Chapter 13 The Murder Caused by a Gun

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The blue hole mask is the basis for Maude to recognize Killer’s identity.

Thinking that Eustass Kid is also in Mad Hatter Town, he is even more assured.

“What is he here for? Will he buy a gun for Eustass Kid? But that gun… seems to be the flintlock pistol Yasopp bought yesterday.”

Maude looked at Killer without a trace, guessing the other party’s motive for coming to the store.

After a visitor came to the door, Sonny put down the auction manual for the first time, adjusted her emotions quickly, lowered her head and raised her head, she was already looking at Killer who opened the door with no expression on her face.

Shops of this type do not need to sell services and smile at all.

Buy if you like, don’t buy it.

Very user-friendly guidelines.

Killer walked into the shop and saw that there was no such awkward old man Eustass Kid had said in the shop.
He was slightly surprised and didn’t care much.

He is here to buy things, it doesn’t matter who it is, as long as someone is there.

Walking quickly to the counter, Killer simply took out four stacks of Bailey and put it on the counter, and went straight in: “4 million, buy Keanu with a gun.”

“The price of Keanu with a gun is 3.8 million.”

“It doesn’t matter, the extra 200,000 is at your disposal.”

“Oh, but the gun has been bought by someone else.”


A question mark slowly appeared on Killer’s forehead.

If you were bought away, don’t you just say it, but talk nonsense with me here?

He suddenly understood the reason for the anger in Eustass Kid.

Ever since they went to sea, have they ever encountered such a merchant?

But after thinking about it, Killer felt that it was a good thing to be bought away, and they could definitely grab it afterwards.

Grab what you want, and kill the unpleasant guys.
This is their code of conduct.

It’s like these four million Baileys, which were just grabbed last night.

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Under the understanding of his thoughts, Killer asked, “Who bought the gun?”

Sonny has been here for many years, how can she not see Killer’s motivation to ask who the buyer is.

It’s nothing more than going to the buyer to carry out a looting that is justified for the pirates.

If it is normal, Sonny will never reveal the information of the customer, which is the bottom line of being a seller.

But this time is different, because the buyer is Yasopp from the Redhair Pirates.

She looked at Killer and said calmly: “The gun was sold yesterday afternoon.
The person who bought the gun is called Yasopp.”

Killer heard the words, as if saying one more sentence was a waste of life, picked up Bailey and turned around and left.

He vaguely felt like he had heard the name Yasopp, but he didn’t think much about it.

The gun was bought yesterday afternoon, so the man named Yasopp is most likely still in Mad Hatter.

Out of the weapon shop, Killer went straight to the tavern where Eustass Kid was.

The next thing is naturally self-evident, that is to find a buyer, and then snatch the gun, there is no need to stay here afterwards.

Maude walked to the door, leaned out half of his body, and looked at Killer’s distant back with a pitying look.

But when they thought that Shanks had gone far, they couldn’t help feeling regretful.

Otherwise, he really wanted to see the scene where Eustass Kid and his gang rob gun.

Closing the shop door, Maude turned around and looked at the counter.
He wanted to say good or bad words to Sonny, but then saw that Sonny was immersed in the auction booklet again.

With her habit of reading a single newspaper for three or four hours back and forth, I don’t know how much time this small auction booklet can take up for her.

Maude was still a little interested in the auction, and quietly stood behind Sonny and took a peek at the list of auction items in the brochure.

“The famous sword of one of the 50 works? When I learn how to use a sword, I don’t know when it happened.”

“Huh? There are even murloc slaves, the starting price is 1 million Bailey… Unfortunately, there is no money, otherwise you can buy it and try if the hunter’s notes are effective for the murlocs.”

“Scented skunk? It means… an unprecedented variant of skunk that emits fragrance? What kind of skunk, even this kind of thing can be auctioned? It is also classified as a rare and exotic animal…”

“Uh, over and over again, most of the auction items are mainly weapons, even knives, they even have flintlocks guns.”

“Think about it.
Potential buyers are basically pirates, and the demand for weapons will of course be higher, unlike auction houses where nobles dominate, which are basically slaves.”

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“However, when you look at it all, only the Devil Fruit and the famous sword of the good property can be called blockbuster auction items.”

“The latter’s value is definitely not as good as the Devil Fruit, but it is also something that can be met and cannot be sought.”

Maude browsed the same auction items with different starting prices behind Sonny, which was an eye-opener.

Compared with the auctions in Hunter World where all kinds of antiques are the main commodities, the auctions in One Piece World are more interesting.

Those miscellaneous goods easily aroused Maude’s desire to buy.

After reading the auction items, Maude quietly exited the counter and continued to exercise in the corner of the store.

This form of exercise cannot increase strength in a short period of time, but it is better than a long stream.
In the current situation, it is better than nothing.

“It’s all over, and Saul is not coming back.”

Maude paid attention to the time.

I don’t know if it was because Saul was so angry yesterday that Shanks became so young today.

After all, you have to get rid of the fire.

Inexplicably, Maude seemed to have found the reason why Saul had not returned.


In the noisy tavern, Eustass Kid waited for Killer to return empty-handed.

“Didn’t sell you?”

Eustass Kid’s eyes were cold, and the rising anger turned into a desire for destruction that could occur at any time.

He was almost exhausted for this gun.

Killer shook his head and said, “It’s not that they didn’t sell it, but it was bought by someone called Yasopp.”

“Oh? When did you buy it?”

Eustass Kid suddenly came to his senses, and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He can’t provoke the unpredictable Saul, is it possible that he can’t provoke the man who bought the gun?

“yesterday afternoon.”

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“Find him.”

Eustass Kid suddenly got up and walked towards the door.

Killer dropped the money and followed Eustass Kid.

There is no strict prohibition in the town of Mad Hatter against cannibalism among peers, but there is a rule that must be obeyed on the face of it.

That is, it cannot harm the legitimate interests of merchants.

That is basically-you spend in the store, then pay as much as you should pay.

Want to go wrong?

Then wait to die.

The two walked out of the tavern one after another and came to the street.

The so-called snakes have snake paths, and rats have rat paths.

If you want to find out the whereabouts of Yasopp in the town as quickly as possible, you can only find a dealer who specializes in these businesses.

Walking briskly on the street, Killer suddenly said, “I always feel that… the name Yasopp sounds familiar.”

“Then you just think about it.”

Eustass Kid glanced at him.

But when Killer said that, Eustass Kid felt that way.


The two suddenly stopped walking as they walked.

Although Eustass Kid still had an awe-inspiring expression of killing intent on a stranger face, the aura that came out of his body obviously turned down sharply.

As for Killer, you couldn’t see it because he was wearing a mask.

After a long time, Killer said blankly: “What should I do next?”


Eustass Kid gritted his teeth.

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He loves collecting weapons, but some weapons are not necessary.

But Keanu had a different gun.
It was one of the short knives and short guns he planned to equip.

That is, it is used for combat, not a collection bought to satisfy the desire to collect.

This is also the fundamental reason why he is so persistent, and even hesitate to stay in Mad Hatter for so long.

But now that gun is already sold, there is no need to stay.

At this moment, in front of Eustass Kid was oncoming a male bowing group who was walking while holding the auction booklet.

When I was about to hit…

Eustass Kid was unmoved, and let the man bump into him.


Obviously, the man with the head bowed voluntarily bumped into it, but he stepped back two steps, and the auction booklet fell to the ground.

“Dog stuff, no eyes…”

The man with the head bowed suddenly rushed up in anger.

As a result, before he finished speaking, he was flew out by Eustass Kid’s venting punch, and immediately landed more than ten meters away, life and death unknown.

“Do you dare to go to sea with trash like scum?”

Eustass Kid foamed on the ground.

Suddenly noticed the brochure of the auction.


Small theater.

“Do you dare to go to sea with trash like scum?”

Eustass Kid foamed on the ground.

Suddenly, “by feeling” he noticed that Lucky’s expression became unnatural.

“Lucky, I’m not scolding you.”

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