I waved Lucy goodbye as we parted ways. School, as tiresome as it was, was some part my safe haven. She was someone who I considered my island because most times I felt like floating on a log in the middle of an ocean in nowhere and I couldn hold on. But she kept me up and running. And Ive always felt empty, as if some part of me was lost. I coudn recall the first memories of my life which i considered but i never paid mind to it.

I considered my life normal except the fact that I was always stressed whenever I was at home. Its not as if I had abusive parents or anyway bad but its just complicated. My mom is a business woman. Lets just say she has a chain of saloons in most townships here in Argo. They say a mother is supposed to be your model, your best friend, but she was neither to me.

My dad was a doctor, more of a psychiatrist and he worked at a local mental hospital, the best doctor, so you may imagine what it felt like being in the same house with busy parents. Except for my dad, he was there for me. Homework helps, signatures for trips and much more. He was my best friend.

With a sigh I entered the house. Our neighborhood was the quietest. Its called Peacity which I thought was pea city because its small, but turns out it was because of the waves of peace it exuded.

As I entered the house, no one was home and it was already late, 5:37PM. I went to my room and took off my uniform to put on more casual clothes. My uniform was something like a black skirt and a white blouse. White socks and black shoes, black and white tops.

At Star Grades, they valued posh and elegant students because it helped with their image seeing as most organizations picked some students from our school as school models and Ive been picked a couple of times. I was in the last year of school with graduation 2 weeks away.

I took off my uniform, to put on something more comfortable, black leggings and an oversized sweater. I went to the kitchen to prepare something for myself as I prepared dinner for two because mom was always busy and came late. I heard dads car parking in the garage and I felt a little better. He would tell me some funny things that happened at the hospital.

”Hey dad! ” I greeted him he entered the door. As he was about to reply, his phone ringed and he answered it immediately. He just smiled and gave me high five and went to his and moms room.

I took my plate and went to my room, eager to do homework and call my boyfriend and then watch anime.

I multitasked as best as I could. Homework plus food. Anime plus texting Lucy. That meant calling my boyfriend for last. As I picked up my phone, he called. I laughed to myself, fated people with same minds. I quote, his words not mine.

I smiled to myself as I answered the call, ”hey boo. ”

”Talk about cheesy. ”

His name was Jimmy Binge and he was 17 by then and I 16. We went to the same school. His father was a businessman and had hotels, five star hotels, making him insanely rich.

His response made me smile automatically. That was something I couldn control, no matter how hard I tried, even when I was angry at him.

And after that, we talked and talked and talked. Thats one thing I never understood. We just clicked. We never ran out of things to talk about. But like any other couple, we had one thing we always argued about.

I told him that I believe that God wants us to be pure before marriage which was something he didn agree with. And we always left that topic for next time which never came. And the other things were the rumors. I had once overhead girls saying that he was involved in some drug businesses and he never agreed.

”Ok, goodnight… Boo. ” I heard him laugh as I hanged up.

Now that Im free, let me properly introduce myself and the people around me. Im Lilia Jones and Im now 20. As for what type of person I am, you tell me after we have a view of my life

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