Closed Door

My family has a summer house in the Arapaho National Forest of Colorado. Its a seven-hour drive from my home. I don often go with my parents or siblings. If ever I go alone for hunting and detoxing, Ive probably been up there a total of 40 times in my life. The last time I went was a few months ago. But I don like going alone anymore. Heres why.

It was 2017. I just pulled my truck up the old dirt road onto the grass of the property. Theres no actual driveway. We just park wherever on the grass. The house isn huge. Its modest but pleasant for a vacation home. I parked up next to the front deck. This was in the summer, but the breeze was still nice and cool.

I let myself into the house using the keypad lock. We don use physical keys for fear of losing or forgetting them. I was the first one there in quite some time. So, I had to turn on the electricity and water heater. In the meantime, I unpacked and ate the lunch I had brought with me.

I also threw away any mouse and bug traps that were left out that caught mice and bugs. Its quite a problem in the house. After all, this was done, I started setting up my hunting gear, which my dad and I left in a big back closet. By this point, the sun was on its way down. It was around 06:00.

A laughter from outside caught my attention. I marched from the kitchen to the living room to look out the big window that looked into the woods. I looked into the woods, and I didn see anyone. So, I cranked the heavy window open and listened. The laughter belonged to multiple children, like a small group.

This was our property, which meant these kids were trespassing, probably up to no good. I went outside through the back door to the woods, trying to follow the laughter. I kept going deeper into the woods, and the laughter stayed the same distance away from me. Eventually, I gave up because it seemed like the kids were running away anyway. The next day, while posted up in the tower that my dad built for deer hunting in the woods, I heard the sound of those kids laughing again.

I decided to call my dad and ask him what to do. He told me to chase them off the property if I saw them. So, I shot around into the air and forfeited any game to chase the kids away. But it worked, of course. The sound of the laughing stopped right away. So now, I knew it would be pointless to be posted up in the tower, so I called it for the day and went back into the house. I wasn feeling too well anyway. That night I slept with all the windows open to get some air circulation.

It came back, the sound of the children. It had to be like eleven at this point. I climbed up from the bed to look out the window. Of course, it was too dark out there. I had enough now, though. I grabbed my Winchester from the closet and a flashlight as well.

I didn intend to shoot kids, just scaring them off with a round or two. I went out the back door towards the woods again, where the laughter came from. The laughter was louder than at any other time before. Now it seemed like they were 20 meters away at most. I yelled in a strong, commanding voice to get off my land.

I scanned the woods with my flashlight. It wasn a very powerful one, though. Then every muscle in my body basically went limp, and the volume of the laughter went from 30 to 100 in a matter of half a second. Then something landed on the ground next to me. It was an old-looking speaker.

The sounds of kids laughing were blasting through it. I picked it up and threw it back in the woods, then aimed a light back in the woods at one point. Im still not sure of it, though, but I thought I saw a person standing at the edge of my light. I aimed my Winchester into the air and fired, then yelled a threat like come any closer. The next round goes through your skull. I then ran back inside the house and locked the door.

I closed every curtain. I considered calling the sheriffs department, but all the way up here, any police call would take at least half an hour to an hour. I was better off fleeing altogether. As I packed my bag, I heard a smudge on the living room window. I waited a few minutes in an idle position before slightly moving the curtains, revealing something written in blood on the glass.

I didn take the time to read it. I finished packing my bag, took my gun, took a deep breath, and went outside. I locked the door with the code as quickly as possible, then ran for the car as if my life depended on it. I turned the car on and put it in drive before it had time to finish with those startup beeps. I spoke with my dad on the way home.

He told me I was right to leave anything in the house as it wasn worth my life. I stayed at a nearby motel that night. My dad came the next day. I met him at the house. Whatever was written on that window with blood was wiped entirely off.

The house wasn broken into, and we couldn find the speaker-type thing that was thrown at me. We stayed a couple of nights, then went home. I don know who was out there or why they were targeting me. I really hope that blood was animal blood, though.

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