Chapter 3 Novice Pack

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Eustass Kid.

In the original work, he is called the Worst Generation together with the supernova pirates such as Luffy Zoro, and he is also a ruthless man who kills without blinking.

Maude habitually regards Eustass Kid as a pending target, but if he wants to return, he will not just die.

If conditions permit, he will of course receive Eustass Kid’s experience points neatly.

But if conditions don’t allow him, he won’t get involved easily.

Not to mention, he is a weak chicken now.

“One Piece’s World…”

Maude retracted his gaze and lowered his head to hide the strangeness in his eyes.

It was really unexpected to see the young Eustass Kid here.
It was like an introduction to the memory of One Piece in the corner.

These memories will become important information in the hunter’s notes that can transform experience points in the future.

The presence of Maude and Sonny brought the confrontation full of gunpowder to the first round of rest.

Eustass Kid tilted his head and glanced at Maude, who bowed his head silently.
How could he know that this weak-looking guy in front of him had tentatively designated him as one of the hunting targets.

If you know, most of them will just disdain.

Without paying too much attention to Mord, Eustass Kid turned to Saul and cursed unceremoniously: “Hey, where did I kidnap a free coolie? I don’t know what kind of death it will be this time? I guess.
He was hacked to death by a sword, and then turned into a mass of worthless rotten meat on the street.”

“Heh, there is no shortage of ‘funeralists’ in Mad Hatter Town.
With them, even if this little guy is chopped into dozens of pieces of minced meat, they can pry out something that can volatilize value from it, so ah, as long as you die well enough, It doesn’t matter if I don’t even get the slightest benefit.”

Saul shook the gilded pipe with heavy marks engraved on his face, letting the ashes fall to the ground at will.

“Speaking of coolies, I’m full of expectations for you, so Eustass Kid, as long as you are willing to do things for me, let alone gun, which is Salamander’s knife, I will also get it for you, and we can also supply it for a long time.
The most mellow wine in your West Sea.”


Eustass Kid said coldly: “I don’t know how to stay below others.”

“It’s a pity.”

Saul shook his head and shook his head.

Maude listened to the conversation between the two people like no one, and got some useful information.

Mad Hatter Town?

West Sea?

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A place where people can be killed indiscriminately on the street, and the gunshots just now.

Here, it is very likely that the pirates have mixed up in a black zone.

Thinking of this, Maude glanced at the shelves full of knives and guns in the store without a trace.

This is a weapon shop.

Moreover, this seems to be the boss, Saul, seems to have a different kind of insistence on [theory of value].

Maude thought silently.

As a newcomer, he can only speak carefully and act cautiously.

Noting Maude’s composure, Saul’s eyes flickered.

Then he jumped off the stool and walked out of the counter.

It was also at this time that Maude discovered that Saul was less than one meter tall.

Subconsciously glanced at the counter with a height of more than 1.5 meters, it can be guessed that Saul should have stepped on the stool just now, so he could look at Eustass Kid.

After fighting with Thor, Eustass Kid’s patience has been almost consumed.

He looked at Saul coming out and asked coldly: “Are you going to sell that gun?”

Saul raised his head and glanced at the cloth bag full of Bailey held by Eustass Kid, and asked, “Where did the money come from?”

Blue veins appeared on Eustass Kid’s forehead, and he said angrily: “Whether you care about my money, do you sell it?”

If it hadn’t been for knowing that Saul was not easy, how would he waste time here.

Saul didn’t seem to see Eustass Kid who was about to thunderous, and took a sip of his cigarette leisurely, and said lightly: “Didn’t you just say? I even dismantled gun into parts and threw it into the landfill.
It won’t give it to you.”

Eustass Kid had a few more blue veins on his face, and he glared at him: “Then you are throwing it away!”


Saul insisted on tapping the pipe on the cabinet wall a few times, and said, “I will throw it away when I pick a good day.”

“Old stuff!!!”

Eustass Kid struggled to suppress his anger.

In sharp contrast, it was Saul with a calm face.

Maude saw this situation in his eyes, and immediately realized that Saul was not as weak as the surface.

After all, it would be a cruel horn to let that grumpy Eustass Kid, who said that he did it, suppress his emotions.

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Maude observed calmly, and could vaguely feel the helplessness of Sonny beside him.

In Sonny’s view, although Saul is a money fan, he is not the kind of businessman who bows his head for money, and he hates people who are not polite.

So, as long as you are polite, the Keanu with a gun is not a non-sale item.
Once the price is in place, Saul will definitely sell it.

Eustass Kid knows this very well, but he won’t constrain at all.
That’s why he staged a farce where customers want to buy from the boss but not sell.

What Sonny couldn’t understand the most was that Saul’s temperament, who didn’t know how to make money at all, was able to tolerate Eustass Kid’s attitude many times.

I also don’t know which point Saul is fond of Eustass Kid.

Eustass Kid couldn’t get a bargain from Saul.
He didn’t want to be too angry.
Holding a cloth bag with money, he turned and strode towards the gate that opened the one-sided wooden door.


Saul looked at Eustass Kid’s back in a flat tone.

Eustass Kid never looked back.

He walked a few steps to the gate and stopped suddenly.


The one-sided wooden door on the other side of the gate was suddenly kicked open by a man holding a machete.

The wooden door slammed heavily on the wall, making a dull noise, and almost fell apart and retire.

The man was bloodied, and his whole body exuded an unquenched suffocation.
It was obvious that he had just killed a lot of people.

He stepped into the store, and for the first time he saw the bulging cloth bag in his hand, and his cold killing intent turned into gritted teeth.

“Little bunny, let me find it for a while.”

“Where’s the bereaved dog?”

Eustass Kid looked at the man indifferently, grinning at the corners of his thin lips.

At the counter, Thor squinted his eyes, first looked at the wooden door on the right that was kicked by Eustass Kid on the wall, and then at the wooden door on the left that was kicked open by the man with a knife.

Feelings are all addicted.

Saul’s old face was full of frost.

The man with the knife had only Eustass Kid in his eyes.
He didn’t put the other people in his eyes at all.
He glared at Eustass Kid, “I’m offering a reward of 11 million Baileys, which is called 刽……”


Before he could finish the prologue of the man with the knife, who was obviously very familiar, he was slapped and slapped dizzy by Saul who did not know when he flashed behind him.

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Eustass Kid’s pupils shrank immediately.
He was the closest to the man with the machete, but he could not fully see Saul’s movements.

This old thing… really isn’t easy to mess with.

Saul lightly fell to the ground.

With his height, if he doesn’t jump up, he can only hit the knee of the man with the knife.

After landing, Saul didn’t look at the man with the knife who fell unconscious, and turned to Eustass Kid who was standing still, and said lightly: “Why? Still want to stay for dinner?”

Eustass Kid’s cheeks trembled, and he strode away without looking back.

Watching Eustass Kid leave, Saul directly closed the shop not far from retirement.

Sonny came behind Saul and whispered: “I think you are too ‘friendly’ to Eustass Kid.”


Saul turned around and looked at Sonny, and said with a smile: “Why use the word ‘eccentric’, maybe it’s more appropriate.”

“Yeah.” Sonny nodded, and while squeezing out valuables from the comatose knife-bearer, she said again: “I think you are too ‘eccentric’ to Eustass Kid.”

“Ha ha.”

Saul put away the gilded pipe, picked up the blood-stained machete that fell to the ground, and said: “This world is either black or white.
There is no fairness at all.
The reason why I am’partial’ to him is naturally because of him.
There is a value that allows me to be “eccentric”.”

When he finished speaking, Thor had wiped the machete clean and put it on one of the shelves, turning the machete into a commodity for sale on the spot.

Seeing the skillful movements of the two of them to exchange money while making money, Maude was embarrassed.

Putting the machete in place, Saul walked up to the man, kicked the man’s forehead, and said regretfully: “This guy’s head is worth a few dollars, but unfortunately it can’t be exchanged for money.
By the way, what’s his name?”

“He is Evan Watt, the captain of the Ghostblade Pirates.
He is also known as the executioner.
He is a well-known swordsman in West Sea, offering a reward of 11 million Baileys.”

Sonny put the valuables she found out on the counter.
As the little half of Mad Hatter’s incompetent intelligence reporter, she was very kind to help the pirate fill in the affair that was interrupted by Saul just now.


Saul stroked his chin, and suddenly looked at Maude, who was low-key and silent.

“come here.”

Maude saw Saul pointing at himself, and walked up to Saul without saying a word.

Saul raised his hand and patted Maude’s knee, raised his eyebrows and said, “Can you respect the old man? Want me to remind you to sit down?”

Maude twitched the corners of his mouth, instantly realizing, and immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, successfully sitting on an equal footing with Saul.

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The height of the sight was finally equal, and Saul nodded in satisfaction, and looked at Maude from close range.

As far as the first impression is concerned, he is more satisfied with Maude’s composure from beginning to end, which is not the quality of character that an ordinary person should have.

“What’s your name?”

“Bacardi Maud.”

This is the signature on the photo, because the names are the same, it makes Maud save the trouble.

“This surname…”

Saul mumbled, habitually looking at the little intelligence informant Sonny.

Sonny reminded: “Selling liquor.”

Saul suddenly said: “Oh! Come to think of it, his rum is not bad, and it seems to have been in the newspaper two days ago? It is said that the armed merchant ship carrying the cargo was looted by a pirate group, including the owner.
Inside, there was not a living thing left.”

Sonny nodded and said: “Yes.”

“Well, that would be interesting.”

Saul turned to look at Maude, his eyes slowly narrowed.

After a while, without waiting for Maude to react, Saul suddenly took out a small short knife like a fruit knife, smiled and handed it to Maude.

“Just treat it as a separate person from the past, kill this guy named Watt.”

“no problem!”

Maude narrowed his eyes, barely any hesitation, and took the short knife that Saul had handed over.

His face remained silent, but his heart was filled with joy.

This is simply the benefit of delivering it to your door.

Maude looked at Watt in a coma.

I will remember you, Evan Watt, who is called the Executioner, who offered a reward of 11 million Baileys.

Maude was in awe in his heart.

Seeing Maude so obedient and simply, Saul became more satisfied.

Then, just listen to Maude said: “I want to go to the toilet first.”

“…” Saul.

“…” Sonny.

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