”Get out of my house you idiot ” shouted Bernada Alexandras mother. ”You are nothing but a jinx,ever since you were born you give me nothing but sadness,I wish I weren your mother,my son is just so unlucky to have you as a sister ”

”Mum stop it, whats Alexas fault in this,its not her fault I have leukemia ” Alexander her twin brother said.

”Mum please don send me away, I don have anywhere to go ” Alexandra said in tears

”You can go to hell for all I care ” Bernarda retorted.

” Mum why are you doing this,Alexa is your daughter ” said Xander

”No Xander, shes not my daughter, shes a little witch who brings nothing but badluck ” she said.

”Fine if thats the case,Ill leave but I want you to know one thing mum,Im not a jinx and I know my future is very bright,its just a matter of time and as for disowning me,I also disown you,as from today onwards you are dead to me ” Alexa fired and ran out of the house with her bag.

”No Alexa,you can leave,if not for mum then for me please, don go ” Xander said running after her.

”You heard what your mum said right ,she doesn want me so Im leaving ” said Alexa.

”Alexa try to understand,if you leave me Ill die,you are my only sibling, you are the only reason Im still alive ”

” Then die if you want to die, go ahead and die maybe your mum will know then that Im not the one who brought bad luck to her ”

”I can believe this Alexa,you want me to die, Alexa this is not you ”

”This is me Xander its me Alexa,its your mother who is not herself ”

”Our mother Alexa ”

”No,your mother did you forget she disowned me ” she said as she turned to leave.

”Ouch…arrrgh……..ah……it hurts ” Xander groan in pain as he fell to the ground.

”Xander, what happen to you, didn I tell you to leave me alone, didnt

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