Bad Barbie


I walk towards the reception desk as fast as I can do that I can get the necessary plans for the whole term from the Secretary.Its just the first day of school and I already made a dramatic entrance.Good job Riel,really good job. A woman of about fourth five smiled widely as I approached the desk. Like so wide that I literally touched my face to see if I had hairpowder on my cheeks or lipstick on my eyebrows..Jeez.

”Excuse me maam ,can I please get my terms plan.?Im new around here ” I asked ,faking a smile. What? You
e wondering why Im faking? Haha!..okay Im serious now.Ive always been the rebel in our house or —scratch that .Ive always been the rebel in our neighborhood. My mom always said that Im a waste of time.Painful right? I know ,but I don care..Okay so this lady doesn seem to hear me and I am so running out of patience. Why is she even smiling?

”Helloooooo, maam, I think the bell just rung and Im still standing here ”..That does it.

”Hey miss Martin, hows it going?. I see you have a very impatient person waiting for your service so please stop oogling at me ”.Wait. I know that voice.I turn around and the same guy I hit on my way here is standing right behind me with his group of minions..aaargh.not again

*deep breaths ,,,deeeeeep breath*

After a lot of waiting for Adonis rather old crush to serve me, I finally get my report form,my plan and calendar.I look at my days plan and guess what? Oh Karma, did you have to do this to me? And there in caps

First class: Music.

Great.Way to start your first day Riel.

Then something hits me.

1.Im new ,so I need a guide

2.I forgot to wear perfume.Dang it!. I walk through a hall with giant markings on the lockers to find mine.After a very long zigzag of searching, I finally find locker #346.I dial in the combination and viola!.A giant box of condoms just lay there.I push them aside and put my stuff in anyway.Nothing gets my nerve these days.I take out a notebook and a pencil and start looking around for someone who could match my vibe. Finding none,I opt to go for a pair of girls standing on the other side of the hall. I really hope this time my tongue will just behave .Here goes nothing.

”Hey guys,Im Riel ,and Im new here ”they turn to me with polite smiles that makes me woo . ”oh Im sorry,just that Pop smoke got a big part of me . not like you care but anyway ” I shrugged.OOPS!

The girlie girl laughs heartily and shakes my hand ”Hello ,my names Lyvia ,nice to meet you Riel ”she says between laughs..I like this one.She has her hair straight to her back ,light makes up with plump shiny lips .She is wearing a gray tampon that reaches her navel with a tiny denim skirt.And black heels boots to add to the style.

”And Im Kart. ”The other one says smirking.Okay.She literally looks like a guy to me.I mean its not everyday you Wake up to shaved styled hair which is dyed black and white,black basketball Nikes,a pair of sweatpants , hoodie and only one piercing.At least not in this world ,but in Riela kingdom,oh yeah lime hell are you gonna find one.

”Nice to meet you too Lyvia and Kart ” I Said smiling.This was actually sorta weird because where I came from,I would have been hit by at least fifteen spit balls.

”Riel,come on whats your first class? Ill show you around if you Want,classes are not up until forty minutes from now ” Lyvia says cheerfully.

”Thats great,Id really appreciate ”

”Im going for my chess practice for the time being . Ill catch you two later okay? ”Kart says and begins to leave.

”Don you think you
e forgetting something ”Lyvia says rather softly.

”Oh ** ”Kart says and jobs back. I stood there waiting for Lyvia to hand her something but what happened next hit me like the smell of my ex-bestfriends armpits.

Kart took Lyvia by the waist and delivered a kiss on her neck,sucking hard enough to knock you over.Lyvia stood there producing sounds that made me wanna laugh.I took my phone from my pocket to evade this Awkward nonsense while I held my hard laughter.

When they were done,they stared at each other for ages but I couldn hold it any longer .My patience is something very short lived.

”I don mean to interrupt,but Lyvia,only twenty five of the forty minutes are remaining now. ”

They now realised that they were in the world and not in Disney and let go of each other.uuurgh.Lyvia looked at me and blushed so hard I could see the blood coming up to her cheeks.

I must say this .Lyvia is a great guide.in fifteen minutes, I already knew the whole school and the heads of department in the school.We walked together to class since she had chemistry and I had music class on the same lane .Then it happened again. That voice. But this time he was not alone. Adonis walked into the hallway with a blonde or should I say bimbo on his heels.

”Babe ,come on ,just one more shot please ”she purred.

”Lee, I told you,I don feel like okay, meet me after class ”he said rather annoyed.

”I am not Lee Jay, my names Kim ”

”Aargh whatever ”said assistant Adonis.

”Liam ,please take care of Lee,oh , Kim or whoever that blonde is. I don feel like being disturbed right now ”Jay said.

”Ouch! ”I thought.

Then the Lee-Kim girl turned to me steaming, ” You better stay out of my business bitch!buy yourself a new pair of slides or something ”

Wait,what did I do now.Oo oo oh I guess I thought out loud again . I really need to facepalm myself right now.

Hollup! Did she just call me a bitch because of thinking out loud?Don I have freedom of expression around here?

”Excuse me miss, you better think again before you speak shit to me next time. That thought is just a wild one that surpassed the rules of my mind and got out through my mouth.So you better watch out or Ill undo that perfect nose job you have there ”I registered and turned around lime it was the most normal thing Ive ever done.

I turned to find a rather astonished Lyvia waiting for me. ”Woah girl ,you
e savaaaage ”.she said.I did dramatic bow and chuckled

”Lets go ”

Music class was boring,as obvious with an instructor who tripplechecked my report form and made me repeat my name thrice.like WTF. He had been looking at me seriously throughout the lesson but I get stares a lot.So I don mind

The classes passed by fast and I found myself waiting for Kaleb at the driveway.

”Good bye princess ”someone called,

I turned to see Jay and Liam wearing their Signature smirks . I rolled my eyes and con walking

e just assholes.Don mind them ” A boy in expensive leather boots and a rolex watch told me.

Ooooaala.*shut up brain*

He smiled sweetly and walked over to his bike .anyways,goodbye stranger

Within no time ,Kaleb was here .I got into the car

I talked endless about the day when my big bro just listened and chuckled.oh you know,Hes the cool guy.

Not like me.

”Hmm Kaleb,.we kinda forgot to fetch my bike ” I said sheepishly

”Okay ,go freshen up,Ill fetch it ” he said as I blew him a kiss.

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