Chapter 16: Someone is Born to be Extraordinary

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Do you want to give up or continue?

Maude squeezed the handle of the gun, frowning deeply.

He didn’t want to give up this opportunity of waiting for many days, and at the same time he didn’t want to risk doing something he was uncertain about.

When the heavens and humans were fighting, Reid and his companions had already walked within a range of 80 meters.

In just a few seconds, Maude tried to find a reason to convince himself.

He raised his head and glanced at the sky, and there was a hint of luck in his heart in vain.

Risks and benefits coexist.

It’s okay even if you leave a live mouth, as long as you don’t get caught.

With the night and the jagged buildings around, it is very possible to leave in time.

After reading this, Maude has made a decision.

Even if the timing is not good, it is too early to give up now.

He took a deep breath and stared at the two figures walking step by step.

Seventy meters.

Maude’s index finger squeezed on the trigger.

Sixty meters.

Maude’s index finger pressed slightly.

Fifty meters.

Maude held his breath.

Just when he was about to shoot, he saw Reid suddenly speed up his pace and walk towards one side of the wall.

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Maude’s eyelids twitched and he almost shot directly.

After seeing the next scene, Morde’s sudden increase in heart rate slowly dropped, and his index finger slowly left the trigger.

In the alleyway, Reid was holding on to the wall, bending towards the root of the wall and vomiting filth wantonly.

While his companion patted Reid on the back, he said something to Reid sideways.

The dark clouds in the night sky suddenly dispersed a little, and the moonlight passed through the gap, like lights projecting into the lane.

Maude looked at the two figures coming together, and a bold idea suddenly appeared in his mind.

“This angle… no, it’s a bit too close.”

Maude got up gently and moved to another sniper spot a few meters away.

Immediately, he half-prone, holding his breath, aimed his gun at the two figures in front of the lane wall.

An imagined gun line passed straight through Reid’s side neck from top to bottom, and finally stayed on the center of Reid’s companion’s eyebrows.

“It works!”

The killing intent in Maude’s eyes flashed away, and the index finger further squeezed the trigger.


Loud gunshots resounded suddenly over the tunnel.

In the next second, two heavy objects fell to the ground in the lane.

Reid fell on the ground, his eyes wide open, his mouth like an oxygen-deficient goldfish, struggling to agitate.

A blood hole was punched out of his side neck, and a blood line was thrown from it, forming a small arc and falling on the ground.

As for his fierce-looking companion, he lay silently on the side.

The bullet that passed through Reid’s side neck, after the remaining force weakened, penetrated precisely into the center of his eyebrows, and killed him on the spot.

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After a while, people who were awakened by the gunfire looked out the window.

All of a sudden, many noises rang out in the night.

And Maude had already left the sniper site, and moved downstairs like an ape to the weapon shop.

Several dozen meters away from the sniper site, Saul stood in the shadow of a building.

His breath seems to blend with the night, even if you look up close, you are most likely to regard him as a sculpture.

Looking at the two corpses in the lane from a distance, Saul suddenly said, “What do you think after reading it?”

“I don’t understand, and… I don’t want to believe it.”

In another shadow a few meters away, Sonny’s suspicious voice came in time.

She walked out of the shadows, unlike Saul looking at the corpse in the lane, but with an unbelievable look at the sniper spot where the person went to the building.

The face that was traversed by the knife mark was full of indescribable shock at this time.

“When Maude received the musket from Yasopp, I saw him playing with the gun.
He looked very rusty, and he turned the gun over and over again.
It was like the first time he had come into contact with this type of gun.”

“So I would rather believe that he shot the bullet just now with a pistol instead of using a musket.
How did he… do it?”

Saul glanced at Sunny, who seemed to have been hit.

He can understand Sonny’s feelings.

Because he has also experienced this kind of thing.

Some things can’t be changed even if they are not reconciled.

People have been divided into ranks since they landed.

Some are born in poverty and some are born in wealth.

Some people are born with extraordinary talents, and some are born unremarkable.

“Sonny, there is always no shortage of monsters in this world.
Some monsters are born to use swords, and some are born to use guns.”

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“Then I want to… continue to learn guns?”


Saul frowned slightly, as if seeing his former shadow on Sonny.

Seeing Saul’s silence, Sonny had a negative expression on her face.

“I have no talent for learning swords, and I have a bad physique and not suitable for specializing in physical skills.
In the end, I can only learn guns.”

“When Yasopp praised my talent, I thought I was on the right path.”

“But it turns out that the me in Yasopp’s eyes at that time was different from the Maude in my eyes now.”

Sonny self-denying, the frustration means that the night can’t hide.

Saul sighed: “Maude’s aptitude is indeed beyond my expectations, but in terms of gun use, I don’t think you will be inferior to him, even though he is walking faster than you now…”

“Is this comfort?”

“I don’t want to do such thankless things even if I’m full.”

“Sure enough, it’s comfort.”


Saul shook his head and looked at the lights in the night, meaninglessly.

“Sonny, this road is longer than you think, and it will even grow to make you feel what despair is, and you and Maude have just walked a trivial short walk.”

“You know, when I was young, I originally wanted to be a world-famous swordsman, but like you, I use the same sword… Oh, don’t you go? My memoirs of heroes have just started, you come back to me!”

Seeing Sonny walk away without looking back, Saul’s wrinkled cheeks trembled several times.

“This little Nizi… I don’t know if she listened to her words.”

Saul raised his head to look at the night sky, and the memories of the past that Sonny led out became clearer.

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He has been frustrated by talent issues and thought that there is no way for him to go.


In his mind, the captain’s smiling face slowly emerged.

Saul couldn’t help but smile, and continued to be immersed in the memory of the past.

But soon, some bad memories also emerged one after another.

A man wielding a huge iron fist and his whole body painted black with Armament Haki broke out, and then pushed the captain’s smiling face aside.

Thor shook his head sharply, gritted his teeth.

“Damn, how come you think of him at this time?”

At this time, Saul felt sick as if he had eaten a hundred flies.


Weapon shop.

Maude returned to the room and put the [Usopp] who had just done the job properly.


With a sigh of relief, Maude summoned the Hunter’s Note.

Above the black cover, there is a slightly larger star point.

Maude lay down on the bed, carefully feeling the changes brought about by his body.

This time, there was Sonny’s intelligence support, so the benefits were much better than the first time.

If the previous physical fitness is equivalent to 5 times that of ordinary people, it should be about 15 times now.

If you only talk about physique and use Dao power to understand it, it is… 150!

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