Night in the Woods

ouldn , I was frozen.

He didn move, and it was clear that he was trying not to be seen. After a few moments, I did my best to think rationally and logically. Im not sure that he knew that I had seen him. I had a blanket over me, which might have shrouded my face in that he wouldn be able to see my eyes. After about a minute of gut-wrenching fear, I somehow decided to do something; it was the hardest thing Ive ever done.

I forced myself to cough. I did it while getting up in an effort to give him the impression that I didn know that he was there. I slowly made it to my feet and walked across the icy cold wood flooring to the bathroom around the corner of the living room. He didn move. I made it into the bathroom, and nothing happened.

I closed the bathroom door and slowly turned the lock to the upright position. Tears went down my face as I backed up into the bathtub behind me. I was staring at the door. I suddenly realized there was a small window up above the bathtub that I could most likely crawl through. I moved the shower curtain as silently as I could and reached up to the window lock.

I unlocked it and tried sliding the window open to the left. The window began to squeak when I pulled it open, and I froze, hoping that the man didn hear it. A couple of seconds later, I heard a tapping on the bathroom door. It wasn a knock but a tap, and it didn sound like the tap of a finger. It sounded like metal like he was tapping a knife against the door.

At this point, I realized that the man either knew what I was doing or simply wanted me to know that he was outside the door. Adrenaline took over completely, and I slid the window open and pushed the screen out onto the floor. I tried not to exert any noise. As I jumped up and began squeezing my body through this small window, my head and upper body were out, and I could not see inside the bathroom anymore.

Only the dense, dark woods in front of me. I was pulling my legs through the window when I suddenly felt the man grab my foot directly after that. Before I could even react, I felt my ankle be sliced. I let out a noise of shock and surprise as I pulled out of his grasp and fell to the ground. I started heaving and felt as if my heart would explode.

I stood up and looked around. I quickly dashed out into the woods and fell to the ground looking back at the house. I felt my ankle throbbing from pain and brought my hand up to reveal that it was covered in slick blood. The deathly serious situation I was in became real and horrifying.

I looked back at the house and suddenly saw the back door fly open. The man ran down the steps and started looking around into the darkness, searching for me. I became a statue on the ground and tried to control my breathing. He had a huge knife in his hand and was wearing all black. He was walking into the woods, but not near where I was lying.

He was grunting, and soon after I lost sight of him, I started frantically looking around, thinking that at any moment, he would spot me and stab me to death. I saw nothing but trees and darkness. There was a bit of snow on the ground from a couple of days ago, and I was freezing and shaking at this point uncontrollably.

About 10 minutes later, I saw the man walk out of the trees from where he had entered and went back inside the house. I laid out there the rest of the night, and luckily, the sun started to rise only about an hour later. After the sun fully illuminated my surroundings, I felt as though the man had probably left, and I felt ready to move.

I made it to my feet and walked around the house to the front. I saw that the front door was left wide open. I slowly approached it and looked inside, and there was nothing. I walked a few steps and grabbed my car keys hanging on a hook by the front. I ran back to my car, unlocked it, got inside, and started the engine.

I backed out of the long driveway and drove to the little general store a few miles from my house, and this is where the story ends. I got away, and so did the intruder. My ankle was pretty badly cut, but it healed after a few months with no problem. I suffered minor pneumonia, but nothing too serious became of it.

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