you still a blacksmith? “

“I’m doing it.
They are getting bigger these days.”

“Oh, baby.
Do you also make epics?”

“Some extent.”

Both men and women looked slightly surprised when they heard that they were also part of an epic.

“You really have come a long way.
Is that so?” Changed a lot? To be honest, I can’t even remember your voice because I don’t have much to say.

“Yes? Then what?… It’s adolescence.

“Yes, an adolescent.”

Lee Seong-Cheol looked at Jun-woo up and down and smiled awkwardly.

Making an epic was similar to the meaning of an epic rating.

“I didn’t even have enough iron.
I’m a teenager, so please understand.

“Well, it was a time when I was immature.”

“Have you heard of the association? Guild? “

“There is a place we are talking about.”

“Are you doing your work as an individual?”

“Yeah, well.”

“Can I order it next time?”

“I’ll give you my number.”

“Call me.”

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Jun-woo called his number.

“Are you 4352?”

Jun-woo nodded and said one more thing.

“That’s right, and from now on, please refrain from such nonsense about where you went running errands.” It’s a thing of the past.

With a cold expression on his face, Lee Seong-Cheol looked at Jun-woo without saying a word.

Blacksmiths are said to be the best craftspeople.

Moreover, the Epic Blacksmith was highly regarded in society.

If you want, you can join any guild you want to go to, and there are many people around.

Epic society was narrow.

Lee Seong-Cheol found it difficult even to build a chuck with a capable blacksmith, so Lee Seong-Cheol forcibly smiled.

“I was sorry then.
If it’s okay, I’ll buy you a drink next time as an apology.”

“It doesn’t have to be, anyway.
If you have something to produce, please contact me.
I won’t take any fees.”

The waiter who guided Jun-woo came with a food cart at that time.

“The food has arrived.”

Steaks on a sizzling stone plate were placed on the table from the cart.
Jun-woo also sat down.

“Do you need anything more, sir?”

Jun-woo remembered the wine he saw on the menu and said leisurely.

“Please prepare some 92 berets.”

The normal-level waiter, who overheard their conversation, gave the word to Jun-woo, whom he was seeing for the first time.

“I always eat what I eat.
I will prepare it right away.

At 4.5 million gold per bottle, it was a wine made from beret grapes that existed at the gate.

The weight went away, and Jun-woo picked up a knife to eat the steak.

Jun-woo, who stopped while cutting the meat, turned his head.

“Isn’t that the way out?”

“Oh, let’s go.” Then have a good dinner.
“See you next time.”

“Yes, come in.”

With a bewildered face, Lee Seong-Cheol hurriedly went outside with the woman, and as soon as he left, Jun-woo bowed his head and smiled.

Something was refreshing, and it was the best feeling I had felt in years.

“Here is the wine you always drank, sir.”

“Oh, thank you.
And this is a tip.”

Jun-woo took out a 1 million gold coin and handed it to him.

“Wow, thank you, sir.”

The surprised waiter walked away with a satisfied look on his face.

Jun-woo ate dinner with a smile on his face for the first time in a long time, forgetting the danger he faced.

It was the most delicious dinner ever, probably because of the high-quality ingredients or the chef’s skill.

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