Chapter 4 Improving Physical Fitness

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Escape successfully with urine.

After arriving at the toilet, Maude immediately locked the door.

[Hunter’s Notes]

Black as black jade, a notebook full of compelling style appeared out of thin air.

At the spine of the book, the black tail feathers of the quill quivered slightly, as if waiting for Maude’s favor.

When the ability was first developed, the pen that Maude conceived should be a black pen, but that would increase the difficulty of development accordingly.

Therefore, in order to reduce the development pressure of other parts, we can only retreat and present a quill pen that is more difficult to write, but has a simpler structure.

Pulling out the quill pen from the spine of the book, Maude did not hesitate to write “Physique” on the first silver line.

Physical fitness is his current highest priority requirement.

This point does not need to be considered at all.

Because only by improving the physique first can we have the capital to seek more things.

Not to mention, in the world of One Piece, the tyrannical physique is the root of the strong.

And like the abnormal physique like Charlotte Linlin of the Four Emperors and Kaido of the beasts, Maude couldn’t even think of it now.

After writing down the requirements, Maude turned to the first page of the notebook.

Blank as snow.

In a daze, Maude saw densely crooked and ugly handwriting on the pen page.

With a blink of his eyes, the writing disappeared like a phantom.

Maude was startled slightly, and muttered in a low voice: “Let’s start again…”

Now he is like a tuba being washed, and then going to the new service to build a trumpet and start again.

In terms of advantages, it is still real.

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Maude moved the pen, and while generating Watt’s appearance in his mind, he quickly wrote down relevant information about Watt.

[Evan Watt]

[Good use of swords]

These materials were heard from Sonny, so simple.

However, no matter how small the legs of a mosquito are, it is meat.

Moreover, with the strength of the current body, even if the benefits are relatively small, the effect is estimated to be immediate.

As if an important event had been completed, Maude slowly closed the Hunter’s Note with extra effort.

Thanks to Evan Watt for his dedication.

Thanks to Kidd who brought Watt here.

Maude removed the hunter’s notes and looked at himself in the mirror.

Raising his finger and gently pressing down the blood-stained bandage on his forehead, the pain immediately grew.

If the hunter’s notes are useful, the degree of wound healing should change significantly after the hunt is completed.

The only regret is that Watt is not a physique expert.


Maude picked up the knife on the sink and walked out of the toilet.

In the shop, Saul and Sunny waited for a long time.

But in fact it only takes a few minutes.

Maude, holding a knife in his hand, came to Watt who was unconscious.

Under the gaze of Saul and Sunny, Maude did not grind, bent his knees and squatted, holding a knife and slamming into Watt’s chest, pointing directly at the vital heart.


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Blood splattered Maude’s hand.

Embarrassingly, the knife was only half way in, and even almost let it go.

Saul frowned.

Sunny’s eyes drooped.

Damn it.

Maude cursed secretly.

But thinking about the physical level of this world, he was relieved, besides, his current body was very weak.

Without procrastination, Maude drew out a knife, and then made up a few, which made Watt die quickly in a coma.

The whole process ends, just like killing a chicken.

After all, Maude had never done this kind of thing.

In the hunting results in the previous hunter’s notes, nearly a thousand names were written.

Among them, most of them were mixed up with a profession in the execution agency, and then used convenient means to personally execute those criminals who were sentenced to death.

Those benefits can be said to be at your fingertips.

In the world of One Piece, the place Maude can think of is Impel Down.

However, the punishment institutions in this world seem to be a little more humane.
Even if the criminals imprisoned in Impel Down can be sentenced to more than a dozen death sentences, they will be over after being imprisoned.

Maude released the handle of the knife, got up and slowly closed his eyes.

In the darkness in front of me, the Hunter’s Note was suspended quietly, with a halo of light around the edge, like the sun in a total solar eclipse.

The aperture was infiltrating the notebook at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Immediately, a faint white star appeared on the black cover.

At this moment, the light source disappeared, and the darkness in front of the eyes returned.

In a short time, a touch of blood appeared on Maude’s pale face.

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He opened his eyes and only felt a slight itching sensation on the forehead.

At the same time, the sense of fatigue that would have fallen to the ground as soon as the wind blows was significantly reduced.

These kinds of changes all come from the hidden benefits of physical needs.

As for the obvious benefits such as muscle and hardness, Watt’s level and the meager preparation data alone are not enough to cause changes.

But anyway, the hunter’s notes are useful!

Maude’s eyes lit up.

Saul and Sunny didn’t think there was anything after watching the process of Maude killing Watt and the bloody reaction after the end.

After all, in their opinion, the pirates who hate most merchants are often the looting pirates.

Not to mention, Maude’s land was bestowed by the pirates.

At this time, it is normal to take Watt to vent his hatred to clear his mind.

However, Saul didn’t want the second coolie in the store to go to an extreme.

He came to the side of the corpse, drew a knife, and wiped off the blood stains with the corpse’s clothes.

“Look at your excitement.
I told you to say goodbye to the past, but I don’t want to see you get into the horns and can’t get out.”


Maude bowed his head and replied.

He knew what Saul said, and he couldn’t take the initiative to explain anything.

What he has to do now is to hug Saul’s thigh honestly, and then as soon as possible to melt into the Mad Hatter town where human lives will become cheap at any time.

Saul glanced at Maude’s blood-stained right hand, and said, “It’s okay to understand.
Go and wash your hands first.”

After speaking, she looked at Sunny and said: “Little Nini, go and call Arthur to collect the body.”


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Sunny took the order to leave.

Maude went to the toilet, turned on the faucet, and rubbed the blood on his hands.

After washing, Maude dried his hands and looked at himself in the mirror.

He raised his hand and pressed the wound again.

It hurt a few minutes ago, but not anymore.

The results can be described as gratifying, on the side, it is also because this body is too weak.

I also don’t know how many hunts have to be completed to achieve a level that rivals Luffy’s self-healing power.


Maude let out a sigh of relief, and his body and spirit relaxed at the same time.

The successful completion of the first hunt gave him a little confidence.

However, the current situation is still difficult, and the second hunting target is far away in the foreseeable future.

“Mad Hat Town…”

“Although it is dangerous, it is a great hunting place to take a step back.”

“take it easy.”

Maude took the cold water and patted his face.

Wiping off the water stains, and without rashly removing the bandage to check the wound, Maude walked out of the toilet.

When I went back, there was a strong outsider in the store.

The man was wearing a suit similar to engineering clothes, a black scarf with the word “death” on his left arm, and a white mask showing only his eyes and half of his mouth on his face.

Maude thought to himself that this person should be Arthur who had been calling for the body to be collected by Sonny.

Arthur was originally looking at the corpse, and when he heard Maude’s footsteps, he looked up and was a little surprised.

“Oh, I woke up unexpectedly.”

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