Eli the Ghost

In late October, my girlfriend Jamila and I took a road trip to Stover, Vermont. We rented a cabin on the website Glamming Hub. Only about a 20-minute ride from the village. It was on a lovely hilltop with a view of the fall foliage, which was just the reason why we took this trip. We had the rental from Thursday night to Sunday.

The cabin had a code lock system. The owner sent me the combination before we arrived, and it worked seamlessly stepping in. We looked around the place, and it was nice and cozy. Everything was made of wood and had this very old-fashioned country feel. It even had this distinct smell that just reminded us of our hometown.

There was a bathroom, a small kitchen, three bedrooms, and a living room. It was plenty of space for the two of us. There were two TVs, one in the master bedroom and one in the living room. There was this other door that was locked, though, which we presumed led to the third bedroom that was listed in the ad.

Though we didn know why it would be locked, it wasn a big deal at all, and we presume the owner had some personal stuff in there, plus he knew it would only be us two. We put most of our luggage in the second bedroom so we could leave the master bedroom nice and neat. Since we arrived late on Thursday, we went straight out to dinner in town.

Then we walked around the village for a little bit before returning to the cabin. It was late then, so we called it a night after a movie. The next day was a cloudy, chilly one. We went out to hike along some dirt trails in the woods near the cabin, which was very peaceful. Upon returning to the cabin, I showered and changed out of my hiking attire and into more appropriate attire for hitting a nice restaurant.

When I got out of the shower, Jamila told me she heard something in the bedroom with a locked door. She said it sounded like a radio or recording. I went to the door and put my ear up on it to try and listen, but it was silent on the other side. I knocked on the door. She told me to stop because the idea of me knocking on the door and trying to see if someone was in there freaked her out.

To be honest, I slightly did it for the reason of teasing her. I was sitting in the living room watching whatever I could find on TV. Thats when I thought I just barely heard a sound. I heard the slightest sound from inside that room. I muted the TV and went to put my ear over the door. I did hear this slight speaking noise as it could be from a radio. I messaged and then called the host and told him about it.

He said he wasn sure why his wife wouldve locked the door but that she may have left some of her stuff there. He said as, for the speaker noise, hed have to ask his wife. Jamila and I went out for lunch after her shower. I didn tell her about hearing the noise because I didn want to creep her out, and it was apparent to me that the guys wife had just left an electronic device in there.

We went to this restaurant on Main Street in a town called Harrisons. After that, we just drove around the area, stopped at a park, and relaxed. Thats when the host called me and said that his wife told him she didn lock anything in there, so hes not sure why that is or what we could be hearing.

He offered to come by and unlock the door and check it out, to which I said sure. So, with that, we headed back to the house. It was about a 20-minute drive back when we got back. Jamila let herself in and collapsed on the couch, tired from eating and walking around. I listened into the room again and still heard the same sounds as before.

I walked outside. I didn know why I didn think of doing this sooner. I went to the window, to the bedroom with the locked door. No curtains or anything was blocking the view inside. I was horrified when I stood on my tiptoes to look into the room. I saw this grossly tall, 20 something year old guy in a hood dancing slowly in the center of the room. He had what looked to be a small radio in his hand. He quickly noticed me at the window, stopped, and looked at me, smiling. I started screaming Jamilas name, yelling, Get out of the house! She met me at the door, panicked and confused.

I told her to get in the car. I grabbed our two bags, leaving whatever stray items were behind, and threw them in the trunk, driving off. I then called the host and told them to call the cops because someone was in the house. An hour later, while we were in town, I got a call back from the host, who said, Police had arrived, the third bedroom was opened, and no one was in there.

However, they found multiple empty bags of chips under the bed, implying someone was, in fact, in there. We returned to collect our remaining belongings and worked out a refund between the host and the website. Of course, we didn stay after that. We went to a nearby motel and stayed till Sunday. Then we went home.

Ill tell you though, what I saw through that window, that skinny dancing figure, I couldn sleep for nights, especially with the thought that he was in there the entire time we were, even while we were asleep.

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