Chapter 14 Flocked

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In just half a month, the news that Mad Hatter Town was about to auction a devil fruit had spread throughout the West Sea.

All of a sudden, pirates eager for power swarmed.

Especially those captains of the pirate regiment who are ready to enter the Grand Line, this is inevitable.

What does a devil fruit mean?

This means that their group of veteran pirates who are about to break into Grand Line can have a deep understanding.

On the other hand, the navy branch of the West Sea can naturally capture this news.

However, the deployment of troops is an unavoidable flaw of the navy branch, so even if you know it, it is difficult to do anything.

Because this is the West Sea after all, not a Grand Line.

Leaving aside the priority, as one of the four seas, the intuitive sea area of ​​the West Sea is by no means comparable to a Grand Line.

Correspondingly, this also means that the Navy branch of the West Sea needs to spread the vast majority of its forces in various places to protect the safety of the people within its jurisdiction.

If the scattered troops are to be dispatched together, although there is no problem with instant messaging and other aspects, the timeliness cannot keep up.

The most difficult problem still stems from the omnipresent threat of the pirates.

They are not like the navy that needs to be stationed in one place to maintain law and order.
Although they will not be in groups, they have the same commonality as they can move freely everywhere.

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Seeing the profit here, they slammed up like a grasshopper in blood.

When the navy was in place, he fled without looking back, and then went to a profitable place on the other side.

In this situation, arbitrarily dispatching troops will only give the locust-like pirates the opportunity to do whatever they want.

Therefore, compared with the threat posed by individual pirate groups, the number of pirates in the Four Seas is different from the pirates of the Grand Line, which can make the navy branch a headache.

Of course, due to various factors such as different folk customs and cultures, the number of Navy forces in the various jurisdictions of the West Sea is different.

Eliminate some Navy worms that do not act.
In some jurisdictions with sufficient military strength, the navy will pool the overflowing force into a mobile-based force, and their main task is to chase and suppress the pirates who fled.

This kind of Navy force, which is not restricted by jurisdiction, can often make pirates frightened.

But although it is effective, it treats the symptoms rather than the root cause.

And what can these troops do in an inaccessible zone with deep roots like Mad Hatter Town?

It’s like a police officer with a gun breaking into a den of ten thugs.

Due to the deterrence of firearms, the ten gangsters in the den would voluntarily give up their superiority in numbers, and then bow their heads.

But if a gun-armed sheriff breaks into hundreds of gangster dens, the result is self-evident.

If you want to break this situation, unless the navy headquarters sends a force that can break the balance.

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However, the turmoil caused by just a devil fruit is not enough to form the conditions for the navy headquarters to go to war.

Although the West Sea Navy Branch was unable to form a powerful attack on Mad Hatter Town, all kinds of eyeliners still focused on Mad Hatter Town.

Inability to act does not mean that you do nothing.


Mad Hatter Island, Mad Hatter Town, Mad Hatter Auction House.

As the name suggests, the building of the auction house is like a top hat lying horizontally on the ground.

For example:The first to second floors of the auction house are like a hat, occupying the largest area and are also the main venue for holding auctions.

In order to increase the passenger capacity, the design style of the auction house is roughly the same as that of the regular opera house.

Therefore, the second floor can actually be summarized in the first floor.

The higher levels decrease the area as the height increases.

The room on the top floor of the auction house, of course, belongs to the owner who controls the auction house.

As the culmination of the auction house, the room decoration can be described as magnificent, revealing the atmosphere of nouveau riche everywhere.

The wall facing the center of the room is a full-surface coated floor-to-ceiling glass window, and in front of the floor-to-ceiling window is a set of European-style hall tables with a dark red tone.

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The devil fruit that will be auctioned in ten days is quietly placed on the table top, underneath it is padded with a layer of soft cloth, to show its preciousness.

Sitting on the main sofa chair is a strong middle-aged man in a red suit with a slicked head and a cigar in his mouth.

This person is the owner of the auction house-Lucches Ralph.

“A wave of hands can make those wolves, tigers and leopards go crazy.
This is the charm of the Devil Fruit.”

Ralph lay on his back on the sofa, his eyes were cold and dark, as if he had been stripped of his humanity, and it was difficult for ordinary emotions to appear in them.

Opposite him, a man sneered and said, “It’s not worth my effort to bring the devil fruit back from Grand Line.
Just one trip to another place can make its value soar several times.
This kind of good business is the world.
How little is it.”

Ralph lowered his eyelids and looked at the man’s proud face through the smoke he vomited, without saying a word to correct the man’s wrong perception.

There are so many good deals in this world.

It only doubles the value of a devil fruit, and it is more the effect of marketing than the transaction itself.

Ralph rubbed his fingers to wipe out the red-burning butts of his cigar, and said lightly: “The reserve price is 100 million, and the transaction price should be upwards of 1 billion.”

“so much?”

The man was taken aback, obviously trusting Ralph’s judgment.

Ralph glanced at the devil fruit on the table, and said: “The giants in the Weat Sea Underground World look down on this devil fruit, but the five big gangs are bound to win, so those who have the ability to take the fruit will only one of them, do you know what this means?”

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Ralph continued without waiting for the man to answer:

“It means that as long as it is a normal bidding, this number will only be raised up to the limit they can withstand.
Of course, the premise is that no one secretly uses the means.
As for the pirates who flock in, it is just to make up the number.
It’s the money giver.”

Listening to Ralph’s words, the man suddenly became interested.

“Then you think, among the five big gangs, who is most likely to take this fruit?”

“Gangster Bege.”


Saul Weapon Store.

After half a month, Maude’s injuries have basically healed, and with the fact that every day, he can’t find any signs of weight loss on his face.

Compared with the pale and haggard face when he first woke up, it was also ruddy and lustrous.

Maude, who was recovering well, removed his bandage and looked in the mirror on purpose.

The original morbid state no longer exists, and replaced by a blood-filled face, plus the negative effect of the bandage covering the eyebrows.

After looking in the mirror, Maude found himself unexpectedly-so handsome?

At the same time, he finally found his second prey-a neighbor.

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