Chapter 6 Combing

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It’s not that Maude is pretending to be stupid.

Mainly, the timing of Sonny’s question was too strange.

Seeing Maude look puzzled, Sonny added: “Arthur’s hand.”

“Oh, that…”

Maude looked at Sonny strangely.

After a pause, he put down the mop bucket and repeated the dodge action in slow motion.

After doing this, he looked at Sonny and said in an uncertain tone: “Is that so?”

Sonny was silent.

A few seconds later, a falling object suddenly came from inside the counter.

Maude looked under the counter subconsciously, and after seeing the small part of the gun handle exposed at the edge of the cabinet, his eyelids moved.

Sonny said at the right time: “It’s just that the gun fell off accidentally, so don’t care.”

After speaking, she bent down to pick up the gun and put it on the counter.

“I couldn’t remember the action you demonstrated just now, so I can’t help you demonstrate it again.”


Maude glanced at the flintlock rifle lying horizontally on the counter, and the muzzle was aimed at him intentionally or unintentionally.

He pondered for a moment, and of course he would not demonstrate that meaningless action again.

Although he is not clear about Sonny’s motives, she can’t seem to be perfunctory anymore.

“I didn’t use any method, just because I was prepared at the time, so I was able to avoid it in time, and, this kind of thing is not a big deal, right?”

Sonny heard the words and looked at Maude quietly.

After a while, she nodded and said calmly: “It’s really not a big deal.
Keep busy.”


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Maude was dumbfounded, and could only silently label Sonny with a label called Weird.

Afterwards, he put the mop bucket in the storage room.

When he returned to the store, Sonny was still sitting in her place.

The flintlock that had been placed horizontally on the counter had disappeared, and instead, there was an extra piece of straw paper with a pencil pressed on it.

Maude glanced across the pen and paper, and asked, “Can I go back to the room?”

Sonny nodded, pulled out the scratch paper under the pencil, and motioned for Maude to come and take it away.

Maude knowingly walked to the counter and took the papyrus that Sonny had handed over.

A few lines of handwriting were written on it.

A cursory glance, it seems that there are a few precautions.

So little content needs to be written on paper?

Maude raised a question mark.

Collecting the drafting paper, Maude caught a glimpse of the pencil from the corner of his eye, and his thoughts moved slightly.

“Sonny, can I take this money back to my room?”

“up to you.”


Maude took the pencil, turned and left.

Sonny watched Maude leave, and then took out a notepad and a newspaper from the drawer under the counter.

She put two things on the table.

The newspaper was put aside, and the notepad was opened in half.

Some information with names of people was written on the pages that were turned over.

Sonny glanced, then turned it over again.

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This page also has characters, and in the upper part of the page, Kidd’s name is impressive.

Without reading more, Sonny turned a few more times before finally turning to a completely blank page.

After that, she took out a pencil from the drawer, first glanced at the contents of the newspaper, and then wrote something on the notepad with the pen.

After a few minutes, Sonny stopped writing.

Half of it has been written on the original blank page.

At the bottom of those words, there is Maude’s full name and a big question mark.

Looking at Maude’s name last, Sonny closed the notepad and put the pencil in the drawer deep.

“Let’s talk to Saul.”

Sonny whispered to herself.


Maude returned to the room he had when he woke up.

Maude was quite surprised to be accepted so easily.

However, Maude can also see that Saul, who is in charge, is very casual in this regard.

Perhaps the reason why he was brought back was to treat him purely as a future coolie in the store.

“They come, the security.”

Maude muttered to himself, locked the door behind him, and then sat down on the dusty chair, and then he examined the contents of the drafting paper.

[No matter day or night, you can’t go out and stay in the house honestly.]

[Do not touch the goods on the shelf.]

[No entry is allowed in the basement.]

[There are ingredients in the refrigerator in the kitchen.]

[Other things, I’ll talk about it tomorrow.]

Maude read the content on the papyrus with a complicated mood.

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Just talk about these things orally?

Maude shook his head slightly, unable to understand Sonny’s action style, and threw the straw paper on the same dusty table, and then picked up the pencil he had brought with him.

[Hunter’s Notes]

With a thought, the black notebook appeared out of thin air.

Turning to one of the blank pages at will, Maude closed his eyes and tried to recall the memory of One Piece.

In order to consolidate these memories, he plans to slowly write them silently, then sort them out, and then write them a few more times.

Although the quill used in the Hunter’s Notes is inkless, it is the only one that can fundamentally leave handwriting in the Hunter’s Notes.

As for the other pens.

For example, the pencil in Maude’s hand.

He can use a pencil to scribble on any piece of paper in the hunter’s notes.

But afterwards, as long as the hunter’s notes are removed, the text and graffiti left on the paper pages will turn into graphite dust and fall to the ground.

As a result, Maude can use this arbitrarily to consolidate his memory.

You know, the intelligence transformed by these memories may become his nourishment in the future.

“I am more impressed, is it still the Straw Hat Pirates…”

“After all, it is the protagonist group, and more information is disclosed.”

“But their really strong period is two years after the beginning of the plot.”

“Too far away…”

“Judging from Kidd’s current age, how many years are there before the plot begins?”

“Moreover, more suitable targets abound, there is no need to focus on them.”

“By the way, Arlong Pirates, I don’t know if the Hunter’s Notes can be effective for the Murlocs, and the Giants!”

“If it works, I can hardly imagine it.”

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“Arlong pirates are in the East Sea, right? This is the West Sea.
If you only rely on navigation, can you go to the East Sea?”

“I remember Kidd seems to be from the South Sea.
Since he can come to the West Sea, it should be no problem to get from the West Sea to the East Sea.”

“It doesn’t seem to make much sense to think about this now.”

Maude combed through his memories while writing and drawing on the pages of paper.

Although he had no knowledge of navigation, it did not prevent him from thinking divergently.

Just so immersed in it, time passed by.


Saul’s room.

Several lit candles are placed on the windowsill, beside the bed, on the table and other places, providing sufficient light sources for a room of tens of square meters.

Obviously there are more convenient electric lights, but Thor discards them.

This has always been one of the things Sonny could not understand.

“You came to me specifically to tell me that Maude is abnormal?”

Saul sat cross-legged on a huge double bed, holding the slender gilded pipe in his right hand.

The smoke was full of smoke, and it was a bit choking.

His eyes pierced through the smoke and fell on Sonny in front of him with a slight scrutiny.

“But you know, I never cared about it.”

“Saul, Maude is… different from the previous ones.”

“Where is it different?”


Sonny couldn’t tell why.

Saul gently rubbed the stem.

“You are right, he is very different indeed.”

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