(I am terribly sorry yall for ghosting you out just like that but now i assure you of a full written book complete with all your missed characters . enjoy:))

I am a girl who adores her space by the way so exactly when I reached upstairs to my room i quickly did my after school routine and skipped downstairs to my favorite human.

”Hey Kal, Im going down to the garage to fetch some spray paints for my new portrait. ”

”Kal? ” OK the dude just left me alone in the house again without notice

i skipped to the fridge where we always leave our goodbye notes when we sneak out and, typically, my brother had stuck his spider man sticker note haphazardly scribbled with stuff i took time to decipher that read a little close to ”gone to fetch your bike stay home till Im back. Don strangle a neighbors cat or sth ”

I just rolled my eyes and took out a box of cranberry juice, i mean i know i am rowdy but i love the earth like lil dicky so i was not gonna strangle a cat.I fetched my spray paint and went ahead to mind my own business like I always do. I was like only halfway done with my painting when my phone chimed. i dared to look at it thinking it was Kaleb or my Summer camp application details, you know, something important,only to find a message from an unknown number.

This spells fun and adventure, I thought smiling. Believe me that smile dropped at the exact same speed it had appeared when i saw the message.

:hello princesssssss

where the ** did this dude get my number?then i remembered, crap, that reception lady at school must have given it to them. It did not take long for 2+2 to lick in but right that instance our gate recorder chimed. I did not even look at the video since i just thought Kaleb was home and i opened the gate.

That engine sounds weird but familiar, did Kaleb get an old car fixed too? I wondered going out the front door.

”Who did you think you were talking to like that bitch? ” sounded a voice I thought I had heard somewhere.crap, Lee-Kim again I nearly face palmed myself bitch even knew where I freaking lived, must have known.. And ** me for nit looking at the camera video , now my brother is gonna have my head on a plate

Oh look who found out where I liiiive, hey Lee-Kim I sounded sarcastically

”Don you dare call me that you little brat ”

hollup, rewind, did she just call me a lil brat in my own compound and heeelooooo i speak the way i please in my own surrounding

*shut up brain, and concentrate before we get our eyes pulled out with those almost nine inch acrylics**i mean, how does she even write?*

*i said shut uuuuup brain*

In the few moments i was in my own brain, everything happened so fast that all i remember is a pair of purple heels in my face, a bang on my head and a blurred vision of a Mercedes rolling out of my gate.

The next thing i noticed is that i was in my brothers room, with ice all over my skin and an anxious looking Kaleb


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