Night in the Woods

Im 26 years old, and this is the first time Ive thought about this incident in detail because of how traumatizing it was. I met my ex-girlfriend in Miami in 2010. We had both lived there our whole lives but decided to move to Maine a couple of years after we started dating. She had flown to Maine on a business trip in 2012 and fell in love with the place.

The small towns, the scenery, and the people. She came home and convinced me to pack up our whole lives and move there, so we did. We saved up a bunch of money and rented a huge moving truck. The plan was for me to drive the moving truck across the country while she stayed behind for three days to finish her classes at the local community college, which were due to end at that.

I wouldve just waited until her classes were finished, but we decided to take advantage of an incredibly good deal that we were offered from the company that provided the moving truck. She had a car that she had to drive there. Anyways, while I towed my car behind the moving truck, my brother came with me on the trip.

Helping me drive. The drive was obviously a very long one. And when my brother and I arrived in Maine, about four days after we had left, we were exhausted. After unloading the truck and sleeping for about 13 hours, we decided to visit the small town of Belfast, which was about 14 miles away from my new house.

We ate some seafood at a little family-owned joint and made the drive back to the house. My new house was literally in the middle of nowhere. During the day, the view of the lake in my backyard was amazing. The woods surrounding my house were awesome, and everything was really beautiful at night.

It was a different story in the night. The house was incredibly creepy to be in. The whole house was surrounded by windows. You could not see anything looking out those windows at night, but Im sure that if you were standing close to it, you could quite easily see in. My brother had a flight booked back to California the following day, and we woke up very early in the morning to drive to Portland, where the airport was.

I eventually made it back alone and wasn able to make any phone calls or watch any cable TV because we had no service out there yet, and no cable or internet hooked up. My cell phone did not work anywhere on that property. The only thing I had was a box of DVDs. That was it. When I made it back, I decided to try out my new fishing pole that we had bought in town.

I wasn out at the lake very long as it started to get dark in Maine. I went back to the house and sat in the living room, in the chair, looking out the windows at the scenery. My view was getting darker and darker. I turned on all the lights in the house and quickly became creeped out when it became pitch black outside.

Imagine being in the middle of the forest in the middle of nowhere at night and looking around. You could not see your own hand if you held it right in front of your face. And when I say it was pitch black, I mean you literally can see anything. We hadn hung up any curtains or blinds yet, and I had an extremely uneasy feeling that somebody was outside the house watching me, watching me go from room to room.

I decided to hang up sheets over all the windows using thumbtacks. I sat on the couch in the living room and put in a funny movie to try and shake my ominous feeling. It did not work. I eventually realized I had to try to get some sleep, and my eyelids were becoming sore. I was getting very tired.

I covered myself with blankets on the couch and turned off the tv. After a few minutes, my eyes adjusted, and I could see slightly around the living room. My eyes were very heavy, and I fell asleep. I woke up sometime later, and it was still very dark. I reached for my bottle of Coke on the ground in front of me and took a big gulp.

I set it back down and looked around the room. Now Im having difficulty putting these following emotions into words that I can accurately convey. My heart began to throb when I noticed a man standing in the corner of the room. I couldn see his eyes, but he had to have been looking at me. I did nothing and said nothing, and not by choice, but because I c

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