“What? Did you just say, Boss?!”

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“Yes, I would like to gather two more party members and go for it.
What do you think?”

People were not willing to give an answer to Tanker 38's question.

“Jun-woo and I are planning to go.”

The archer couple looked at each other and said to him,

“If we go, what will we do…?”

“Count me in! Let's catch the Boss!”

Clergy30 seemed to be somewhat excited.

“Everyone has to go~.”

“Let’s go.”

Even the Wizard40 and the Swordsman33 said they were going, so the consent of all the party members was obtained.

Now it's time to entice the other party members.

Several campsites were lit by fire, Jun-woo, and Tank38.
People looked at and talked to the party that looked okay.

“Boss, you said?”

“Yes, we are a party of seven.”

“Let's go together.
There are six of us in our 40s.”

The man in plate armor immediately accepted Tanker38's offer.

“You need another party, right?”

“It’s safe.”

Tank38, Jun-woo, and even the sheet armored party leader went around looking for another party.

And without difficulty, another party joined in and made a party of 20 people.

“Have you ever caught one?”

Tank38 answered the question of the level Wizard40 man.

“No, I've been watching people catch once.”

“Then I'll give you a brief explanation.
Everyone, listen.”

People's eyes turned to him.

“First of all, roughly speaking, it's like a golem, slow but hard and destructive.
Melees have to be careful about swinging their fists, and they shoot crossbows, usually from a distance.
You have to be careful and avoid it.”

It was said to be careful with the Wizard40, which looks like a 40-year-old.

“And, when the crossbow is fired, the goblin on standby will load the crossbow arrow.
If you catch them first, it will be easier to attack the Boss.”

It was a Wizard40 that told me how to attack.

“It's not that difficult of a boss.
It's the perfect boss experience for magic professions.
But where did you see it?”

Since Tank38 didn't know, Jun-woo, who knew the direction, spoke quickly.

“It’s over there.”

“Let me know when you are all over.
By the time you arrive at the Clergy, please apply a buff to each party.
If you have light magic, use a light to illuminate your vision.”

Light magic to illuminate the field of vision was a basic skill that could be purchased for about 1 million won through a skill book.

One skill through the skill book can be learned every Level 20s.
It is a skill that people generally do not learn because it is useless other than to illuminate the field of vision.

Thus, one light became five lights.

A white sphere floated above the user's head, illuminating the field of vision like a lamp.

The presence of the Boss getting closer, though powerful, seemed to have nothing that could not be captured with them.

“It looks like we are almost there.”

“Give us buff, and we will fight the Boss.
If you are a guide, please use the 2nd party to focus on the goblins that load the crossbow, and the 3rd party will clean up the mobs quickly.”

Their respective roles were taken.

Jun-woo's party was to catch a goblin loading a crossbow, but he didn't know what he was talking about until he met him.

I went further inside while dealing with the goblins.
And finally, a goblin riding on a wooden machine was seen in the light's sight.

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It was a wooden boarding machine with a height of 2.5 m.

It had hands and legs, and it looked like a goblin was sitting and controlling it in a wooden fence above its body.

‘Machine… .'

His right hand had a fist thick enough to be ignorant, and on his left was a fairly large crossbow on the back of his hand.

Above the shoulder of the machine was a goblin holding a large arrow from a crossbow.

Jun-woo stared blankly at the wooden machine, taking a step forward.

It felt strange, and he felt like he knew why the Quest sent him here.

[Quest has occurred.]

[Blueprint of the wooden machine]

-Contents: Long ago, a goblin from the Galactrico tribe saw a powerful weapon of civilization and made it after a wooden machine.
You might be able to make it too.
So you can get it.
Obtain a blueprint for the wooden machine.

-Method: The Blueprint can only be obtained by recording the highest contribution to catching the wooden goblin.

-Reward: [Stat Bonus +10], [Wood Machine Schematic]

The Quest to get the Blueprint may have meant the wooden Blueprint.

And the rewards were plenty.

The problem was how.

'The highest contribution…
… .'

Jun-woo walked towards the approaching goblin and the wooden machine.

“Oh, hey, wait.”

A sword and armor of light seeped over Jun-woo's head.

The left hand of the wooden machine was lifted.

When the goblin in the cockpit pressed the button, the crossbow was fired.


The target was Jun-woo, who was closest to him.

Jun-woo immediately raised his shield.


Jun-woo's body passed over to the back when his shield and the arrow collided.

It must have been a huge shock.

“You have to avoid it.”

Jun-woo was able to avoid it.

But he wondered if the people behind him could react.

A clear light shone on Jun-woo's body.

The vitality that had been slightly sweet rose.

“Thank you.”

“It’s my job! So, be careful.”

The goblin with the arrow quickly walked over to her left arm, loaded the arrow into its crossbow, and smiled.


When the Wizard40, which was said to be avoided, was dodged, the crossbow was accurately inserted into the wizard's chest behind him.

The wizard's body flew in a parabola due to the shock.

The fallen wizard stood up on the floor and stared at the tank that had escaped.

“Damn it, what would you do if the tank avoided it!”

“I told you to avoid it! You are not concentrating, are you?”

As Jun-woo knew, those two were at different parties.

The wizard gritted his teeth and filled the tip of his wand with flames.

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He wanted to grind magic on the back of his head, but it was a crime that shouldn't have been done while hunting, so he held it back.

However, Wizard40 really fired a fireball at Jun-woo's back.


“Keep down!”

Magic is fast.
It wasn't even that far away from where he could hear it and avoid it.

Nevertheless, Jun-woo bowed his head, and the fireball flew and hit the running goblin.

“Sorry, sorry, control mistake.”

“Uncle, are you okay? Aren't you drinking too much?”

With the archer's bitter voice, Wizard40 answered with an awkward smile.

“It's okay if you shoot in a wide area.”

“Be careful, I am a bachelor, so I avoided it.
If not…
… .”

“I know, I know.
I'm sorry.”

Wizard40 raised his hand as if he was sorry and gestured to Jun-woo.

Jun-woo took one more step without paying much attention.

Blocking the attack with a shield, he swung his sword and cut through the goblin's whole body.

Chwaleuleug- 1

The washed blood dripped onto his face again.

While catching the goblin, Jun-woo walked away.


The arrow was fired again, and the shield was as close to the shoulder as possible, and he took a stance to endure it.


His body was pushed, but he didn't fall.

He removed the guard and approached a little further.

Wizard40 charged the wooden machine with its shield in front.

It was charged like a runaway locomotive, but the wooden machine did not move.

The machine's right fist swung wildly, and when the fist collided with the shield, the Wizard40 flew sideways along with the shield and rolled.

The Wizard40, which rolled on the floor and got up quickly, shouted.

“You caught its attention, attack!”

Despite his cry, the ranged attack did not come.

The party members were still in confrontation with the jap mobs.


Jun-woo approached the machine, cutting one over.

His fist was swung widely, but the distance was short, and it only passed in front of Jun-woo's face.

Jun-woo swung his sword.

A small scratch was engraved on the forearm of the wooden machine.

He moved his hands quickly, and the machine took a step forward and slammed his fist.


It was the machine that hit the floor and received dust.

“You're good at controlling your distance, right? You got their attention, so they attacked you from behind.”

Jun-woo cut the machine with his sword.

Sword marks appeared on the logs one by one.


The arrow was shot at Jun-woo's back, and someone hit him on the shoulder.

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Jun-woo leaped toward the goblin loading arrows and drew a sword.

The goblin tilted his head to avoid the attack and quickly inserted an arrow.



A scream echoed through the forest once.

'This machine…
… .'

Judging by his movements, Jun-woo could not be attacked by the machine.

So he lowered his shield and put on a bracelet on his left hand to increase his health and recovery instead of a shield.

Jun-woo drew a sword as he circled the machine.

The machine staggered and punched Jun-woo and hit him, but the timing was too late every time it did it.


The pilot was nervous and even swung his crossbow towards Jun-woo.


On the wooden machine, the afterimages of Jun-woo's sword were engraved.

The Wizard40, who was watching the scene, burst into laughter.

“He's doing well, he's doing well.
Why is the blacksmith doing it?”

Wizard40 hesitated to attack, but he couldn't even hold out his sword properly as he might touch his arm.

‘He’s crazy, and his contribution… should it be like this?’

The moment he saw the opportunity and drew his sword, the Wizard40 flew away as he got caught in the swinging fist.

“Geez… Damn it, Hmmp, do it!”

With blood dripping from his lips, Wizard40 was healed.

When the miscellaneous mobs were cleaned up to some extent, the wizard's fireball hit the cockpit.


As soon as the shield hit the wooden fence, the flame disappeared, but the pilot's expression was not good.

The pilot shouted at the goblin loading the crossbow arrows.


The goblin, holding an arrow, threw the bundle of arrows to the floor and picked up a dagger.

Then he ran towards Jun-woo.

A short sword pierced quickly.

Dodging, cutting, dodging, kicking, and coming to stab him, he drew it as it was.

The goblin desperately rushed to Jun-woo with blood, but it was not an opponent.

However, his vitality seemed high, and he was hit more than other goblins.

The machine ran and swung his fist at Jun-woo, but the fist of the machine was too slow for Jun-woo to feel.

It was enough to avoid it and draw it.


Separated from the signal from Wizard40, the arrow smashed into the wooden machine, and sparks were pierced.

The shield protecting the cockpit was slightly broken.

The goblin who was loading arrows was disposed of by Jun-woo.

Swords and arrows were embedded in the whole body of the wooden machine, and flames were engulfed in it.


Little by little, the trees that made up the body were destroyed.


The movement of the wooden machine creaked, and the sound creaked.

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The pilot tried desperately to make adjustments, but there was No answer regarding numbers, skills, or performance.

Still, as if trying to make a final resistance, he swung his arms forward and ran to the dealers in the back.

There was quite a bit of confusion around the fists swinging in and out of the body, but nothing changed.

The wooden running machine was struck by fireball magic and burned.

The fire that spread to the tree was No longer extinguished.

The cockpit shield was also broken, and the fence was smashed.

The pilot goblin inside touched something to control it, but the machine wouldn't listen.

The flames hitting the cockpit made the pieces of wood even more flamboyant.

At that moment, the machine stopped.

“Avoid it.
It will explode!”

Those who were trying to approach Wizard40 stopped.


With a really popping sound, the wooden limbs that made up the machine burst.

The goblin inside burned black in the cockpit and shook his head as if dead with the explosion.

“We got it!”

Wizard40 shouted first.

When you catch the Boss, the contribution is marked with a number above each person's head.

In the case of Jun-woo, he was first with 36%, and in the case of the Clergy30, she was second with 12%.

3rd place was the Wizard40 who shot fireballs without hesitation with 8%, and 4th place was the Tanker 38 with 7%.

“Did I only contribute 4%?”

Swordsman33, which did not even rank 5th, seemed dissatisfied.

[You have completed the quest 'Blueprint of the Wood Machine.']

[As a reward, the stat bonus has been increased by 10.]

[You have acquired the 'Wooden Machine Blueprint' as a reward.]

The Quest was completed because it was ranked 1st in contribution.

Jun-woo's party members gathered around the wooden machine burning like a campfire and praised Jun-woo.

The 3% of the Swordsman33 compared him to himself.

“It’s great, it’s great.
It's 10 times bigger than mine.”

“Thanks to you, I’m in second place!”

In the case of Clergy30, it was entirely because of the buff that she ate second place.

“Congratulations on your first place.
You must have something to gain…
… .”

He looked at the wooden machine on which Tanker 38 was riding.

The lowest person in the party was Swordsman33 (2%).

However, 2% or 36%, if luck supported, 2% could have eaten a better item.

The wooden machine collapsed into charcoal on the floor, and the flames disappeared.
And one item came to mind.

When the goblin riding a wooden machine died, the only items that were left behind were scrap wood, wood 2x, wood 2x, wood 2x, wood 2x, low-level magic stone, low-level magic stone, low-level magic stone, gloves, crossbow, and skill book.

Weapons are usually three times more expensive than other parts.

The skill book is a jackpot in some cases, but considering the skills the goblin riding on the wooden machine showed, there was nothing great about it.

Jun-woo got two wooden pieces, a low-grade magic stone, and a skill book worth 14.5 million gold.

Clergy30 held up the most expensive crossbow with a happy face.


Jun-woo put the acquired item into the item window and glanced at the Blueprint of the wooden machine in the item window.

'Can you make this?'

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