Chapter 1 Hunter’s Notes

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“I am still alive?”

Maude opened his eyes, straightened up abruptly, and found himself lying on a simple wooden bed in amazement.

Before I could check the surroundings, my head suddenly stabbed.

Some pictures full of fine marks revolve in my mind like a revolving lantern.




Many memory images are mixed up, which seems to be the cause of the tingling of the head.

“I have obviously been…”

While stinging, Maude’s eyes were blank.

He clearly remembered that he was in the storm in the Hunter’s Association Hall and was unfortunately affected by the power of the wishing machine that beat the enemy Hakka.

Almost in an instant, there was no chance to resist, and his body was twisted into twine.

The change came quickly and suddenly, but the intense pain remained, forming the shadow of death over Maude’s thoughts.

As if suddenly, I could still vaguely feel the tear-like pain coming from the skin.

After a long time, the negative feelings brought by the shadow of death slowly disappeared.

Still alive.

that’s enough.

It was also at this time that Maude had the time to check the surrounding environment.

This is a wooden room with a space of less than ten square meters, and a faint musty smell permeates the air.

On the wooden walls and even the floor, there are cracks visible to the naked eye.

The furnishings in the room are unusually monotonous.
Except for the single bed that Maude is lying on at this time, the only furniture in the room is a set of wooden tables and chairs without any decorations, and a mirror hung on the wall.

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A low-power yellow incandescent lamp hangs from the ceiling to provide a limited light source for the room.

Apart from this, there is nothing else in the room, not even a window.

His gaze swept across the heavily dusty tables and chairs, and finally settled on the mirror covered with a thin layer of dust on the side.

Through the picture reflected in the mirror, Maude saw a strange black-haired boy.

The age of the teenager in the mirror is about fifteen or sixteen.
His facial features are not handsome, but he is delicate and pleasing to the eye.

A bloody bandage was wrapped around the boy’s forehead, his face was sickly pale, and he looked weak.

Maude stared at the “self” in the mirror, and the strange memories in his mind gradually became clear.

Under the brief baptism of these strange memories, Maude endured the tingling sensation, and the uncertainty in his eyes became more obvious.

“So it’s like this…”

He crossed again.

Moreover, this time it is not wearing, but soul wearing.

So, he survived in this way.

Slowly let out a breath, Maude was not eager to get out of bed to further figure out where he was.
Instead, he closed his eyes and slowly accepted the memory left over by the body in an attempt to extract useful information from it.

After a long time, Maude opened his eyes, and fine beads of sweat were secretly oozing from his pale face.

“Slave boats and pirate boats…”

Using his index finger to gently slash the sweat on his cheeks, Maude muttered to himself while lowering his head.

He figured out the origin of this body.

The predecessor was born in a merchant, and was unfortunately looted by a pirate on the way of a cargo.

Except for the young boys like the predecessor, all the adults on the merchant ship were slaughtered by the pirates, including the predecessor’s parents.

After that, the predecessor was sold to a slave boat, and a group of young people were locked up in a room filled with hay on the ground.

Within a few days, the slave ship was suddenly attacked, and a shell blasted open the room where the predecessor was held.

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My recent memory is broken here.

After that…

Maude touched the bandage on his forehead, and the wound didn’t hurt much.

He has no memory of how he came to this room.

But being able to escape a disaster in this way, Maude, besides rejoicing, is joy.

“Pirate, Pirate… Is it the world of One Piece?”

Maude thought.

He was a little uncertain.

But the only thing I can be sure of right now is that everything has to be done all over again.

Including the previous five years of training in the full-time Hunter World, as well as the ability of Nen that allows him to quickly gain a foothold.

“If only the ability is still there.”

Maude thought silently.

When the thought came up, without warning, a thin black notebook appeared out of thin air in his hand.

On the cover of the black notebook, two block letters-Hunter are outlined with silver stripes.

Below the word “Hunter”, there are four blank parallel silver lines, and an inkless quill is attached to the spine of the notebook.

Looking at the black notebook and quill that came out, Maude opened his eyes wide.

Obviously there is no Nen power, but the ability is activated.


Maude looked at the blank space on the parallel silver line.

There should have been four words reflecting his [needs] on the silver line, but now they have been emptied.

Maude opened the notebook.

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What greeted the eyes was still a blank.


Turn to the second page, the third page…

Still blank!

In the original page, he recorded the results of his entire [hunting] four years, but now it is all gone.

“Reset? No wonder you can’t feel any ‘buff’.”

Although the hunting results were emptied due to the reset, the ability is still enough to make Maude ecstatic.

The Hunter’s Note is a growth-type ability developed by Maude in order to maximize the intelligence advantage of the traverser when he was full-time in the Hunter World, and thus developed a growth ability that can maximize the conversion of intelligence into strength.

If you want to activate your ability, you have to complete five steps, namely:

Set hunting requirements → find hunting targets → prepare for hunting → complete hunting operations → harvest hunting results.

The first step is to record four different needs based on one’s own needs on the silver line.
The four needs that Maude recorded at the beginning were: ability of Nen, Nen Attribute, potential energy, and apparent energy.

But if it is in the world of One Piece, these requirements are obviously not feasible.

However, some requirements can be shared.

Such as physical skills, such as swordsmanship, such as physical strength, such as the ability experience of the devil fruit, and Haki experience…

After entering the [Requirements], as long as you write down the name of the target on the note page, and at the same time generate the appearance of the target in your mind, you can complete the second step of finding the hunting target.

And the third hunting preparation step after that is to record all aspects of the correct ability information of the hunting target.
As long as the more detailed information is recorded, the more abundant results can be harvested after the target is hunted and killed.

The ability is still there, and even if it is done again, it can grow at the fastest speed.

Maude was very excited, but quickly calmed down.

He realized a problem.

Although the Hunter’s notes are still there, he is not sure whether it applies to the current world.

If it doesn’t apply, it would be a waste of joy.

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Slowly closing the hunter’s notes, Maude said to himself: “It’s always a good start, but now I still have to figure out the situation as soon as possible.”

As soon as the voice fell, a gunshot suddenly sounded outside.

Maude’s expression changed, and he fell out of the bed like a conditioned reflex, and looked at the closed door vigilantly.

Subsequently, the gunfire became more and more intense, like the sound of frequent fireworks in the distance, a distance away.

Hearing that the source of the gun sound was not in the house, but somewhere outside the house, Maude did not relax his vigilance, and subconsciously squeezed the Hunter’s notes.

With his current body, if there is an emergency, it will only be the fish on the cutting board of others, and it will be slaughtered.

The gunfire from outside lasted for five minutes before it gradually stopped, and Maude stared at the door for more than five minutes.

The gunshots just now gave him a preliminary experience of the chaos in this world.

Holding the hunter’s notes tightly, it couldn’t bring any sense of security.

Because, the current hunter’s notes can be said to be in vain, only a successful completion of a hunt can get a real gain effect.

Tom Tom——

Shortly after the gunfire subsided, Maude heard a sound of footsteps from far and near outside the door, his pupils shrank slightly, and the hunter’s notes were removed.

Afterwards, he quickly got up, stepped lightly, and leaned his back against the wall on the right side of the door.

Under the premise of unknown circumstances, it is more advantageous to be on the side of the door than to squat down on the side of an empty wooden bed.

Soon, the sound of footsteps came close.

Maude tilted his head and stared to the right, holding his breath.


The wooden door was pushed open, making a harsh and unpleasant sound.

However, no one walked into the room.
Instead, a black hole came out of the muzzle.

And the muzzle was facing Maude at a strange angle.

Suddenly, Maude felt cold all over, and his heartbeat missed a beat.

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