The two weeks of exams passed by in a slow, slow motion, dragging me along painfully. I had to focus on keeping cool, studying, watching my back and hiding it all from my parents. I expected that maybe only my father would care about my disappearances and I was correct. Finally, I could breathe. The watchers were off my back, the matter was something I couldn risk my life or of my family. And i had to let it go.

”You going to apply for college intakes? ” Lucy asked as soon as she entered my room, at my home that is. I had long left her home, to get myself off her back. She deserved it.

”Maybe, maybe not, ” I grumbled back to her and and flipped the papers I was holding, which had names of colleges and the programs they provided. I had passion for none, as far as i could tell. What i was supposed to do was wait for exam results, pick a course, tell dad and hell get me financially covered. In mind, I visualized myself as a doctor, like my dad. Bustling around, saving lives, that stuff.

”Ill be an archaeologist. Ill pick you a golden tooth. ” Lucy laughed at her own lame joke as she sprang down on my bed. For the sake of her humour, i joined her, my laugh coming out as a raspy exhale. So much for a friend. Digging up things, finding antiques, falling own your own excavation site and spraining a wrist. Not my type of lunch.

For the next one hour, we spent it searching for the courses, colleges, sleeping facilities and such. We had all aspects covered, only needed to wait for the results three weeks away. It was all preparing in time.

Lucy left soon after, after getting a call from her mom, calling her back home. Goodness of living one road apart.

For the first week, I spent it recreationally. Painting, cooking, singing, anime and more anime. It was so lofty, all of it. Lucy had gone on a family vacation; her, her mom, her dad and little brother and they had gone to the beach. And i was alone, only having Anthony, my classmate, for late night chats thankfully were nothing flirty. I was grateful for once, to have a boy best friend. I was the happiest i could be, with my life finally becoming complete.

The second week rolled by slowly. It was a Friday and I was home, chilling in the living room, texting Anthony when I saw my dad calling me. I smiled, and accepted the call, putting the phone to my ear.

”Hey dad! Are you coming now? ” I spoke cheerfully.

”Are you Lilia Jones? ” A strange masculine voice responded back. I pulled the phone from my ear and checked again the caller ID and saw that it was my dads name.

”Yeah, this is her. Wheres my dad? ” My voice betrayed my emotions. It came out strong, different from the turmoil that was bubbling in my mind. I ran through all the possibilities, of how a grim strange voive could ask for my name through my dads phone. Only one possibility popped in. Mr. Green. I gasped at the realization and as i was about to speak, the voice spoke again.

”This is Johnsons Hospital. Come to the ER as soon as possible. ” I sighed in relief that it wasn that person before the words finally sinked in. I stood up abruptly, dropping the shawl on my legs in the process.

I couldn find words to say. To say i was shocked would be an understatement; I was frozen.

”Ho-ho-how-? What happened?! Is he okay?! ” I felt sorry for the one on the other side of the phone but i didn care.

”Just come as fast as possible. ” He hung up. My arms fell limp at my sides. My brain refused to react as I stood there, for a good minute or two, like a statue. Then it all came crushing down on me. I didnt care about how i was dressed as i rushed to my room to take a coat, purse and wore slippers. Once i was out of the house, i halted the motorcyclist who was passing by.

”Johnsons. How much? ” I asked him as i mounted the bike.

He kicked it to life before he could answer me. ”L500. ”

”Ok, lets go. Its an emergency. ” At that, he started going faster and for once, i was grateful. The thirty minutes trip was cut short to twenty. The air hitting my face made me start sneezing but it also refreshed me. I needed it.

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