Hickeys Or High-kicks

Chapter 1: Blurred vision


Someone tries to grip her; she can feel the cold fingers touching her bare arm, desperate to garb her but… too late. She has already jumped from the bridge into the river.

Splash! Splash!

In a little while, her lungs are gonna be filled with water, and she will be dead before the aid arrives. Well, she desperately wished for it, and now that is happening…. shes happy… or at least her soul will!

While drowning, she can see three guys standing at the edge of the bridge… shouting, but she can make their words. Among them, a guy dived in to save her, but her lungs were filling with water. And the moment her lungs are completely filled with water, there will be no room for air to exchange and shell soon die deprived of oxygen, and her body will float on the surface of the river.

Cough! Cough!

She opens her eyes, thinking that she is still alive and it was just a dream. But was it really a dream? She can tell. She lies there for a second or two… gasping, and then get up from the bed, rubbing her head as it aches badly.

”Ah! Dizzy, ” says Janice. As soon as she is back to her consciousness, she realizes that the room in which she remained the whole night is neither hers nor she has ever seen or been to.

The room is quite luxurious, wide, and based on a girlish theme, evidently designed for someone dearest. Pink curtains, lamp, bed, and wardrobe all are too systematic and beautiful that she can even dream of it. The bed is soft and cozy; she can tell since she slept quite well last night.

”Where the hell am I? She checks her body and notices nothing wrong with it. She realizes that she is still wearing the black lace dress that she had worn last night before going to the party. Her dress is body fitted and sexy, and yet she has a curvy body, so it fits her well. She wore long boots, which she guesses she is still wearing.

She remembers that she over drunk last night and went to commit suicide but ended up here sleeping in some luxurious room which she doesn know who owns it. All those visions are too blurring, and she can remember what had happened last night. But she can tell she didn drown… and that someone saved her. But who? And why?

Janice put her fingers in her hair but end up feeling bizarre. ”Aaaaaahhh! I… I just can remember no matter how hard I try to concentrate. I was too drunk. I was going to commit suicide, but how come Im still alive? She curls her arms around her knees and lays her head down. ”Janice, focus! ” A few minutes later, she fed up with this bizarre posture of hers that she starts to get angry and roll over and then fell from the bed.


She hit the floor with a loud thud. She tries to get up, but her muscles ache badly, so she lies there. Who knows what will happen next, and then the door swings open.

”Morning! ” says a tall, handsome muscular boy standing in front of her in a doorway, wearing pants and a black sweatshirt, his sleeves roll-up. He looks Janice from top to bottom as if trying to scan her. Janice feels that he is going to burst into a laugh, but his facial muscles remain tight, like he is feeling agitated.

”What a mess! ” he thinks.

She immediately gets up from the floor and hides herself under the quilt. Oh! What an embarrassment! She just slipped from the bed before he entered. Does he thinks that she is an attention seeker?. Oh! Nay, not; she isn that type of girl! But right now, she is confused about what

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