”Get lost. ” Ling Wang remarked, ”Before it gets ugly. ”

The spirit catcher flees, ”How annoying. ”

Ling Wangs eyes darted, (Yin Liu? That can be, did he reincarnate—into the mortal realm? Its better to bring him back to Ye Lo mountain before more of them come.)

Ling Wang carried Yin Liu back, dropping him on the bed, ”Qu Qu, please treat him…I always repay my favors. ”

Qu Qu chuckled, ”San Ge, your so smart—lucky you came earlier or his wounds would be harder to treat. ”

Ling Wang sat down in the chair, ”Don look at me like that, I haven done anything wrong. ”

”San Ge, don be so naive. ” Qu Qu remarked, ”You snuck off again, didn you? No wonder you went to me and not Da Jie, otherwise, you wouldve been scolded again. ”

Ling Wang used the fan to cover his face, ”You talk too much. ”

Qu Qu left the room, Ling Wang could hear a stirring, ”You
e awake. ”

Yin Liu was confused, ”Where am I? ”

”Ye Lo Mountain, you were wounded—I brought you back, Qu Qu is treating your wounds, you should stay here for a while. ” Ling Wang explained, ”Thats all. ”

Qu Qu came back in, ”San Ge, don be so cold again. You like this talking with anyone, Im Qu Qu, Im a flower spirit. ”

Yin Lius eyes blinked, ”Flower spirit. ”

”San Ge is a fox spirit. ” Qu explained, ”He— ”

”Not a fox spirit. ” Ling Wang interjected, ”A fish spirit. ”

Yin Lius eyes darted, (Qu Qu looks like a child, and the other looks like an old man.)

”San Ge was born with white hair, he looks like an old man but hes hardly into his early twenties. ” Qu Qu explained, ”A lot of people find that odd putting. ”

Ling Wang snorted, ”You talk too much, shush if you would. ”

”San Ge is always like this, for the most part, hes a good person, except when he sneaks off from time to time, hes not even in good health and wants to mess around like a child. ” Qu Qu remarked, ”Tch, I worried one of these days its going to bite him back in the ass. ”

Yin Lius smile showed, ”Suppose, that makes sense. ”

”You can live here from now on, Da Jie doesn mind. ” Qu Qu remarked, ”Maybe San Ge will start behaving more often. ”

Qu Qu walked out of the room again, Ling Wang stood up, ”How annoying, gossiping for her, shes already 300 years old and wants to be a little child again. ”

”I didn know people lived in this area. ” Yin Liu remarked, ”At all. ”

”The barrier, to keep outsiders out. Otherwise, who knows what people would do, in any case, its good that your fine, otherwise I wouldve suffered again. ” Ling Wang muttered, ”Da Jie is going to make me suffer again, you can call me San Ge as everyone else does, my name isn too important right now. ”

Yin Liu grinned, ”San Ge. ”

Ling Wang sighed, ”You should get some rest, Xiao Sa, otherwise Da Jie will have more to spite me over. ”

Ling Wang left the room, (Yin Liu, its been ten thousand years, it seems your nature hasn changed one bit, Ah—better to hope his memories don come back, anytime soon.)

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