pinned my arms to the headrest. His body pinning me down, his hand going to the zipper on my dress.

”Stop it Jim! ”

”Shut up will you! ” His harsh voice shocked me. ”Just lay there silently… ” his whisper floated past my ear and he nibbled it.

”Stop it! Leave me alone! Stop! ”

My consciousness started slipping and I closed my eyes as tears fell. Someone save me please…

I heard some crashing and thudding sounds and I opened my eyes and saw Luke with some other two guys I didn know and they came and hauled him away and punched him away. I groaned as I felt another headache, it was intense and strong. I grabbed my head, closing my eyes. I felt a hand around my hands pulling them from my head. And the heat intensified, thrashing around, my blood boiling in my veins and the urge to remove my clothes was strong. I needed to cool down. The clothes, the clothes were hindering me.

”The… clothes… ” I was surprised at my own voice, it was raspy, more like a moan. ”Hot… clothes… ”

”Damn it, its that aphrodisiac! ”

”Its his fathers business, remember? ”

”Call Lucy here, now! ”

Two strong hands kept me in place as the heat intensified, my thrashing became worse. I only heard the voices as if they were far away, like a whisper. I then felt myself being hauled up and then later coldness.

”Luke! Lucys here! ”

”Have her come here now! ”

”Luke?! What are you doing?! ”

”Nows not the time, if you wanna save her, strip her and immerse her in cold water, Ill get some ice. Feed her this too. ”

All was just a whisper. And then I knew nothing and I passed out cold.

I opened eyes and I slowly registered what was going on around me. I was lying in a tub of cold water and I was surrounded by four blurry faces. I recognized two as Luke and Lucy.

”Lucy, shes awake. ”

”Lilia, can you hear me? ” I nodded

”Give her water. ”

e okay. We found you before he could hurt you. Its okay now. ” She handed me a glass of water. Strange thing, I found it warm not ice cold.

”But how did you find me? ” my voice was barely audible. She just turned to look at Luke.

”Your cup, it had a funny smell. I knew the smell, so I came to check up on you. ”

The look on my face must have showed my disapproval to the answer.

”In details Miste-, ” my answer was cut short as I felt a sharp headache and a wave of heat short behind. My breathing started getting more erratic. I gripped the side of the tub tighter I tried not to move around and I went under the water as I held my breath and someone poured in more ice. It was a hot feeling, a burning of lust in my veins and I found it hot.

”Damn it, ” whoever it was cursed under their breath. The sharp sting of a headache caught me off guard and I accidentally breathed in but ended up swallowing water. I sat up and started coughing and Lucy patted my back and after that, I felt drained. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on the wall by the tub.

”And that? ” I asked no one in particular.

”Ill try my best to explain but not all of it. Jimmys father has hotels right? But most of the money he has comes from selling drugs. He has a lab or something like that where his people make drugs. And rumors were circulating that he has made a new type of aphrodisiac which is more powerful than normal but-, ” he was cut short by Lucy asking what aphrodisiac was, but he just gave her a look that said
eally. ”As I was saying, it is almost poisonous if not cured and for it to be fully cured, it takes weeks. Understood? ”

I and Lucy just shook our heads at him. Before Luke could re-explain it again, his friend cut him to the chase.

”Aphrodisiac is a drug used for arousing sexual desire and this new type is more arousing. If you don get to do the deed, you get sick for weeks but if you do it, you gotta do it 2 days straight. Get it now? Its originally for those sadistic bastards. ” His disgust was as clear as daylight in his words.

I just sighed, ”how many weeks? ”

”One and a half weeks plus some drugs well give you. they can help too, though not much. ”

”And I heard its ocassionaly stimulated by heat, or something like that. Its clearly a long lasting poison to the body with one cure. ”

No way out, I still stood on my fact,
o sex before marriage.

Welcome to the world where youll live for years Dizzy!

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