Yin Liu later had gotten used to everything but couldn help but wonder, (Spirits have been living here for so many years, yet only spirit catchers come near here—Fu Huang wouldn mind meeting some of them, That Lao Tai Ho would likely try to use them to extend her life…Tch, better not to speak of this to anyone.)

”Xiao Sa. ” Qu Qu spoke, ”San Ge is inside, hes been scolded by Da Jie and can leave again. Don bother looking around, he doesn know whats good for him, refusing to rest again. ”

”Ah, see how I beat you! ” Ling Wang scolded, ”Dare talk back behind my back! ”

”Ill be going then. ” Qu Qu chuckled, ”San Ge has such a bad temperament. ”

Yin Liu entered, ”San Ge, Qu Qu said you were scolded by Da Jie again. ”

”Hmm. ” Ling Wang replied, ”Da Jie worried too much, it wasn like I was using any good amount of my spiritual power—just a tiny, tiny bit. ”

Yin Liu sat down, ”San Ge, how long have you been living here? ”

”Hmm, a good while. ” Ling Wang remarked, ”Compared back then, I think its rather fine here. What? Don think too much about it, Im old alright. ”

”San Ge, you know Ill have to go back home at some point. ” Yin Liu explained, ”You aren worried? ”

”Hmm, why would I be? Your power is only a tenth of what it should be, but much stronger than average people. ” Ling Wang remarked, ”Though I can imagine in five years from now, youll be a lot stronger than I wouldve imagined. ”

Ling Wang sighed, ”Forget it, not like it matters—everything has been settled… ”

(If Yin Liu reincarnated, then wouldn the others have as well? This could be troublesome, perhaps I should..)

”San Ge, what are you thinking about? ” Yin Liu inquired.

”Hmm, perhaps I should go back with you. ” Ling Wang remarked, ”It would be good to go, there are somethings I intend to do, I have some people to meet as well. ”

”San Ge, thats funny but theres no way Da Jie is going to let it happen. ” Yin Liu remarked, ”But, I wouldn mind that, San Ge. ”

Ling Wangs eyes opened slightly, ”Qu Qu, I don anymore medicine, I already drank enough for three days. ”

Qu Qu chuckled, ”Funny, how do you always know? ”

”If I were to tell you, it wouldn be any interesting would it? ” Ling Wang remarked, ”Don bother about this matter then. ”

Ling Wang sighed, ”Sometimes I don know if its worth the trouble, if I really wanted to, I couldve left a long time ago…but then..it wouldve been worse as well. ”

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